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Jan 31, 2008

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - PCOS is a disorder which affect a woman's menstrual cycle hormonal levels,fertility,insulin level,heart,blood vessels and general features. PCOS is the most common hormonal problem in women of reproductive age.It is very common cause of infertility in women( infertility means fail to conceive pregnancy).Near about 7 to 10% of women have PCOS.
PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS) and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) are most common causes of Infertility in females.

Common Features in females with PCOS

1.Irregular or no menstrual cycle(Periods).
2.Increased level of Male hormones (androgen) in females.
3.May be small cysts in ovaries. Cyst is a sac full of fluids.

Causes of PCOS

No exact cause is yet known.
1. Females with PCOS have frequently a mother or sister with same disorder. But evidence for genetic link are not yet clearly available.
2.Many patients with PCOS have extra Weight .So researchers are searching for some disorder of production of Insulin hormone in body.Insulin regulates the sugar,starch and other energy needs of body.
3.Level of male hormones(Androgen) increased in blood that causes hairs growth,male pattern baldness. But not exact source of male hormones is yet known.

Symptoms of PCOS

1.Irregular Menstruation or absence of menstruation or irregular bleeding(periods).
2.Infertility - inability to get pregnant.
3.Acne( Acne are not only caused by PCOS),oily skin.
4.Excessive Hairs on face,chest,back and all over the body.
5.Weight Gain or obesity.
6.Pain in pelvic region.
7.High Blood pressure.
8.Baldness of male pattern due to excessive male hormones.

Diagnostic Tests

1.Ultrasonography-Vaginal ultrasonography for finding cysts in ovaries.
2.Hormone tests for male and female hormones.
3.Level of glucose,cholesterol in blood.
4.Insulin Level in Blood.

How Cysts form in Ovaries?

Females have two ovaries,one in each side of uterus. Each ovaries have follicles, filled with liquid and eggs. These follicles may be called cysts. Every month about 20 follicles start to mature but only one follicle success every month,and every month one ovum is excreted in uterus for pregnancy. When every month follicle mature it breaks and release egg.Remaining part of follicle start to produce progesterone.This is normal physiological process and controlled by hormones.
In cases of PCOS secretions of female hormones is insufficient. Not any egg matures. So fluid filled follicles(cysts) does not mature and breaks. Some of them remain as cysts. And they are collected in ovaries month after month. These cysts produce Male hormones(Androgen), and further increase the problem. Because no follicle matures and breaks, so production of progesterone hormone does not start which regulate the menstrual cycle. Defected production of hormone is main cause of irregular menstrual cycle in cases pf PCOS.

Treatment of PCOS

Conventional Treatment

There is no cure for PCOS.Treatment is based on symptoms and problems of every individual patient.

1. In patients who does not want pregnancy

Birth control pills can
-regulate menstrual cycles(periods)
- control extra hair growth by reducing male
-control Acne.
But all these effects are only temporary until birth control pills are continue. These pills can not cure PCOS. Only Progesterone pills can also be used for menstrual regulation but these pills can not control Acne and Hair growth.

2.In patients who want Pregnancy

Release of Egg from follicles is necessary for Pregnancy . Hormones as FSH(follicular stimulating hormone),LH(leutinizing hormone) and GnRH(Gonadotropin Release Hormone) are used . Clomiphene Citrate is another drug of choice in these cases.
Earlier , wedge resection of ovary(partial oophrectomy) by surgery was done.But this surgical process may cause post operative adhesion's and infertility. These days a new surgical procedure- Laser puncture of cysts- is used with more or less desirable effects.
Outcomes are not much favorable by either medicinal or surgical procedures.

Homeopathic Treatment of PCOS

Homeopathy system of medicine treat patients on basis of complete history,detail sign and symptoms, personality trait, behavioral pattern, mental make up, physical appearance, Emotional indulgence and environmental modalities. Only removal of cysts from ovaries by surgery or prescribing antagonist hormones for increased Male hormones does not solve the problem ,as experience shows with conventional prescribing.
Goal of Homeopathic prescription is to stop the process which cause all these irregularities. Long term treatment is advised for cases of PCOS. After long term treatment,most of cases start normal regular periods, ovulatory cycles, reduction in hair growth ,acne and normal glucose metabolism.
Homeopathy advise 1 to 3 years continue treatment for cases of PCOS with success.

PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS) and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) are most common causes of Infertility in females.

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