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Jun 26, 2011

Homeopathic Medicines For Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic Inflammatory disease is very common among young and sexually active women. It defines inflammation of ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and clinically presents as Pain in lower part of abdomen, Tenderness(Pain on touch), Back pain, Foul smelling copious vaginal discharge, Bleeding per vagina- on and off, Painful coition, Pain after sex and  Pain during urination.

Pelvic Inflammatory disease is curable by homeopathic medicines. In acute cases it takes few weeks and in chronic cases of PID it needs few months of continuous medication to cure PID. More than 200 Homeopathic medicines are indicated for PID. Most common and frequently used medicines are described here.

1. Aconite :-  Violent fever with inflammation of ovaries or uterus, caused by checked perspiration or from sudden checking of menstrual flow, from fright, during confinement or during menstruation, from riding in cold winds or from getting wet when overheated . Accompanied by bitter vomiting and cold sweat, painful urging to urinate; hard rapid pulse; hot dry skin; intense thirst; sharp shooting pain in abdomen with tenderness, great restlessness; fear of death and predicting even the hour of death.

2. Apis :-  Increased sexual desire with stinging pain in ovaries after sexual intercourse; burning, stinging as after a sting of a bee; sharp, stinging, periodic pains in ovaries. Right ovarian manifestations are more specific to this medicine. Pain from right ovary extending down to thigh. Bearing down in uterine region, thirstlessness and intolerance of heat. Apis holds the same relation to the right ovary that LACHESIS does to left ovary. Apis is indicated in ovaritis with extreme soreness in right ovarian region, together with burning or stinging sensations. Aggravation(<) on right side, < while stretching, < raising arms, < from touch and Heat but Amelioration(>) by lying on it, > lying on right side.

3. Arsenicum Album :- Inflammation of ovaries and uterus when there is burning, lancinating pains as if hot coals were burning the part, accompanied by throbbing. Amelioration(>) by hot applications and aggravation(<) by cold.Restlessness is important indication for arsenic with these complaints. 

4. Belladona :- Abdomen swollen, very sensitive to touch, pain in ovaries on appearance of menses, throbbing pains, pains come suddenly and disappear suddenly, < least movement, < pressure; Great bearing down as if everything would come out of vagina. 

5. Lachesis :- Inflammation of ovaries and uterus, can not bear any pressure, not even of the clothes, Lachesis specially favour left ovary, sensation as if pains were ascending towards the chest; < after sleep, Pains >(ameliorate) by a flow of blood from the vagina. Menses scanty, feeble, blood lumpy, black and very offensive; pains in the hips, bearing down in the region of the left ovary- all better when the flow is established.

6. Palladium :- Induration and swelling of right ovary, soreness and shooting pains from navel to pelvis. < from exertion and standing. > lying on left side, < mental agitation, < from being in society, < music, after stool. Palladium develops an egotism which manifests itself in the patient’s concern for the good opinion of others, consequently her pride is often injured.

7. Platina :-  Platina patient is rather haughty and proud; egotistical. She seems to look down upon everybody and everything as beneath her. Pain in ovaries are cramping and cause numbness  and tingling there. Pains increase gradually and decrease just as gradually as they came, unlike Belladona. Menses are too early, too profuse and consist of dark, stringy, clotted blood.  Sexual passion altogether too strong; paroxysmal burning pains in ovary.

8. Conium :- Burning, sore, aching sensation in uterine region with induration and enlargement of uterus or ovaries, pains extending through whole lower part of abdomen, hip and back. Burning, sore, aching pains; ovarian affections with amenorrhea and ill effects of suppressed sexual instinct; sterility.    

There is a long list of homeopathic medicines in PID. A few are only described here to give a insight in Homeopathic medicines.

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Jun 4, 2011

Homeopathy: Challenges, Our mistakes and Preparations for 21st Century

                Homeopathy is now well-known among peoples, print media and on internet. There are lot much websites sharing information, articles, prescribing medicines, suggesting homeopathy in various disorders, online clinics and much more. There are website against and in favor of homeopathy, there are websites challenging homeopathy and with unproven facts. Homeopathy is favored and opposed simultaneously. There are Modern physicians who don’t believe in efficacy of Homeopathy, there are Modern physicians who prescribe Homeopathic medicines. There are question marks, how homeopathy works? There are questions, how these medicines can work? There are questions, why fake system is added by money of Tax payers (as in UK). There are countries where governments pouring money (If not enough) in Homeopathy (as India). So this picture, with favors and opposes, is very confusing and sometimes disgusting. As a Homeopath, I wish to favor homeopathy but our challenges and historical mistakes seems unapproachable with our poor preparations. Earlier decades of 20th Century, in western world specially, were proved as worst time for homeopathy and homeopaths. What will happen in earlier decades of 21st century is still to come out!!


  1. We have still to prove Homeopathy as science.
  2. In world of medicine all the studies, discussions and scientific papers are presented as basis of pathological point of view, but due to homeopathic concept of individualization, most of homeopaths work on individual basis, but there is big challenge to present individual cases on pathological point of view. But for sake of Health policies and issues and to prove efficient role of homeopathy in making those policies we have to present all our work on mainstream methods.
  3. In beginning of Homeopathy our masters, proposed some concepts as Vital Principle and Theory of Miasm, which does not match with concepts of science. So we need to discuss these concepts and their relative practical use in day to day practice. We need to discard any of those concepts which are not scientific and are not of any practical use.
  4. In practice and prescribing Homeopathy the first and biggest problem is that in a particular case of disease we have not a standardize method of case taking, we have not a fix guideline to prescribe medicines and we can not explain prognosis according to homeopathy.
  5. The Dose is the next issue; Selection of potency, repetition of dose and upgrading, on every step we have different experiences, different opinions and different methods. There is lot of theories and each of them has pros and con.

Ongoing Mistakes and Preparations 

  1. Our institutions has lack of infrastructures, faculty is not up to date to handle these challenges and worst is that there is no one worried, serious and discussing these challenges. 
  2. There is lack of methodical research and research patterns.
  3. There is no structure to collect data of patients approaching for homeopathic treatment. So we can not infer any conclusions for trend in Homeopathy.
  4. We have not any strong, single platform which can decide any policies about homeopathy and can standardize various steps (Case taking, Prescribing, Selection of Medicine, Potency and Prognosis) in Practice of Homeopathy.
  5. We have lot many Associations, Councils, Doctor Groups, Boards and Unions but there is no uniformity in action and lack of influence.
  6.  As in India, perhaps we are giving 6% to 10 % prescriptions out of all the prescriptions given per day all over the country but we lack in evidence and facts.
  7. Our pharmacies are also lack of lobbying and influence on policy makers.

                     Homeopaths are prescribing and treating almost all the disorders with less or more effectiveness but on one hand due to lack of collective efforts we can not claim for our true role in society and on other hand due to this lack of data, general peoples are far from easy, safe and cheap alternative medical  hand.