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Jan 31, 2008

Hair Falling

Hair Falling

Hair loss is very common disorder among males, females, all age groups and all ethnic groups. There are many patterns of Hair Falling.

A. Baldness- It is not actually hair falling.Hair becomes very fine and colorless instead of falling.Now hairs is called Vellus.
B. Alopecia aerata- It is an autoimmune disorder, body's defense system(immunity) start to destroy hair roots by forming antibodies against Hair roots. It is common among adolescents and young but may effect any age group.
C.Medications used for Gout,Heart diseases,Hypertension,Arthritis,Mental Disorders,Depression and chemotherapy used in Cancer and another cases may cause Hair Falling.
D.Male hormones(Androgens) causes hair loss,this type of hair loss is called Male Pattern Baldness. But this male pattern baldness may occur in females too,because females also have Androgen(Male Hormones).
E.Hair falling May occur in females during pregnancy and when using Birth control pills.Hair falling may continue for 6 months after stopping Birth control pills and after delivering a baby.
F.Large doses of Vitamin A may cause hair loss.

Hair Loss in diseases

A.Thyroid Disorders
B.Anemia- Low hemoglobin level in blood,generally in females.
D.Fungus infection of hair roots.
E.Major surgical procedure or some chronic illness
F.Insufficient diet specially low protein diet
G.Allergic Disorders

Few other reasons of Hair Loss

A.Frequent shampoo and conditioning of hair
B.Heat and Chemical treatment on hairs for coloring
C.Perming and Hard combing may weaken the hairs and cause hair falling

Few Facts About Hairs

A.A Person has nearly 50,00,000(5 million) hairs on all over the body. 120,000 hairs only on scalp.
B.Hairs on scalp grows continually for 5 years,after that hair stop to grow and after few weeks it fall out.Then new hair start to grow from same hair root. up to 100 hairs fall everyday normally.
C.Growth of hair depend on health status of person and blood supply to hair roots.

Common Baldness

More then 95% cases of Hair falling are of common baldness. Hairs not actually fall in Baldness but they become very thin,fine and colorless called Vellus.

Alopecia Aerata

Nearly 2% population suffer by Alopecia Areata. Usually it occurs on scalp only but sometimes may involve other part of body too. Pattern of hair loss in Alopecia Areata is different from Male pattern Baldness. Usually hair loss more on one side of scalp(Head).Hairs loss is Rapid in this condition. Alopecia Areata is an Autoimmune disorder, it means body's own immunity produces antibodies against hair roots. And those antibodies destroy the hair roots.Usually hair falls in patches.There may be more then one patch on head.
Sometimes hair falls from all of the scalp(head) and this is known as Alopecia Totalis. And sometimes this process goes further and hair falls from all over the body and now it is called Alopecia Universalis.


Conventional Treatment
Common Baldness has no effective treatment. Lotion Minoxidil used to improve blood supply of scalp. A pill Finasteride is used to block the effect of Male Hormones(Androgens) on hair roots. But this medicine can produce Birth Defects on Pregnant Women.
Alopecia Aerata is reversed in 50% cases spontaneously in 6 months to 1 year. But the remaining cases need Treatment.Oral steroids and injections are prescribed but curability is very less. Treatment of Skin by ultraviolet rays may helpful in some cases. And somtimes Immunity suppressive drugs are used.
In conclusion Not any effective treatment is available to treat hair falling in Conventional Therapy. Very few patients get effective cure for hair falling here.

Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathy offer very effective and permanent cure for most of cases of hair falling. In homeopathy more than 95 drugs are available for hair falling. Selection of medicine depends on Individual features of patient,modalities,behavior pattern, mental attitude,reactions,temperature modalities and coexisting disorders. Homeopathy cure effectively common baldness,Alopecia Aerata, hair falling during pregnancy and after childbirth. Treatment of Hair falling takes long time to cure. Even you will not find any sign of improvement in first few weeks,but take medicines with patience.

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