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Sep 30, 2014



A remedy for gravel, profuse deposit of white amorphous salts in urine. Calculus, renal colic, bloody urine. Acts on ureter. Pain in lumbar region. Dizziness. Oppression of chest.

Urinary:- Burning in urethra and frequent desire. Urine hard to start. Heavy deposit of mucus. Sharp pain in loins, especially left. Great thirst, with abdominal symptoms and enlarged prostate. [Ferr.pic.,Sabal.] Gravelly deposits. Spasmodic stricture. Profuse deposit of white amorphous salts.


Compare: Lyc.; Chim.; Berb.; Pareir.; Uva.; Sabal.; Oxyd.; Geum – Water-Avens – (Severe jerking pains from deep in the abdomen to end of urethra; affections of bladder, with pains in penis; worse, eating; relaxed mucous membranes, with excessive and depraved secretions; imperfect digestion and assimilation.)

Sep 27, 2014



The urinary symptoms are most important. Useful in renal colic, prostatic affections, and catarrh of bladder. Sensation as if bladder were distended, with pain. Pain going down thigh.

Urinary:- Black, bloody, thick mucous urine. Constant urging; great straining; pain down thighs during efforts to urinate. Can emit urine only when he goes on his knees, pressing head firmly against the floor. Feeling of the bladder being distended and neuralgic pain in the anterior crural region. [ staph.] Dribbling after micturition.[Sel.] Violent pain in glans penis. Itching along urethra; urethritis, with prostatic trouble. Inflammation of urethra; becomes almost cartilaginous.


Compare: Parietaria (renal calculi; nightmare, patient dreaming of being buried alive); Chim.(chronic catarrhal congestion following cystitis; acute prostatitis; feeling of a ball in perineum when sitting); Fabiana, see Pichi (dysuria; post-gonorrheal complications; gravel; vesical catarrh); Uva.; Hydrangea; Berb.; Oci.; Hedeom.  

Sep 10, 2014

A case of diarrhea in ten month old baby girl

Copyright © 2014 Dr Vandana Patni

A ten month old baby girl presented on Sept 8,2014 with diarrhea since three days, increasing day by day. Stool frequent, mucous, green. Eruptions red, itching all over the body for a few days. Thirsty. Girl is very irritable and all the time wants to be carried. Becomes dull after vomiting.



Chamomilla 30   three doses prescribed with interval of two hours in forenoon.

Patient reported at evening that no diarrhea occurred after medicine.

Sep 9, 2014


(Amberis- A Mrobid Secretion of the Whale)

Suitable to excitable, nervous children and thin nervous patients. Extreme nervous hypersensitiveness. External numbness of whole body in the morning and weakness. Nervous bilious temperament. Thin, scrawny women. Adapted to hysterical subjects, or those suffering from spinal irritation, with convulsive cough, eructation, etc. Also for patients weakened by age or overwork, who are anemic and sleepless. Great remedy for the aged, with impairment of all functions, weakness, coldness and numbness, usually of single parts, fingers, arms, etc. One-sided complaints call for it. Music aggravates symptoms. Ebullitions and pulsations after walking in open air. One-sided complaints.

Mind:- Dread of people, and desire to be alone. Cannot do anything in presence of others. Intensely shy, blushes easily. Music causes weeping. Despair, loathing of life. Fantastic illusions. Bashful. Loss  of love of life. Restless, excited, very loquacious. Time passes slowly. Thinking, difficult in the morning with old people dwells upon unpleasant things.

Head:- Slow comprehension. Vertigo, with weakness in head and stomach. Pressure on front part of head with mental depression. Tearing pain in upper half of brain. Senile dizziness. Rush of blood to head, when listening to music. Hearing impaired. Epistaxis, especially in the morning. Profuse bleeding from teeth. Hair falls out.

Stomach:- Eructations, with violent, convulsive cough. Acid eructations, like heartburn. Distention of stomach and abdomen after midnight. Sensation of coldness in abdomen.

Urinary:- Pain in bladder and rectum at the same time. Burning in orifice of urethra and anus. Feeling in urethra as if a few drop passed out. Burning and itching in urethra while urinating. Urine turbid, even during emission, forming a brown sediment.

Female:- Nymphomania, itching of pudendum, with soreness and swelling. Menses too early. Profuse, bluish leucorrhea. Worse at night. Discharge of blood between periods, at every little accident.

Male:- Voluptuous itching of scrotum. Parts externally numb; burn internally. Violent erections without voluptuous sensations.

Respiratory:- Asthmatic breathing with eructation of gas. Nervous, spasmodic cough, with hoarseness and eructation, on waking in morning worse in presence of people. Tickling in throat, larynx and trachea, chest oppressed, gets out of breath when coughing. Hollow, spasmodic, barking cough, coming from deep in chest. Choking when hawking up phlegm.

Heart:- Palpitation, with pressure in chest as from a lump lodged there, or as if chest was obstructed. Conscious of the pulse. Palpitation in the open air with pale face.

Sleep:- Cannot sleep from worry; must get up. anxious dreams. Coldness of body and twitching of limbs, during sleep.

Skin:- Itching and soreness, especially around genitals. Numbness of skin. Arms “go to sleep”.

Extremities:- Cramps in hands and fingers, worse grasping anything. Cramps in legs.

Worse, music; presence of strangers; from any unusual thing; morning, warm room.

Better, slow motion in air, lying on painful part; cold drinks.


Do not confound with Amber – Succinum.
q.v. Moschus frequently follows advantageously.

Compare: Oleum Succinum (hiccough). Sumbul; Castm.; Asaf.; Croc.      

Sep 7, 2014



Hysteria, over-sensitiveness, nervous affections, when apparently well-chosen remedies fail. Hysterical spasms and affections generally. Hysterical flatulency.

Mind:- Changeable disposition. Feels light, as if floating in air. Over-sensitiveness. [Staph.] Hallucinations at night. Irritable. Tremulous.

Head:- Sensation of great coldness. Pressure in forehead. Feeling of intoxication.

Ears:- Earache from exposure to draughts and cold. Nervous noises. Hyperesthesia.

Throat:- Sensation as if a thread were hanging down throat. Nausea felt in throat. Pharynx feels constricted.

Stomach:- Hunger, with nausea. Eructations foul. Heartburn with gulping of rancid fluid. Nausea, with faintness. Child vomits curdled milk in large lumps after nursing.

Abdomen:- Bloated. Hysterical cramps. Thin, watery diarrhea, with lumps of coagulated milk, with violent screaming in children. Greenish, papescent, bloody stool. Spasms in bowels after food and at night in bed.

Respiratory:- Choking on falling asleep. Spasmodic asthma; convulsive movements of the diaphragm.

Female:- Menses late and scanty. [Puls.]

Extremities:- Rheumatic pain in limbs. Constant jerking. Heaviness. Sciatica; pain worse standing and resting on floor [Bell.]; better walking. Pain in heels when sitting.

Sleep:- Sleepless, with nightly itching and muscular spasms. Worse on waking.

Fever:- Long lasting heat; often with sweat on face. Heat predominates. Sensation of icy coldness. [Heloderma; Camp.; Abies c.]

Sep 6, 2014



Marked tendency to fainting fits, with heart failure. Cold extremities, extreme dryness of mucous membranes and skin. Strange feeling, with irresistible drowsiness. Indicanuria. General inclination to become unconscious during acute attacks. Lypothymia. [Ign.] staggers on trying to walk.

Mind:- Changeable; laughing and crying. Confused, impaired memory. Bewildered sense, as in a dream. Thinks she has two heads.

Head:- Vertigo when walking in open air; aches from eating a little too much. Feeling of expansion, with sleepiness. Pulsating in head. Cracking sensation in head. Sensitive to slightest touch, in a draught air. Bursting headache; better hard pressure.

Eyes:- Objects look larger, very distant, or vanish. Motes before eyes. Mydriasis.

Nose:- Oversensitive to smell; nosebleed, dark blood; dry, stopped up.

Mouth:- Very dry. Tongue adheres to roof of mouth; but no desire for water. Saliva like cotton.[Berb.] Toothache in pregnancy. Tongue numb, paralyzed. Dryness of throat.

Stomach:- Excessively bloated. Flatulent dyspepsia. Hiccough, and craving for highly-seasoned food. Retrocession gout to stomach.

Abdomen:- Paralytic weakness of intestines. Enormously distended. Stool is soft, and yet is unable to expel it, even with long straining.[Alum.] Faintness during or after stool. Protruding piles.

Female:- Uterine hemorrhage. Menses too long, dark thick. Leucorrhea muddy and bloody. Suppression, with persistent fainting attacks and sleepiness. [Kali c.] Variableness of menstruation, irregularity of time and quantity.

Respiratory:- Loss of voice from walking against the wind [Hep.]. Cough when getting warm in bed.

Heart:- Trembling, fluttering. Sensation as if something grasped heart. Palpitation; pulse intermits.

Extremities:- Pain in right hip to knee; worse, motion, especially going upstairs. Rheumatism from getting feet wet, from exposure to draughts. Rheumatism relieved by dry, warm clothes. Fatigue on slight exertion.

Sleep:- Great drowsiness. [Indol.] Complaints cause sleepiness. Coma.

Fever:- Chill begins in left hand. [Carb-v.] Chilliness and heat without thirst; want of perspiration. Dry skin and of inner parts, also of eyes, nose, lips, mouth, tongue, throat, etc.

Worse, cold moist wind, cold food, cold washing, lying on painful side, motion, jar.

Better, warmth, dry weather.

Sep 3, 2014



A remedy for hysteria and nervous paroxysms, fainting fits and convulsions, catalepsy, etc . The characteristic condition being aggravation by cold; there is great sensitiveness to air. Much nervous trembling and frequent fainting. Great flatulence. Diseases do no follow a normal course. Coldness. Tension in muscles, skin and mind.

Mind:- Uncontrollable laughter. Scolding. Anxiety, with palpitation; starting as if frightened. Sexual hypochondriasis.

Head:- Compressive pain over root of nose. Pressure on top of head. Vertigo on least motion; sensation as if falling from a great height. Scalp sensitive. Sounds in ears as from the report of a cannon.

Stomach:- Desire for black coffee, stimulants. Aversion to food. Everything tastes flat. With stomach symptoms, anxiety in chest. Distended. Faints with eating. Abdomen greatly distended. Spasmodic, nervous hiccough. [ Hydr-ac.;Sul-ac.;Ign.;Caj. ]

Urinary:- Profuse urination. Diabetes.

Male:- Violent desire; involuntary emissions. Impotence, associated with diabetes. [Coca.] Premature senility. Nausea and vomiting after coition.

Female:- Menses too early, too profuse, with disposition to faint. [Nux. M.; Verat. ] Sexual desire, with intolerable titillation in parts. Drawing and pushing in the direction of the genitals; sensation as if menses would appear.

Respiratory:- Tightness of chest, is obliged to take deeper breath. Sudden constriction of larynx and trachea. Difficult respiration; chest oppressed; hysterical spasm of chest; asthma. Spasm of glottis. Impending paralysis of lungs. Asthma, with intense anxiety, fear and smothering sensation. Cough ceases, mucus cannot be expectorated. Globus hystericus.

Heart:- Hysterical palpitation. Trembling around heart. Weak pulse and fainting.

 Better, in open air, rubbing.
Worse, cold.
The open air is felt very, very cold.

Compare: Nux m.; Asaf.; Valer.; Sumb.; Ign.; Castm.
Compatible: Ambr.
Antidotes: Camph.; Coff.