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Oct 24, 2013


Homeopathic Recorder
Vol. XX Lancaster, Pa., March, 1905. No. 3

By Eli G. Jones, M. D.
Several years ago I was called to the southern part of this 
State to see a middle aged man suffering with catarrh of the 
bladder. The physician whom I met in consultation had used 
many remedies to try and relieve the distress of the patient. He 
finally had to use the catheter to draw off the water every few 
hours, and the pain at such times was so great that the neighbors 
could hear him scream with the pain. The discharge from the 
bladder was mixed with blood and mucus, with a burning pain 
extending down from the bladder to the end of the penis. I told 
him I thought I could help him, and in consultation with his phy- 
sician gave him my idea of the treatment of the case. To relieve 
the most pressing symptoms I prescribed Solidago virga-aurea ix, 
third dilution, five drops once in two hours; in twenty-four hours 
he could pass water without the catheter. For the constant dis- 
charge from the bladder I gave him Tr. Chimaphila umb. 9C ten 
drops once in three hours. In cases of this kind it is well to remem- 
ber that the greater the amount of catarrhal discharge the more cer- 
tain the indications for the Chimaphila As his nervous system was 
pretty well unstrung with the pain, I gave him Kali phos. 3X 15 
grains in a goblet of water, teaspoonful once an hour, till his nerves 
were calmer. This plan of treatment was strictly followed out 
until the patient was discharged cured. 
I have used the Solidago (golden rod) in cases where it is indi- 
cated and it is one of our best remedies. 
New Brunswick, N. J. 

Oct 21, 2013


 Homoeopathic Recorder
 Vol. XX Lancaster, Pa., April, 1905. No. 4.

By A. W. K. Choudhury, M. D.
Patient, a poor Mohammedan female adult, named Makhau, 
came under my homoeopathic treatment May 27, 1904. She be- 
ing mother of two children, both surviving. She came to me 
with the following history and symptoms: 
The colicky pain commences from the left ovarian region and 
spreads rightward to below the umbilicus, and then extends up- 
wards. It is not constant, but when it ails her it increases in the 
morning and continues till noon, then the pain subsides and fever 
sets in. This fever is characterized by a chill of about an hour, 
then a severe heat followed by sweat, no thirst in any stage. The 
pain under pressure on the left ovarian region is constant, in- 
creasing especially at each menstrual nisus; during menses she 
has pains all over body and is feverish; flow copious, may be 
with blackish clots, and it continues six days; menses irregular, 
some days too early or some days too late. She had been ill nine 
She notices a foetus-like movement in the abdomen from left to 
right and then sometimes upwards. 
Bowels open daily, once; stool hard, not sufficient; never diar- 
rhoea; no thread-worms; acidity afternoon, evening or morning; 
heartburn; acid eructation; taste in mouth insipid; appetite dull; 
urine sometimes colored; sleep, good; heaviness of head; tooth- 
Dark complexion and black hair. 
Never leucorrhoea; vertigo when closing the eyes; headache; 
photophobia and lachrymation since nine months ago; no warts 
anywhere; spleen little enlarged; pain under percussion on right 
hypochondrium and epigastrium, and below navel a little to the 
left; nails all right; vaccinated in infancy; itching all over body 
since about a month; itching increasing while sweating. 
1 -6- 1904. — Thuja 30, two doses given; to be taken daily, one 
Diet: Rice, vegetable curry, milk. 
Bathing allowed. 
7-6-1904. — Felt much better for three days; menses five days; 
menses on this occasion at full month; pain in abdomen much 
less; no foetus-like movement in abdomen any more; complaints 
little increased since yesterday; no toothache; pain all over body; 
bowels open; appetite as above; heartburn. 
Repeated one dose of Thuja 30. 
8-6-1904. — Pain in abdomen no more felt; no more foetus-like 
movement in abdomen; pain all over body somewhat less; heart- 
burn always, frequent eructation; daily, one or two better stools; 
stools soft with bad smell; appetite not good after evening; taste 
in mouth insipid; burning of eyes; heat of soles of feet; paleness 
of hands and of vertex; pain under pressure on abdomen a little 
below the navel and a little to the left, where a hardened structure 
of about the size of a hen's egg is felt under the fingers; slight 
enlargement of spleen; no pain under pressure on right hypo- 
chondrium and epigastrium. Placebo. 
She continued under treatment and observation till the 14th 
inst., getting only Placebo. She gradually improved and fully 
Remarks. — Three doses only cured her complaint. A bodily 
complaint of nine months' duration disappearing with the ad- 
ministration of three doses of the medicine would not fail to excite 
envy and admiration in the bosom of our elder brothers, the 
allopaths, if they kindly condescend to study the case. 
Thuja was tried in this case, and why? Dr. H. C. Allen, in 
his Therapeutics of Fevers, mentions Thuja, Crocus, Sulphur and 
Nux as having the movements of living child in abdomen. 
Our patient was vaccinated; and treating chronic cases previously 
vaccinated we may get a good help using Thuja. Her left 
ovarian pain increasing at every menstrual nisus is another symp- 
tom in the patient to indicate Thuja. So Thuja was selected and 
given her. 
Satkhira P. O., Calcutta, India. 

Oct 1, 2013

A Case of Constipation

 A Case of Constipation

© Dr. R.S.Mann 2014

A 32yr, female has described her primary complaint of constipation for years, since childhood. No desire to stool even for days, once or twice a week, urging for stool. (India is a tropical country, in tropical areas urging are more frequent) Stool hard, difficult. Thirst less person, no desire to drink. Appetite normal. Desire for cold foods. Patient is very extroverted , communicative and talkative. Lean and thin.

She accepts, she is very irritable and get angry very easily. Menses is regular and normal in quantity. Sleep well but favorable position is right can not sleep on left side.

Very uncommon and strange feature in this case is that she has burning on upper eyelids whenever she is badly constipated. Another symptom is, she feels that her anus remains open even long after stool. 

11 Sep, 2013

Phos 200, 3 Dose prescribed with SL for a week.

18 Sep, 2013

A little better in constipation. Not much progress.

SL prescribed for a week.

25 Sep, 2013

Stool is not hard, but formed and easy, first time in her experience in her lifetime. Feel thirsty many times a day.

SL prescribed for a week.

1 Oct, 2013

Came a day early to report. She has wonderful experience of urging for stool everyday. Stool soft, formed and very very refreshing.

No burning on upper eyelids since last 15 days. No abnormal feeling of open or loose anus now.

SL prescribed for 20 days. And advised to report, if any abnormal symptoms or feelings she has. 

       I never seen any chronic case responding so early and so quickly. First time I found, in a single case, the strange, uncommon symptoms, guiding symptoms, characteristic symptoms and unique positional modalities of a single medicine with physical constitutional match.