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Dec 23, 2014



The clinical application of the symptoms of this remedy, place it among the medicines for spasmodic and whooping coughs, and catarrhal conditions of the bladder; spasmodic pains in kidneys, with visceral tenesmus. Anuria, anasarca, ascites.

Mind:- Early morning or afternoon sadness.

Head:- Suboccipital soreness; worse after sleep and exertion. Headache, worse from lying on back, better with the head high. Dull pain over right eye in morning. Sensation of a foreign body between upper lid and eye ball. Distress from cinders lodged in eye.

Respiratory:- Constant hawking from enlarged uvula; Coryza, with inflamed fauces; accumulation of thick viscid mucus, which is expectorated with great difficulty. Tickling in larynx. Sensation of a crumb behind larynx, must swallow continually; brushing teeth causes cough. Fauces very sensitive. Suffocative cough; worse, first waking, with tough, white mucus, which strangles. Spasmodic morning cough. Whooping cough attacks end with vomiting of this tough mucus. Chronic bronchitis complicated with gravel; large quantities of albuminous, tenacious mucus, are expectorated. Walking against wind takes breath away.

Heart:- Sensation as if everything were pressed toward the heart.

Urinary:- Urging to urinate; brick-red sediment. Urinary calculi, haematuria, urates and uric acid; lancinating pains from kidney to bladder. Deep-colored, thick urine. Dysuria.

Female:- Menses too early, profuse, black and thick; dark clots, with dysuria. Intermittent menstruation; flow only in evening and at night. Large clots escape when passing water. Labia inflamed.

Modalities:- Worse, Left side, after sleep, touch, pressure of clothing, brushing teeth, slightest exertion.

Better, walking.


A Case of Cough cured by Coccus Cacti

Dec 19, 2014

A Case of Cough in an old lady

A Case of Cough in an old lady

© Dr Ravinder S Mann 2014

A 76 years old lady presented her case of cough of 2 months old. Has taken many drugs and syrups for her cough but without relief.

Cough started in Oct 2014, only in daytime, very much worse in afternoon, paroxysmal, starts with irritation in throat. Vomiting with cough and when try to expectorate. Expectoration is very thick, difficult and sticky. She always has mucus in throat which is tenacious.

Cough aggravates in warm room, warmth of bed and she needs to come outside to get some relief. All the day she is coughing after some time of interval.

Repertorization in Radar

Prescription on December 4, 2014

Coccus Cacti 200, three doses to take after one another with interval of 30 minutes between. She is advised to consult again after 3 days. No other medicine was prescribed and instructed to stop any kind of cough syrups and medicines.

December 6, 2014

Cough stopped on the same evening of December 4. The next day expectoration reduced to traces and today on December 6, no cough and no expectoration. All the irritation in throat is gone.

No medicine prescribed. Advised to consult back if cough returns.

An important note for Homeopaths

In Homeopathic prescribing diagnosis of disease is not a tool for prescription. We need symptoms as they are stated by patient and put them in repertory as much exactly as possible. It is better to use patient's language exactly rather than analyzing and distorting it.

One new trend is to over emphasize on mental symptoms. It is not necessary that every case has some symptoms of mind. We need to collect the actual symptoms of any case, either they are physical, mental or both.  

Dec 13, 2014


(Thyme Camphor)

A remedy having a wide field in genito-urinary diseases. It is indicated in pathological emissions, priapism and prostatorrhoea. The provings show an action limited to the sexual organs, producing a typical sexual neurasthenia. Specific for hookworm disease. [Chen-a.]

Mind:- Irritable, arbitrary, must have his own way. Craves company. Energy gone.

Male:- Profuse, nightly, seminal emissions with lascivious dreams of a perverted character. Priapism. Urinary burning and subsequent dribbling of urine. Polyuria. Urates increased. Phosphates decreased.

Back:- Tired, aching throughout lumbar region. Worse, mental and physical labor.

Sleep:- Awakes tired and unrefreshed. Lascivious and fantastic dreams.

Modalities:- Worse, Mental and physical labor.