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Oct 14, 2014

A case of multiple disorders cured by a single medicine

© 2014 Dr Ravinder S Mann

Homeopathy has a unique quality of curing multiple disorders by a single medicine. And this is not a magical and rare coincidence but it happens in every homeopath’s day to day practice.

A 30 yrs old female was sick from a long time and has many sign and symptoms as follows:-

Acne, itching, painful, scarring on face, increases before menses.

Pain in cervical region, extending to head and eyes. Head pain, one sided, aggravate in sun heat, nausea with headache, pain relieved by closing eyes.

Desires to eat salty things and use extra salt in food every time.

Vertigo. Confusion of mind. Losing thoughts and blank. Feel better when occupied in some work. Talking aggravate.

Very irritable and angered during menses. No desire to talk during menses. Do not express her anger. Very sleepy and drowsiness during menses.

Aggravated by news of death, illness or any bad news.

Hemoglobin is in normal range. Menses are regular.

Taking allopathic medicines from dermatologist for acne and eruptions in face. Using an orthopedician’s prescription for cervical pain and headache. And now referred to take advice from a psychiatrist for her anxiety and depressive feelings.

Repertorization of Case

Total 23 rubrics are chosen in 5 clipboards. First picture contains 2 clipboards which contains only physical symptoms. 

Second picture contains 3 clipboards which has mental symptoms of patient.  

Prescription on Sep 3, 2014

Sulphur 30    1 dose prescribed with sac lac for 15 days. All the allopathic medicines are advised to discontinue. Advised to take less salt in food.

Oct 7, 2014

Face clean, no eruptions or acne. Scars become dull and faded. Cervical pain and headache gone, not ever a single time after September 3rd. Vertigo, confusion of mind and losing her thoughts vanished. Anger and irritability very much reduced. Feels happy and satisfied now.

Medicine discontinued. Patient cured.

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