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Jan 22, 2008



Anemia is defined as low level of Hemoglobin or less number of red blood cells in blood then their corresponding normal range.
Anemia is the most common disorder of blood. Women are more sufferer than men. 20% of women in developed world and more then 50% in developing and poor countries are suffering from Anemia.
Hemoglobin carry Oxygen in red blood cells from lungs to all tissues. Every tissue of body needs oxygen for its functioning. When oxygen carrying capacity of blood reduced due to Anemia,it has wide range of clinical consequences on different tissues.

Sign And Symptoms Of Anemia

1. Tiredness and Fatigue
2. General Malaise
3. Dyspnoea -shortness of breath on exertion
4. Palpitations - feeling of increased heart beating
5. Sweating
6. Pale skin,nail beds and mucosa of mouth
7. Nail deformity
8. Cracks in lips(cheilosis)

Types Of Anemia

Anemia is classified in many ways,but most common and convenient classification is on basis of Size of red blood cells. Size of Red blood cells can be determined by MCV (mean corpuscular volume ). Normal range for MCV is 80-100 fl. If value of RBC's determined below 80 fl it is called Microcytic Anemia, if size is in normal range - it is Normocytic Anemia,if test value is more then 100 fl then it is called Macrocytic anemia.
There are different type of anemias among these headings:

A. Microcytic Anemia:
In this Anemia size of red blood cells is reduced due to deficiency of hemoglobin production.
1. Iron Deficiency Anemia:- It is the most common type of anemia.Women are more sufferer. In women with child bearing age ,loss of blood in menstruation every month is cause of iron deficiency. Iron is necessary for Hemoglobin production.Hemoglobin is made up of Heme and Globin. Production of Heme needs Iron. Globin is a Protein. Red Blood cells carry oxygen by holding it in hemoglobin. Loss of blood in menstruation, chronic blood loss in body as from ulcers, polyps or cancer may cause Iron deficiency anemia. Parasitic Infestations as Round Worms, Tape worms or Giardiasis may also cause Iron deficiency anemia.

2. Thalassemia:- When Globin synthesis is defected,it also reduce the availability of Hemoglobin for Red Blood Cells. It is of two types Alpha and Beta Thalassemia.
3. Anemia of Pregnancy :- Child in mothers womb use mother's Iron stores for it's need,and reduce mother's Iron level.

B. Normocytic Anemia:

In this type of anemia hemoglobin is reduced but size of Red Blood Cells remain normal.
1. Aplastic Anemia:- Bone marrow failure causes this type of anemia.
2. Hemolytic Anemia
3. Anemia due to Acute Blood loss

C. Macrocytic Anemia:
Size of red blood cells is increased in this type of Anemia due to various causes.
1. Megaloblastic Anemia:- It is the most common Type of Macrocytic Anemia. Deficiency Of Vitamin B12 or Folic Acid are cause of this type of Anemia. Inadequate intake in diet or Insufficient absorption in intestines may cause less availability of Vitamin B12 or Folic Acid.
2. Use of some drugs for other disease may also cause Macrocytic Anemia as Zidovudine,Methoterxate and some other drugs .
3. Alcoholism


On finding sign and symptoms related to Anemia, Physicians may advise for some Blood Tests:

1. Blood Hemoglobin Level
2. Red Blood Cell Count (RBC count)
3. MCV - Mean Corpuscular Volume
These are common test,in some cases few more extensive tests are desirable as:
4. Serum Glucose
5. ESR - Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate
6. Ferritin
7. Serum iron
8. Serum Vitamin B12
9. RBC Folate Level
10. Peripheral Blood Picture (PBC)
11. Bone Marrow Examination
12.Renal Function test


Treatment is based on diagnosis of type of Anemia. Iron deficiency anemia need more iron. Iron rich diet includes red meat; green, leafy vegetables; beans; dried apricots and other dried fruits; almonds; seaweeds; parsley; whole grains. Intake of Vitamin C is very necessary with rich Iron diet ,Vitamin C increase the absorption of Iron from intestines.
In cases of deficiency of Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, doses of these necessary element is suggested. Anemia due to Chronic disease is treated by taking care of those disorders. In severe cases of Anemia blood transfusion may be advised.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy treats every patient on it's individual symptoms and traits. In cases of dietary insufficiency proper diet is advised. In women disorders Homeopathic medicines effectively cure Profuse menstruation problems. Chronic diseases of Intestinal tract as hemorrhoids, Fissure, ulcers,Polyps which causes regular blood loss and therefore increase Anemia are also successfully cured by Homeopathic medicines.
Homeopathic Iron formulations are more easily absorbable then all other iron formulations. In pregnancy Homeopathic iron tablets are more successful to maintain blood hemoglobin level.

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