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Jan 29, 2008

Backache during Pregnancy

Backache during Pregnancy

Backache is very common in pregnancy, affecting one in every two women, especially in the later months. There are two main causes.

First, as baby grows, the increasing weight of abdomen tends to pull lower spine forwards, so that it is curved. This puts a strain on lower back muscles. As lower spine is pulled forward, so shoulders tend to be pulled back to compensate, and this puts a strain on the muscles in upper back.

Secondly, pregnancy hormones have the effect of softening and stretching ligaments, especially those around pelvis (to allow pelvis to open up when your baby passes through it). This can make the joints in and around your pelvis ache.

Towards the end of pregnancy, you may get backache if your baby has moved into your pelvis so that its back is lying against your back.


  • Be careful about posture. Try not to let abdomen tip too far forward. You can correct this by tilting your pelvis forward instead (as if you were pressing your lower back into a wall). Open out your shoulders so that they are not pressed together and lift your rib cage.
  • Be careful when lifting - squat down to pick up anything heavy; never bend forward from the waist. Better still, get someone else to do it
  • Wear flattish comfortable shoes, not high heels
  • Put a cushion behind your lower back when you are sitting
  • Put something hot (like a hot water bottle) or cold (like a bag of frozen peas) against your lower back
  • Get someone to give you a back massage
  • Sleep on a firm mattress
  • Talk to your midwife about using a special maternity girdle if the problem is severe. She can supply one and show you how to use it
  • If your backache is due to the position your baby is in, try kneeling down on all fours. This moves the weight of the baby off your back and can give fast relief

Don't s

  • Don'tsleep on a soft bed
  • Don't sleep on your back. try to sleep on your side.
  • Don't bend over from the waist to pick things,better is to sit down, keep your back straight and pick up things
  • Don't lift heavy objects
  • Avoid excessive weight gain

How can Homeopathy help in Backache during pregnancy?

There are some of the commonly used homeopathic medicines for Backache during pregnancy-

  1. Aesculus hip- if severe, continuous, dull ache in lower back and hips, Back feels tired and weak when walking, Backache worse when walking or stooping.
  2. Arnica montana - Backache due to strain on back muscle of injury, sore,lame, bruised feeling as if beaten, bed seems too hard, can not walk straight.
  3. Rhus toxicodendron - Pain and stiffness in the lower back, Pain better when moving, lying on something hard and on hot fomentation, pain worse while sitting.

Always take medicine after consulting a physician.

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