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Nov 18, 2014


(Beechwood Kreosote)

Kreosotum is a mixture of phenols obtained from this distillation.

Pulsation all over the body and profuse bleeding from small wounds. Very severe, old neuralgic affections; pains rather aggravated by rest. Excoriating, burning and offensive discharges. Hemorrhages, ulcerations, cancerous affections.
Rapid decomposition of fluids and secretions and burning pains. Overgrown, poorly developed children. Post-climacteric diseases. Tumefaction, puffiness, gangrene. Ailings of teething children.

Mind:- Music causes weeping and palpitation. Vanishing of thought; stupid, forgetful, peevish, irritable. Child wants everything but throws it away when given.

Head:- Dull pain, as from a board pressing against forehead. Menstrual headache. Occipital pain. [Gels.; Zinc.pic]

Eyes:- Salty lachrymation. Lids red and swollen.

Ears:- Eruptions around and pimples within. Difficult hearing and buzzing.

Face:- Sick, suffering expression; hot cheeks red.

Mouth:- Lips red, bleeding. Very painful dentition; child will not sleep. Very rapid decay of teeth, with spongy, bleeding gums; teeth dark and crumbly. [Staph.; Ant-c.] Putrid odor and bitter taste.

Nose:- Offensive smell and discharge. Chronic catarrh of old people. Acrid rawness. Lupus. [Ars.]

Throat:- Burning, choking sensation. Putrid odor.

Stomach:- Nausea; vomiting of food several hours after eating; of sweetish water in the morning. Feeling of coldness, as of ice water in stomach. Soreness; better eating. Painful hard spot. Haematemsis. Bitter taste after a swallow of water.

Abdomen:- Distended. Burning hemorrhoids. Diarrhoea; very offensive; dark brown. Bloody, fetid stools. Cholera infantum in connection with painful dentition, green stools, nausea, dry skin, exhaustion, etc.

Urinary:- Offensive. Violent itching of vulva and vagina, worse when urinating. Can urinate only when lying; cannot get out of bed quick enough during first sleep. Dreams of urinating. Enuresis in the first part of night. Must hurry when desire comes to urinate.

Female:- Corrosive itching within vulva, burning and swelling of labia; violent itching between labia and thighs. During menses, difficult hearing; buzzing and roaring; eruption after. Burning and soreness in external and internal parts. Leucorrhea, yellow, acrid; odor of green corn; worse between periods. Hemorrhage after coition. Menses too early, prolonged. Vomiting of pregnancy, with ptyalism. Menstrual flow intermits [Puls.]; ceases on sitting or walking; reappears on lying down. Pain worse after menses. Lochia offensive; intermits.

Respiratory:- Hoarse, with pain in larynx. Cough; worse evening, with efforts to vomit, with pain in chest. Raw burning in chest; pains and oppression. Cough after influenza. [Eriodyction.] Winter coughs of old people, with heavy pressure on sternum. Gangrene of lungs. After every cough, copious, purulent expectoration. Hemoptysis; periodic attacks. Sternum feels pressed in.

Back:- Dragging backache, extending to genitals and down thighs. Great debility.

Extremities:- Pain in joints, hip and knee. Boring pain in hip-joints. Scapulae sore.

Skin:- Itching, worse towards evening. Burning in soles. Senile gangrene. Small wounds bleed freely.[ Crot.; Lach.; Phos.] Pustules and herpes. Ecchymosis; dorsal surface of fingers and hands eczematous.

Sleep:- Disturbed with tossing. Paralytic sensation in limbs on waking. Anxious dreams of pursuit, fire, erections, etc.

Modalities:-  Worse, in open air, cold, rest, when lying; after menstruation. Better, from warmth, motion, warm diet.

Antidote: Nux.
Inimical: Carbo.
Complementary in malignant diseases: Ars.; Phos; Sulph.


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