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Jul 30, 2014

Mental Symptoms connected with Dormant or Slumber state

From “ ANALYTICAL REPERTORY of the symptoms of the Mind” By C. Hering
(The book contains mental symptoms observed in connection with bodily conditions)
Edited  by: Dr. Ravinder S. Mann


Conscious in sleep, hears everything, but cannot rouse himself: Opium

As if in slumber; is vexed at having to open his eyes to see or his lips to speak: Ignatia

Rattling breathing in slumber, starts in fright and looks wildly about: Belladona

Remembers forgotten things in slumber: Caladium

Starts from half slumber, with anxiousness, sadness and oppression: Strontium

Half sleeping, half waking condition; she hears others talk of things which frighten her, although she knows she is dreaming; can rouse herself only with difficulty: Kali carb

Attack of anxiety in the night, as if she must die: Ammonium Carb

After vexation falls asleep, with twitching of arms and hands, and staring eyes: Conium

Tosses about anxiously; lies as if unconscious and groans: Bryonia

Restless sleep disturbed by vivid dreams, which he cannot remember; after midnight half wakeful condition: Spigelia

Half slumber, with strange ideas, as if the mind was active: Sabadilla ; Sleep is made up of flighty dreams: Silicea

Delirious talk, with anxiousness before midnight; with open eyes: Sulphur

Nightmare in half slumber, with great fear: Silicea

At night heat and great excitement; during the day a difficulty to attend to mental work: Argentum Nitricum

Confused talk at night: Digitalis; in the evening: Belladona


Dreaminess at night: Cahinc; flightiness: Theridion; nightly fancies: Lachesis

Disturbed sleep at night, tosses about, wakes up flighty, thinks he is in different places: Lycopodium

Flighty dreams: Graphites; with stupor as in fever: Baryta

Half waking, half dreaming; finds himself in different places, everything appears real yet he knows he is in bed: Psorinum

Happy ecstasies all night, elevated contemplation, memory stronger: Opium

Delirium especially at night, with ecstasy: Aconite

Stupefied slumber, with flightiness; is often on the water; when about to fall in starts and awakes: Nitrum

After sound sleep, dreams which exert the mind: Alumina

Eyes Shut:

Imagines awful things during the night: Calc. ostr.

When closing the eyes, sees fanciful visions and faces: Argentum Nitricum

When lying awake at night with closed eyes, she sees ghosts and animals in bright light approaching from afar and then slowly retreating: Thuya

Seeing spirits: Spigelia, Thuya; in dreams: Hippom., Sarsaprilla

Night Walking:

Gets up and walks, for a long time does not know where he is: Silicea; gets up in her dream, walks to the door as if intending to go out: Bryonia; walks about the room: Natrum mur

Flighty talk, with heat; children move around in bed with closed eyes, without speaking: Rheum

Gets out of bed from an anxious dream, thinking there is a fire, dresses, and talks out of the window; is frightened when told there is nothing going on: Sulphur

Gets up unconsciously: Bryonia, Natrum mur, Petroleum, Phosphorus, Silicea

Flightiness in sleep, gets out of bed: Silicea

Gets up and walks from room to room, with closed eyes: Alumina

Getting up in the night and walking up and down in deep thought: Belladona

Goes about furiously with closed eyes, breaks everything in the room, goes back to sleep and is unconscious of what happened after waking: Phosphorus

Unbearable anxiety, springs out of bed and seeks to take his life, but is afraid of the open window or the knife: Cinchona officinalis

Fearful anxiety, great inward woe as if the soul would separate from
the body, at night: Thuya

Strikes her hands together above her head, in the night: Belladona;
And sings: Veratrum album

Jul 28, 2014

Mental Symptoms in connection with bodily conditions on one Side

From “ ANALYTICAL REPERTORY of the symptoms of the Mind” By C. Hering
(The book contains mental symptoms observed in connection with bodily conditions)
Edited by: Dr. Ravinder S. Mann


Anxiety, with symptoms on right side.

Anxious feeling in chest, with throbbing in lower right side:  Phosphorus

Anxious feeling in chest, with constriction first in right side, afterwards in whole chest : Aconite

Pressing sensation in right side of chest, with great anxiety : Aurum, Belladona

Pressing in right side of chest, near the ensiform cartilage and last true rib, with great anxiety and oppression of breathing: Hyoscyamus

Anxiety, with twitching of right hand: Pulsatilla

Anxious feeling of weakness in right leg when walking: Sulphur

Anxiety, with symptoms on left side.

Pressing in left hypochondriac region, with anxiety and nausea in chest: Rhus Tox

Drawing under the left breast, with anxiety; a kind of oppression at the heart, which interferes with breathing: Nux Vomica

Stitches under left breast, with anxiety: Phosphorus

Stitches as from knives into left chest and back, with great anxiety and restlessness: Causticum

Lying on the left side causes anxiety: Phosphorus; and palpitation with dyspnoea: Pulsatilla

Cannot lie on the left side on account of palpitation and anxiety: Baryta

Feeling of tension in left chest, with palpitation and anxiety: Cannabis

Fright, with symptoms on Right side.

Great fright after a slight surprise, trembles and feels as if paralyzed, right cheek grows hot and purple: Mercurius

Startling stitch in right leg after rising from a kneeling posture: Carbo Animalis

Easily frightened; crawling pain in right arm and hand: Natrum Carb

Fright, with symptoms on left side.

Sharp stitches in the front part of left chest, which startle her: Graphites

Sudden stitches and burning sensation deep in the left side of the chest frightening her: Baryta

After fright, lameness in left arm and foot: Stannum

Nervous excitement felt in the region of the heart from stinging and unbearable itching in the left eye: Hura

Fretfulness, with symptoms on Left side.

Fretfulness after a tearing and a stitch in the left big toe, which remains sensitive: Baryta

After vexation stitches in upper part of left chest: Natrum Mur

Attacks of anxiety as if coming from under the left breast, trembling and palpitation: Phosphorus

Lamenting, with symptoms on Right side.

With every inhalation a stitch runs from the lowest rib on the right side through to the point of the shoulder-blade, with lamenting: Aconite

Weeping, with symptoms on Left side.

Tearing, stinging and swelling of the left wrist, with weeping; is beside himself: Sabina

Screaming, with symptoms on Right side.

Rapid stitches in the right chest, with desire to scream in the evening: Baryta

A sharp stitch in right chest, has to scream: Lauroceraus

Itching boring stitch in the dorsum of the right foot while at rest, has to scream: Spigelia

Violent tearing in the right big toe, with desire to scream while sitting:  Paris

Screaming, with symptoms on Left side.

Continuous stitches in the left chest, with desire to scream; relieved for a short time by taking a deep breath: Sulphur

Dull stitches in the left chest and abdomen, has to scream: Clematis

A sharp stitch under the left ribs while at dinner, has to scream: Ratanhia

Pressing pain in left side and stitch as from a sharp instrument, has to scream: Hura

Tearing stitches in left thigh while at rest , has to scream: Sepia

Left knee feels as if beaten, has to cry out, with anxious heat: Conium

Burning stitch on the inner border of the left foot-sole, has to scream: Ratanhia

Jul 26, 2014



Best adapted to young weakly persons, anemic and chlorotic, with pseudo-plethora, who flushes easily; cold extremities; over-sensitiveness; worse after any active effort. Weakness from mere speaking or walking though looking strong. Pallor of skin, mucous membranes, face, alternating with flushes. Orgasms of blood to face, chest, head, lungs, etc. Irregular distribution of blood. Muscles flabby and relaxed.

Mind :- Irritability. Slight noises unbearable. Excited from slightest opposition. Sanguine temperament.

Head :- Vertigo on seeing flowing water. Stinging headache. Ringing in ears before menses. Hammering, pulsating, congestive headache; pain extends to teeth, with cold extremities. Pain in back of head, with roaring in neck. Scalp painful. Must take down the hair.

Eyes :-  Watery, dull red; photophobia; letters run together.

Face :- Fiery-red and flushed from least pain, emotion, or exertion. Red parts become white, bloodless and puffy.

Nose :-  Mucous membrane relaxed, boggy, anemic, pale.

Mouth :- Pain in teeth; relieved by icy-cold water. Earthy, pasty taste, like rotten eggs.

Stomach :- Voracious appetite, Or absolute loss of appetite. Loathing of sour things. Attempts to eat bring on diarrhea. Spits up food by the mouthful. [Phos.]  Eructations of food after eating, without nausea. Nausea and vomiting after eating. Vomiting immediately after eating. Vomiting after midnight. Intolerance of eggs. Distension and pressure in the stomach after eating, Heat and burning in stomach. Soreness of abdominal walls. Flatulent dyspepsia.

Stool :- Undigested, at night, while eating or drinking, painless. Ineffectual urging; stool hard, followed by backache or cramping pain in rectum; prolapsus recti; itching of anus, especially young children.

Urine :- Involuntary; worse daytime. Tickling in urethra extending to bladder.

Female :- Menses remit a day or two, and then return. Discharge of long pieces from uterus. Women who are weak, delicate, chlorotic, yet have a fiery-red face. Menses too early, too profuse, last too long; pale, watery. Sensitive vagina. Tendency to abortion. Prolapse of vagina.

Respiratory :- Chest oppressed; breathing difficult. Surging of blood to chest. Hoarseness. Cough dry, spasmodic. Hemoptysis. [ Millefol.] With the cough pain in occiput.

Heart :- Palpitation; worse, movement. Sense of oppression. Anemic murmur. Pulse full, but soft and yielding; also, small and weak. Heart suddenly bleeds into the blood vessels, and as suddenly draws a reflux, leaving pallor of surface.

Extremities :- Rheumatism of the shoulder. Dropsy after loss of vital fluids. Lumbago; better, slow walking. Pain in hip-joint, tibia, soles, and heel.

Skin :- Pale; flushes readily; pits on pressure.

Fever :- General coldness of extremities; head and face hot. Chill at 4 a.m. Heat in palms and soles. Profuse, debilitating sweat.

Modalities :- Better, walking slowly about. Better after rising.

Worse, while sweating; while sitting still. After cold washing and overheating. Midnight aggravation.

Relationship :-

Antidotes :     Ars.; Hep.

Complementary : Chin.; Alum.; Hamamel.

Dose:-  States of debility where the blood is poor in hematin require material doses; plethoric, hemorrhagic conditions call for small doses from the second to the sixth potency.   


Jul 23, 2014


 Homeopathic Recorder
 Vol. XXXII Lancaster, Pa., January 15, 1917. No. 1

By Dr. J. C. Fahnestock, Sea Breeze Ave., Palm
Beach, Florida.
Staphisagria has quite a wide sphere of action among acute as well as chronic sickness. 
In a few words I shall call your attention to just a few of the prominent conditions of this most valuable remedy. Staphisagria is rich in mental symptoms and it is all important that they are well understood. I say important — for it is the mental symptoms or the impressions that are made upon the mind that in turn are reflected to different parts of the body that gives us the proper knowledge for a definite selection of Staphisagria. You will read in the mental symptoms, "Great indignation about things done by others or by himself." 
"Grieves about consequences." 
You will see by this expression that Staph,  is suitable to cases brought on by pent up anger, or grief, and often a silent "grouch" runs through the case. 
Patients requiring Staph,  are very irritable, excitable, at the same time not boisterous, at least it is rarely shown, and with this irritability, fatigue, which is due to his pent up emotions. 
A slight insult causes a regular breakdown, goes all to pieces, they will tell you of troubles, silent troubles, which  has unfit them for business,  can't sleep, trembles all over, brain fag, exceedingly nervous, prostration and headache. Just think how often you have found such cases in sexual perverts, those that constantly dwell on sexual subjects and how greatly improved by Staph. 
Staph, is sometimes called the "newly wed remedy." Some women suffer severely after the first coition, not only bodily, but mentally, with a constant urging to urinate. 
Last summer a newly married widow (young) came to my office and complained bitterly of a constant desire to urinate. "Why, I am obliged to urinate every ten or fifteen minutes day and night - for the last two weeks." Any pain? "No, just have to go all the time." Staph. 30 promptly cured. 
(Burning in the urethra when not urinating often points to-  Staph.) 
In young women the suffering is bodily and mentally and quite often by questioning closely you will find the external genitals have always been sensitive and especially when sitting. 
External parts are so sensitive can scarcely wear  napkin during the menses. It does not stop here, but there may be inflammation of the ovaries with stinging, burning, and a pressing down sensation. 
Often found in those that masturbate, and they constantly dwell upon sexual subjects. In just such subjects Staph, is golden. 
In babies a mental condition that is not pent up is frequently found, the baby gets angry, which is followed with screaming, ugly, pot-bellied children, and especially when they suffer with their teeth, which turns black, gums swollen, tender to the touch, Staph, is a  Godsend to these little unfortunates.  (They generally have a history.) 
There is a nervousness that runs through all the complaints that requires Staph.; the nervous system is in a constant fret. 
Don't forget the  state fret. Troubles  that are brought on by supposed wrath or insult and is followed by a constant fret. 
After anger or insult often comes on a colic or diarrhea, which I have seen promptly stopped with Staph. 
When symptoms agree you will  find Staph, frequently required for the after effect of sexual excesses, self abuse, etc. 
There is often  found hardenings of certain  tissues, styes, which leaves hard nodosities (chalazion), hardening of ovaries, testicles, prostatic glands, of ton-sils. Arthritic nodosities. 
Just take an hour off each day for a week and read what wonderful things Staph, can do. 

Jul 18, 2014

Some Interesting Cases by Baillie Brown

 “Some Interesting Cases” were published in “The Homeopathic Recorder”
Vol. XXV Lancaster, Pa., February, 1910 No. 2. (Page 57)
Edited By Dr. Ravinder S. Mann
Some Interesting Cases
By Baillie Brown, A. B., M. D.
And first let me say that I consider HOMOEOPATHY a gift of 
GOD to sick and suffering humanity and our law of cure a 
DIVINE LAW. We are prone to speak of Similia similibus 
curantur as “Hahnemann's law,” forgetting that this wonderful 
Homeopathic Law of cure is only after all GOD’S Law which 
Samuel Hahnemann was graciously permitted to discover. 
Case 1
Miss R , a Russian Jewess, was brought to my office 
by her intended husband and a Jewish Rabbi with the following 
interesting history. One afternoon some 5 or 6 months previous, 
while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with her intended hus- 
band, she suddenly stopped and clapping her hands to her head 
declared that “his mother had struck her over the head with a 
wooden club.” The intended husband remonstrated and tried to 
show her that they were quite alone, but she kept reiterating that 
“his mother had struck her with the wooden club.” She was 
brought to her home and physician after physician was summoned, 
but all failed in disabusing her mind of the peculiar hallucination 
or in any way improving her health, which continually kept grow- 
ing worse, until finally their little savings were all used up, after 
which she was taken to the various city dispensaries, but in every 
instance without any improvement or amelioration of her condi- 
tion either mentally or physically. The family physician was 
again consulted and on his advice the papers were all made out 
for a commitment to an institution. Before taking her away at 
the final request of the Rabbi she was brought to my office “to 
see if Homeopathy might be able to do anything” in her case. 
On being led into my office I noticed the following: she immedi- 
ately sank into a chair and was in but a few moments asleep — her 
hair was disheveled ; shaking her I asked through the Rabbi, who 
acted as interpreter, if her mouth was dry and if her tongue seem- 
ed to stick to the roof of her mouth and she nodded assent. On 
turning to consult my Hering’s Condensed Materia Medica and 
while the intended husband, and Rabbi, were looking over the 
volumes on my library shelves she slipped from the office and was 
gone. The two men hastily picking up their hats hurried out of 
my office and caught her almost a block away, and pulling and 
dragging finally brought her back into my office. She then began 
to cry. She looked thin and frail and her face wore an expres- 
sion of much suffering. I was informed that it was next to im- 
possible to get her to partake of food in any form of any kind. 
I had noticed as the men led her into my office a staggering gait. 
But I thought I saw enough to pick as her remedy Nux moschata. 
Accordingly I made up three (3) powders of Nux moschata in 
the 1000th potency B. and T., one of which I placed on her tongue 
in my office, and giving the other two powders to her intended 
husband, ordered that one powder should be placed on her tongue 
in just 72 hours and the other on the third day following. The 
following is the report of the Rabbi : “Miss R seemed to grad- 
ually improve from the moment you put the powder on her tongue. 
Indeed she seemed so much improved in 72 hours that we thought 
it hardly necessary to give her the second powder, but decided 
to obey your instructions, which on doing she clapped her hands 
to her head and declared that something had snapped on the in- 
side.” Immediately she was her old self again — declared she had 
never had such silly hallucinations as her friends informed she 
had been suffering from for seven months — began to eat — and in 
two weeks gained seven pounds — in three months was happily 
married and is at last accounts perfectly well and happy. 
Case 2
Mrs. D, a colored woman aged 40 years, mother of 
four children, had been taken to the local hospital during my sum- 
mer vacation and delivered of a dead fetus. They kept her a 
week or so and then sent her home in an ambulance, telling her 
“she would probably never be a well woman again, as her womb 
agony until she heard that I had returned from my vacation, when 
she immediately sent for me to come and see her. Before I had 
time to ask her any questions or examine her or even to find a 
chair to sit down on, she burst out with, “O Doctor, It is so miser- 
able — It is so thirsty — It  burns so here (pointing in the neighbor- 
hood of McBurney's point) — It is so restless and O Doctor, I just 
can’t bear them hours of one, two, three to come — cause them is my 
worstest hours.” It is needless to say that in a jiffy I had ordered 
a glass of water and a teaspoon, into which glass I dropped a few 
drops of Arsenic 30. The next day she sent me her blessing and 
a dollar, and said she was able to do her own washing in the 
next morning. The third teaspoonful of Arsenic 30 had in only 
nine hours effected a happy cure. 
Case 3
Mr. C , a young Russian Hebrew, was brought to 
my office by the same Rabbi as in Case 1. The Rabbi informed 
me that “he was tormented with a peculiar hallucination, viz., 
that every time he looked in a looking glass he failed to recognize 
himself but saw the form and visage of another man.” Like the 
woman with the issue of blood in the N. T. Scriptures he had 
spent all his living upon physicians, neither yet had he been healed 
of any. Before proceeding to question him further I thought I 
detected the smell of musk about him, and found sure enough 
that he was in the habit of carrying a little vial of musk essence 
in the pocket, which he occasionally touched with his tongue. I 
took the vial of musk from him, throwing it into my waste-paper 
basket, gave him a good lecture on the enormity of “musk tasting” 
and prepared him a tiny vial of pellets medicated with Moschus 
30, ordering two pellets to be taken occasionally, with the result 
that in a few days his “peculiar” hallucination completely disap- 
peared and he improved wonderfully in health the following 
Case 4
The little six-year-old daughter of very poor but re- 
spectable parents. Was called in the 
morning to see the child, which the messenger informed me was 
“very sick.” But being a very busy day I was unable to get to 
the little patient until late in the afternoon. On reaching the bed- 
side I beheld a very sick child indeed, tossing about from place to 
place on the parents' bed, continually demanding “a drink, mama.” 
On inserting my two thermometers into the little one's rectum I 
found a temperature of 106. On examination of the right lung 
I discovered consolidation over two-thirds (lower). She was 
constantly scolding “the naughty pains around her heart. It was 
informed by the mother that they thought she would die” right 
after dinner (1 P. M.)." The symptoms pointed so unmistak- 
ably to Arsenicum, although I recalled that Nash in “How to 
Take the Case” speaks of Arsenicum as specially called for in 
“Upper Right chest troubles” that I decided then and there to 
give Arsenicum in the 1000th potency, one dose from my buggy 
satchel on her tongue, and warning the mother to give absolutely 
nothing else in the shape of medicine I left, promising to call the 
next morning. The next morning I made my call at about ten 
A. M. and found the little miss playing on the floor with her dolly 
and contentedly munching a crust of dry bread. The tempera- 
ture, taken in the rectum, was normal and THE CONSOLI- 
DATED LUNG QUITE CLEAR. I asked the mother to mi- 
nutely describe what happened after I gave the medicine the after- 
noon before (between 4 and 5 P. M.). She said baby seemed to 
get much worse and the fever higher until about 11 P. M., when 
she called for the “pottie” and from that until 2 A. M. the mother 
was kept busy emptying pot after pot of slimy stools. At 4 A. M. 
the child fell into a peaceful and refreshing slumber and awoke at 
9 A. M., evidently feeling as well as ever. 
-88 Bowers Street, Jersey City, N. J., January 26th, 1910. 

Jul 16, 2014

A Case of Urinary Tract Infection Extended to Kidney

A Urinary Tract Infection extended upward to kidneys in a newly married woman.

© Dr Ravinder S Mann 2014

 A 19 yrs newly married girl presented on June 26, 2014 with severe pain at right renal angle (Kidney region). Pain was stitching in nature, originating in right kidney and extending downward to bladder, covering whole right side of abdomen. Pain was worse by walking and better by lying down. 

For last few days patient has burning pains in urethra after urinating and very severe at conclusion of urination. Pains are burning and scalding. Urination frequent and scanty. Urine contains pus cells on urine test report. 

These symptoms are persisting for last one month. Has taken a course of antibiotics but symptoms recurred again.


Prescription on June 26, 2014

Sarsaparilla  officinalis 200 CH , 3 doses prescribed on hourly interval with sac lac for 7 days.

July 2, 2014

Pain, scalding, burning and pains from kidney extending downward stopped in few hours after taking medicine on same day. Frequency of urination stopped in 3 days. Urine report shows pus cells in normal range.

No prescription is given and advised to consult again if symptoms recurs.

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Jul 11, 2014

A Case Of Pruritus

© Dr Ravinder S Mann 2014

A 39 years old male has presented on May 2, 2014 with voluptuous itching all over the body especially over legs (over Tibia bone) and forearm. Itching aggravated by touch, undressing and dryness of skin. Itching was very severe and patient has not given any other differentiating clinical features or symptoms.


Prescription on
May 2, 2014

Cocculus Ind 30      1 dose with S L for a week.

 Patient returned back on May 26, 2014 and reported a partial relief in itching for 2 days after medicine but it is same again. After last prescription he tried some allopathic medication too, because homeopathic medicines remained unable to improve his itching. But allopathic medicines are equally helpless in his itching, so he returned back again.

On May 26, patient is asked about this itching in detail. Every year in dry, warm weather this itching recurs from many years but this time it is most severe. Itching is now on legs, whole upper limb, around head. Modalities are same – aggravation of itching by dryness of skin, undressing and touch.   

On further inquiry he told that he always thinks about sex. He imagines girls and women in different postures and doing sex. He masturbates frequently and sometimes many times a day. His sexual desire is very much increased. Although he is married and his sexual life is well.



Prescription On May 26, 2014 

Staphysagria  200    only 1 dose is prescribed with sac lac for 10 days.

June 3, 2014

Patient reported on June 3, 2014 that his itching stopped on same evening and not a trace of itching returned back. Now he feels cool and relaxed without any constant sexual thoughts and not even masturbated since last prescription.

No further medicine is prescribed and advised to consult again if any of the symptoms recur.

June 24, 2014

Patient came to take advice for his wife. And told that his itching and sexual thoughts have not recurred.