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Jan 17, 2008

Tobacco :Effects on Health

Tobacco :Effects on Health


1. Avoiding tobacco may add 20 years to the life of the teenager.About half of the teenagers who use tobacco will eventually be killed by it-about a quarter in middle age and a quarter in old age.
2. In India 9,00,000 peoples die due to tobacco related diseases per year.
3.India has the largest number of Oral Cancer in the world which is due to Tobacco.
4.In India the tobacco contributes to 56.4% and 44.9% of cancer cases in the world which is due to tobacco.
5.Tobacco smoking accounts for 82% of chronic obstructive lung disease in India.
6. It is estimated that India as compared to any other country will have the fastest rise in tobacco related deaths each year.

Types of Tobacco used in India and worldwide

Smokeless Tobacco used in India(used for chewing):

Pan-betel quid with tobacco
Pan Masala
Tobacco and slaked lime (khaini)
Chewing tobacco
Creamy snuff
Tobacco Water

Smoked Tobacco

Reverse chutta smoking
Reverse Dhumti smoking

Effects of Tobacco Consumption

Tobacco is responsible for cancer at many sites:

Lungs, mouth, pharynx, larynx, stomach, urinary bladder, gall Bladder, penis (and possibly other organs of body).

Oral cancers (cancer of the cheek), stomach cancers, kidney cancers.

Tobacco leads to :

1.Heart and blood vessel disease, myocardial Infraction (Heart Attack), Angina (Chest Pain), sudden Cardiac Death (Unheralded sudden death), stroke (Brain Attack), peripheral Vascular Disease (Gangrene of legs).
2. There is 'one' tobacco related death every 8 seconds.
3.Smokers/tobacco consumers are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop heart disease and paralysis than non-smokers.
4. Smoking causes more than 90% of lung cancers and other lung diseases (chronic bronchitis, emphysema).
5.Smoking / tobacco consumption is a cause of impotence in men.
6. Smoking / tobacco consumption decreases estrogen levels in women. Menopause occurs earlier.
7.Smoking / tobacco consumption decreases ability of physical activity and decreases physical endurance.
8. Women who smoke and take birth control pills are at a greatly increased risk of a stroke.
9. Pregnant women, who smoke, have a greater chance of losing the baby, or having a baby with a low birth weight, or babies with developmental problems, or sudden infant deaths.
10. Smoking / tobacco suddenly raises the blood pressure and reduces the blood flow to the heart. It also decreases the flow of blood to the feet and can cause gangrene of the legs.
11.Tobacco damages the lining of the arteries all over the body.
12. Smoking causes health problems for children and other family members (due to second-hand smoke).
13. A non-smoker living with two packs per day smoker, smokes passively equivalent of three cigarettes per day according to unit nicotine levels.
14. It has also been found that smoking/tobacco consumption increases the risk of diabetes.
15.Higher the good cholesterol in the blood the better it is. Lower the good cholesterol in the blood higher is the threat. Tobacco lowers the good cholesterol in the blood.

Why give up tobacco?

Tobacco is a heart breaker and a body breaker as tobacco mainly kills through heart disease and cancers.

Nicotine addiction ensures life-long customers not long-life customers

It's never too late to give it up!

Stopping smoking/tobacco even in middle age before having cancer or some other serious disease avoids most of the later excess risk of death from tobacco. The benefits of stopping at earlier ages are even greater.Once you give up tobacco the risk of heart attacks normalized to that of a non-smoker in 3 years.

Benefits of Quitting Tobacco:

Quitting smoking lowers many health risks very quickly. If you quit, here are only a few of the benefits:

The Physical benefits of quitting tobacco:

1. Your risk of cancer and heart disease will go down.
2. Stress on your heart will be reduced.
3. Your loved ones will not be harmed by your smoke.
4. Your smoker's cough (persistent cough and phlegm) will most probably disappear.
5. Your teeth will become whiter and cleaner.

The Social benefits of quitting tobacco:

1. You will be the one in control - cigarettes will no longer control you.
2. Your self-image and self-confidence will improve.
3. You'll be a healthier parent for your children, now and in the future.
4. You'll have more money to spend on other things.

Tips to Quit Smoking /Tobacco

1. Hide ash trays, cigarettes, paan, jarda. Out of sight, out of mind. A simple, yet helpful endeavor.
2. Don't let cigarettes, paan and jarda be easily available. Keep cigarettes/ jarda, paans in a place where you have to make a real effort to get them for example, another room of the house, places where you don't go to very often, locked in a cupboard etc. Every time you have to smoke/eat jarda/paan, you should have to make a conscious effort, get up, walk and get it.
3. Figure out your "triggers" to smoke, or consume paan/jarda and ways to cope with them. Is it the company of people who smoke/eat jarda/paan? Try in the initial period to be away from smokers/paan eaters/ jarda eaters or rather when they smoke or eat pan/jarda. Do you consume tobacco when you are tense, or when you are working late, to pep you up and to give that extra energy? For that try to put something in the mouth, like chewinggums, sweets, peppermints, lozenges etc. and practice deep breathing
4. Whenever you have that craving, try deep breathing when either standing or sitting. Having a glass of water and exercising also helps to decrease the craving.
5. When you feel like taking tobacco, think of your children and the effect on their future if you develop any of the dangerous diseases caused by tobacco.
6. Set a stop date.
7. Find a support person.
8. Make plans for your first day without cigarettes/ paan/jarda.
9. Use the 4 D's when the craving for smoking/tobacco hits you:
* Do something else
* Delay smoking/tobacco consumption the next cigarette
* Deep breathing
* Drink water
10. Use positive self-talk.
11. Reward yourself.
12. Practice relaxation techniques (yoga, walking, meditation, dancing, music etc.) every day.
13. Limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol.

Further, be active, and eat a healthy diet!

What Homeopathy can do for quitting Smoking

1.Homeopathic medicines help you to not to crave for smoking.

2.Homeopathic medicines improves the withdrawal symptoms after you quit.
3.Homeopathy save your health from side effects of long term smoking and chewing tobacco.
4.Homeopathy helps to remove irritating cough and phlegm discharges due to smoking.

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