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Aug 31, 2013


(Bitter – sweet)

Hot days and cold nights towards the close of summer are especially favorable to the action of Dulcamara, and is one of the remedies that correspond in their symptoms to the conditions found as effects of damp weather, colds after exposure to wet, especially diarrhoea. It has a specific relation also to the skin, glands and digestive organs, mucous membranes secreting more profusely while the skin is inactive. The rheumatic troubles induced by damp cold are aggravated by every cold change and somewhat relieved by moving about. Results from sitting on cold, damp ground. Icy coldness. One-sided spasms with speechlessness. Paralysis of single parts. Congestive headache, with neuralgia and dry nose. Patients living or working in damp, cold basements. [Nat. Sulph.] Eruptions on hands, arms or face around the menstrual period.

Head:- Mental confusion. Occipital pain ascending from nape of neck. Headache relieved by conversation. Rejects things asked for. Back part of head chilly, heavy, aching, during cold weather. Ringworm of scalp. Scaldhead, thick brown crusts, bleeding with scratched. Buzzing in head.

Nose:- Dry Coryza. Complete stoppage of nose. Stuffs up when there is a cold rain. Thick, yellow mucus, bloody crusts. Profuse Coryza. Wants nose kept warm, least cold air stops the nose. Coryza of the new born.

Eyes:- Every time he takes cold it settles in eyes. Thick, yellow discharge; granular lids. Hay-fever; profuse, watery discharge, worse in open air.

Ears:- Earache, buzzing, stitches, and swelling of parotids. Middle-ear catarrh [Merc.dulc.; Kali.mur.]

Face:- Tearing in cheek extending to ear, orbit and jaw, preceded by coldness of parts, and attended by canine hunger. Humid eruption on cheeks and face generally.

Mouth:- Saliva tenacious, soapy. Dry, rough tongue, rough scraping in throat, after taking cold in damp weather. Cold-sores on lips. Facial neuralgia; worse, slightest exposure to cold.

Stomach:- Vomiting of white, tenacious mucus. Aversion to food. Burning thirst for cold drinks. Heartburn. Nausea accompanies the desire for stool. Chilliness during vomiting.

Abdomen:- Colic from cold. Acts prominently in umbilical region. Cutting pain about naval. Swelling of inguinal glands [Merc.]

Stool:- Green, watery, slimy, bloody, mucus, especially in summer, when the weather suddenly becomes cold; from damp, cold weather and repelled eruptions.

Urine:- Must urinate when getting chilled. Strangury, painful micturation. Catarrh of bladder from taking cold. Urine has thick, mucous, purulent sediment. Ischuria from wading with bare feet in cold water.

Female:- Suppression of menses from cold or dampness. Before appearance of menses,  a rash appears on skin, or sexual excitement. Dysmenorrhoea, with blotches all over; mammae engorged and sore, delicate, sensitive to cold.

Respiratory:- Cough worse cold, wet weather, with free expectoration, tickling in larynx. Cough, hoarse, spasmodic. Whooping-cough with excessive secretion of mucus. Winter coughs, dry, teasing. Asthma with dyspnoea. Loose, rattling cough; worse wet weather. Must cough a long time to expel phlegm. Cough after physical exertion.

Back:- Stiff neck. Pain in small of back, as after long stooping. Stiffness and lameness across neck and shoulders, after getting cold and wet.

Extremities:- Paralysis: paralyzed limbs, feet icy cold. Warts on hands. Perspiration on palms of hands. Pain in shin-bones. Rheumatism alternates with diarrhoea. Rheumatic symptoms after acute skin eruptions.

Skin:- Adenitis. Pruritus, always worse in cold, wet weather. Herpes zoaster, pemphigus. Swelling and indurated glands from cold. Vesicular eruptions. Sensitive bleeding ulcers. Little boils. Red spots, uritcaria, brought on by exposure, or sour stomach. Humid eruptions on face, genitals, hands etc. Warts, large, smooth, on face and palmer surface of hands. Anasarca. Thick, brown-yellow crusts, bleeding when scratched.

Fever:- Dry burning heat all over. Chilliness towards evening, mostly in back. Icy coldness, with pains. Dry heat and burning of skin. Chilliness with thirst.

Modalities:- Worse, at night; from cold in general, damp, rainy weather.
Better, from moving about, external warmth.


Antidotes: Camph.; Cupr.
Complementary: Baryta Carb.
Incompatible: Bellad.; Laches.
Compare: Pimpinello – (Bibernell) – Respiratory mucous membrane sensitive to draughts, pain and coldness in occiput and nape. Whole body weak; heavy head and drowsiness; lumbago and stiff neck; pain from nape to shoulder; chilliness. Rhus; Cimicif.; Calc.; Puls.; Bry.; Nat. Sulph.

Dose:- Second to thirtieth potency.


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note, this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.


Affects markedly the respiratory organs and was pointed out by Hahnemann as the principal remedy for whooping-cough. Drosera can break down resistance to tubercle and should therefore be capable of raising it (Dr. Tyler). Laryngeal phthisis is benefited by it. Phthisis pulmonum; vomiting of food from coughing with gastric irritation and profuse expectoration. Pains about hip-joint. Tubercular glands.

Head:- Vertigo when walking in open air, with inclination to fall to the left side. Coldness of left half of face, with stinging pains and dry heat of right half.

Stomach:- Nausea. Aversion to and bad effects from acids.

Respiratory Organs:- Spasmodic, dry irritative cough, like whooping-cough, the paroxysms following each other very rapidly; can scarcely breath; chokes. Cough very deep and hoarse; worse, after midnight; yellow expectoration, with bleeding from nose and mouth; retching. Deep, hoarse voice; hoarseness; laryngitis. Rough, scraping sensation deep in the fauces and soft palate. Sensation as if crumbs were in the throat, of feather in larynx. Laryngeal phthisis, with rapid emaciation. Harassing and titillating cough in children – not at all through the day, but commences as soon as the head touches the pillow at night. Clergyman’s sore throat, with rough, scraping, dry sensation deep in the fauces; voice hoarse, deep, toneless, cracked, requires exertion to speak. Asthma when talking, with contraction of the throat at every word uttered.

Extremities:- Paralytic pains in the the coxo-femoral joint and thighs. Stiffness in joints of feet. All limbs feel lame. Bed feels too hard.

Fever:- Internal chilliness; shivering, with hot face, cold hands, no thirst. Is always too cold, even in bed.

Modalities:-  Worse, after midnight, lying down, in getting warm in bed, drinking, singing, laughing.

Relationship:- Antidote: Capmh.
Compare: Fluoroform (2 per cent. watery solution, 2-4 drops, after paroxysms, considered specific for whooping-cough.) Ouabain from leaves of Carissa schimperi – arrow poison. (Respiratory spasm – Whooping cough is cut short in first stage and reduced in frequency of attacks and hastens convalescence.)
Chelid.;Corall.; Cupr.; Castanea; Argent.; Menyanth.


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note, this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.


A right – sided medicine, with pronounced liver and skin syptoms. A general intense itching without eruption. Exalted nervous sensibility. Senile pruritus. Haemorrhoidal diathesis.

Throat:- Pain in throat, worse swallowing, below right angle of jaw, as if splinter were imbedded vertically. Pain in gums prevents sleep.

Abdomen:- Colic from getting wet. Constipation, with intense itching; bloated abdomen. White stools. Swelling of liver. Haemorrhoids, with burning sensation.

Skin:- Intense itching, with no swelling or rash; worse across shoulders, also about elbows and knees and hairy parts. Jaundice. Yellow in spots; itching excessively at night. Herpes zoaster. [ Ars.]

Modalities:- Worse, at night, scratching, right side.

Relationship:- Compare: Rhus; Bell.; Hep.; Nit. Ac.; Fagopyr.

Dose:- Sixth potency. Tincture, drop doses, in haemorrhoids.

Aug 22, 2013


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note, this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.

(Wild Yarn) 
As a remedy for many kinds of pain, especially colic, and in severe, painful affections of abdominal and pelvic viscera; it ranks with the polychrests of the Material Medica. Persons of  feeble digestive powers; tea-drinkers, with much flatulence. Gall stone colic.

Mind:- Calls things by the wrong name.

Head:- Dull pain in both temples; better pressure, but worse afterwards. Buzzing in head.

Stomach:- Mouth dry and bitter in morning, tongue coated, no thirst. Belching of large quantities of offensive gas. Neuralgia of stomach. Sinking at the pit of stomach; pyrosis. Pain along sternum and extending into arms. Eructations of sour, bitter wind, with hiccough. Sharp pain in epigastrium, relieved by standing erect.

Abdomen:- Pains suddenly shift to different parts; appear in remote localities, as fingers and toes. Rumbling, with emission of much flatus. Griping, cutting in hypogastric region, with intermittent cutting in stomach and small intestines. Colic; better walking about; pains radiate from abdomen to back, chest, arms; worse, bending forwards and while lying. Sharp pains from liver, shooting upward to right nipple. Pain from gall-bladder to chest, back, and arms. Renal colic, with pain in extremities. Hurried desire for stool.

Heart:- Angina pectoris; pain back of sternum into arms; labored breathing; feeble action of heart. Especially with flatulence and pain through chest and tightness across.

Rectum:- Haemorrhoids, with darting pains to liver; look like bunches of grapes or red cherries; protrude after stool, with pain in anus. Diarrhoea( worse in morning), yellowish, followed by exhaustion, as if flatus and feces were hot.

Male:- Relaxation and coldness of organs. Pains shoot into testicles from region of kidneys. Strong-smelling sweat on scrotum and pubes. Emissions in sleep, or from sexual atony, with weak knees.

Female:- Uterine colic; pains radiate from uterus. Vivid dreams.

Respiratory:- Tight feeling all along sternum. Chest does not seem to expand on breathing. Short-winded.

Extremities:- Lameness in back; worse, stooping. Aching and stiffness in joints. Sciatica; pains shoot down thigh; worse, right side; better, when perfectly still. Felons in beginning, when pricking is first felt. Nails brittle. Cramps in flexors of fingers and toes.

Modalities:- Worse, evening and night, lying down, and doubling up. Better, standing erect, motion in open air; pressure.

Antidotes: Cham.; Camph
Compare: Coloc. (differes in modalities); Nux V.; Cham.; Bry.

Dose:- Tincture, to third potency.

Aug 21, 2013


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.

 Small and Less Used Medicine From Materia Medica Of Dr W. Boericke.
(Cayenne Pepper)

Seems to suit especially persons of lax fibers, weak; diminished vital heat. A relaxed plethoric sluggish, cold remedy. Not much reactive force. Such persons are fat, indolent, opposed to physical exertion, averse to go outside of their routine, get homesick easily. General uncleanliness of body. Abstainers from accustomed alcoholics. It effects the mucous membranes, producing a sensation of constriction. Inflammation of petrous bone. Burning pains and general chilliness. Older people who have exhausted their vitality, especially by mental work, and poor living; blear-eyed appearance; who do not react.Fear of slightest draught. Marked tendency to suppuration in every inflammatory process. Prostration and feeble digestion of alcoholics. Myalgia, aching and jerking muscles.

Mind:- Excessive peevishness. Homesickness, with sleeplessness and disposition to suicide. Wants to be let alone. Peppery disposition. Delirium tremens.

Head:- Bursting headache; worse, coughing. Hot face. Red cheeks. Face red, though cold. [Asaf.]

Ears:- Burning and stinging in ears. Swelling and pain behind ears. Inflammation of mastoid. Tenderness over the petrous bone; extremely sore and tender to touch. [Onos.] Otorrhoea and mastoid disease before suppuration. 

Throat:- Hot feelings in fauces. Subacute inflammation of Eustachian tube with great pain. Pain and dryness in throat extending to the ears. Sore throat of smokers and drinkers. Smarting in; constriction. Burning constriction worse between acts of deglutition. Inflammed uvula and  palate; swollen and relaxed.

Mouth:- Herpes labialis. (Apply one drop of the mother tincture.) Stomatitis. Disagreeable smell from mouth. Fetid odor from mouth.   

Stomach:- Burning in tip of tongue. Atonic dyspepsia. Much flatulence, especially in debilitated subjects. Intense craving for stimulants. Vomiting, sinking at pit of stomach. Much thirst; but drinking causes shuddering. 

Stool:- Bloody mucus, with burning and tenesmus; drawing pain in back after stool. Thirsty after stool, with shivering. Bleeding piles, with soreness of anus. Stinging pain during stool.  

Urine:- Stranguary, frequent, almost ineffectual urging. Burning in orifice. Comes first in drops, then in spurts; neck of bladder spasmodically contracted. Ectropion of meatus. 

Male:- Coldness of scrotum, with impotency, atrophied testicles, loss of sensibility in testicles, with softening and dwindling. Gonorrhea, with chordee, excessive burning pain in prostate.

Female:- Climacteric disturbance with burning of tip of tongue. [Lath.] Uterine haemorrhage near the menopause, with nausea. Sticking sensation in left ovarian region.

Respiratory:- Constriction of chest; arrests breathing.Hoarseness. Pain at apex of heart or in rib region, worse touch. Dry, hacking cough, expelling an offensive breath from lungs. Dyspnoea. Feels as if chest and head would fly to pieces. Explosive cough. Threatening gangrene of lung. Pain in distant parts on coughing - bladder, legs, ears etc.

Extremities:- Pain from hips to feet. Sciatica, worse bending backward; Worse, coughing. Tensive pain in the knee.

Fever:- Coldness, with ill-humor. Shivering after drinking. Chill begins in back; better, heat. Must have some hot things on the back. Thirst before chill.

Modalities:- Better, while eating, from heat. Worse, open air, uncovering, draughts.

Relationships:- Antidote: Cina; Calad.
Compare: Puls.; Lyc.; Bell.; Centaurea (Surging of blood; homesickness; intermittent fever).

Dose:- Third to sixth attenuation. In delirium tremens, dram doses of tincture in milk or tincture of orange peel. 


Aug 20, 2013


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note, this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.

 Small and Less Used Medicine From Materia Medica Of Dr W. Boericke.
(Hawthorn Berries)

Produces giddiness, lowered pulse, and air hunger and reduction in blood-pressure. Acts on muscle of heart, and is a heart tonic. No influence on the endocardium.

Myocarditis. Failing compensation. Irregularity of heart. Insomnia of aortic sufferers; anaemia; oedema; cutaneous chilliness. High arterial tension. Is a sedative in cross, irritable patients with cardiac symptoms.

Chronic heart disease, with extreme weakness. Very feeble and irregular heart action. General anasarca. Very nervous, with pain in back of head and neck. Collapse of typhoid. Haemorrhage from bowels. Cold extrremities, pallor; irregular pulse and breathing. Painful sensation of pressure in left side of chest below the clavicle. Dyspepsia and nervous prostration, with heart failure. In the beginning of heart mischief after rheumatism. Arteriosclerosis. Said to have a solvent power upon crustaceous and calcareous deposits in arteries.

Head:- Apprehensive, despondent. Very nervous and irritable, with pain in back of head and neck. Mental dullness, conjuctival irritation, nasal discharges.
Urinary:- Diabetes, especially in children.

Heart:- Cardiac dropsy. Fatty degeneration. Aortic disease. Extreme dyspnoea on least exertion, without much increase of pulse. Pain in region of heart and under left clavicle. Heart muscles seem flabby, worn out. Cough. Heart dilated; first sound week. Pulse accelerated, irregular, feeble, intermittent. Valvular murmurs, angina pectoris. Cutaneous chilliness, blueness of fingers and toes; all aggravated by exertion or excitement. Sustains heart in infectious diseases. 

Skin:- Excessive perspiration. Skin eruptions.

Sleep:- Insomnia of aortic patients.

Modalities:- Worse, in warm room. Better, fresh air, quiet and rest.

Relationship:- Stroph-h; Dig.; Iber.; Naja.; Cact.

Dose:- Fluid extract or tincture, one to fifteen drops. Must be used for some time in order to obtain good results.

Aug 6, 2013

A Case of Tumor in Mouth

© Dr. R. S. Mann 2013

   A 9yrs old girl consulted on December 29, 2012 for two round and fleshy tumors, growing side by side, inside of lower lip, big one is of a size of pea, another is small, for more than 5 months. No other symptomatic complaints or pain or discomfort or anything else elaborated. Good in health, not any significant history of illness.

Case is repertories in complete repertory by using following rubrics:-

1. MOUTH, TUMORS:  AGN, ambr, anath, antipyrin, arist-cl, ars, BELL, bel-p, benz-ac, bor, CALC, calc-f, Canth, CARB-AN, CARB-V, cast, CHAM, chel, CHIN, clem, cupre-l, cur, gali, Graph, hep, hydr, kali-m, lac-c, LACH, lava-h, led, LYC, mag-p, mang, MERC, merc-i-f, merc-i-r, NAT-M, nat-s, NIT-AC, NUX-V, PHOS, plb, plb-acet, PULS, semp, SEP, SIL, STAPH, SULPH, tax-br, THUJA, ZINC

Mouth, Lips, Margins, Inner Side: Only those medicines are mentioned which covers first rubric Mouth, Tumors

2. MOUTH, LIPS, margins, inner side: bor, calc,  CARB-AN, chin, GRAPH, HEP, HYDR, MERC, nat-m, NIT-AC, NUX-V, phos, sep, sil, sulph, THUJA

GENERALITIES, TUMORS, fleshy: Only those medicines are mentioned which are common in second rubric 

3. GENERALITIES, TUMORS, fleshy: CALC, HYDR, merc, nat-m, nit-ac, PHOS, SEP, SIL, SULPH, THUJA

Scoring -  Thuja – 9 , Calc – 8, Merc – 8, Phos – 8, Sil – 8,  Hydr – 7, Nit-ac – 7, Sep – 7,  Nat-m – 6, Sulph – 7


Dec 29, 2012

Thuja 200  one dose prescribed with sac lac for fifteen days.

Jan 21, 2013

 Small tumor is vanished but big one is still same. Smaller one was developed later, so it disappear first, treatment is in right direction.

Thuja 200  one dose prescribed again with sac lac for ten days.

Feb 1, 2013

No change in remaining tumor.

Thuja 1M  one dose with sac lac. Advised to consult after a month.

August 5, 2013

Girls’s grandfather came for his own complaint and told that her granddaughter had disappeared that tumor in 5 – 6 weeks leaving behind completely smooth and shining lower lip. That’s why they do not feel necessary to consult back.

Aug 2, 2013

A Case of Facial Warts (In Real Molluscum Contagiosum)

A female of 30 yrs diagnosed by a dermatologist as multiple facial warts from many months but unable to cure by different medication and creams. The case is misdiagnosed by Dermatologist as Facial Warts, in real this is a case of Molluscum Contagiosum.

Before Treatment
Pictures of face are shot on April 13, 2013. 
© 2013 Dr R S Mann

© 2013 Dr R S Mann

© 2013 Dr R S Mann

Prescription:  Causticum 200 three doses with interval of thirty minutes. No other medicines were given. And advised to consult back after one month.

After Treatment
Pictures shot on May 18, 2013
© 2013 Dr R S Mann

© 2013 Dr R S Mann

© 2013 Dr R S Mann

Conclusion: All the warts(Molluscum) clear in a month by three doses of Causticum 200, and no further treatment was advised.

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Aug 1, 2013

A Case of Chronic Headache

© Dr. R. S. Mann 2013

A married woman, 35 yrs old, was suffering from chronic headaches for 10 years. Pains are severe 2-3 days every week but mild pains remain always. She does not feel head light anytime since a long time.

Pains are one sided, mostly on right side, aggravates from anger, noise, exposure to sun, mostly at forenoon around 11 AM, better by pressure. She eats lot much salt and salty things. She wants to lie down quietly and silently when headache. Always lie on painful side which somewhat relieves the pain. Headache is associated with vomiting which does not relieve.

Patient has hypothyroidism for few years and is on Thyronorm 50. Her uric acid levels fluctuate off and on and her physician prescribe medicines to keep it under normal range accordingly.

Rubrics Selected:

MIND - QUIET; wants to be
HEAD - PAIN - accompanied by - vomiting
HEAD - PAIN - anger; from
HEAD - PAIN - forenoon
HEAD - PAIN - lying - side, on - painful - amel.
HEAD - PAIN - noise, from
HEAD - PAIN - Sides - one side
HEAD - PAIN - Sides - right
HEAD - PAIN - sun, from exposure to
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - salt - desire
GENERALS - LIE DOWN - desire to

Nov 29, 2012

1.     Natrum Mur 200  three doses with 30 minutes interval.
2.     Sac Lac twice a day for seven days.

Dec 8, 2012

 Head pains are better in severity. Severity reduced. Mild pains which were continuing everyday earlier are now stopped.


Sac Lac twice a day for fifteen days.

Dec 31, 2012

Severe head pain started from 30th Dec, this time on left side, in occipital region, very much irritability during pain and her husband told that she is weeping many times a day.

Rubrics Selected:

MIND - IRRITABILITY - headache, during
MIND - WEEPING - easily
HEAD - PAIN - accompanied by - vomiting
HEAD - PAIN - anger; from
HEAD - PAIN - forenoon
HEAD - PAIN - lying - side, on - painful - amel.
HEAD - PAIN - noise, from
HEAD - PAIN - Occiput
HEAD - PAIN - Sides - one side
HEAD - PAIN - sun, from exposure to
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - salt - desire
GENERALS - LIE DOWN - desire to



1.     Natrum Mur 1M three doses with 30 minutes interval.
2.     Sac Lac twice a day for fifteen days.

Feb 28, 2012

Prescription of Dec 31, does not relieved. Her pains were very much, she again started pain killer as per requirement. In two months she again fed up with painkillers and decided to Start Homeopathy again.

Case is taken again with details.

Patient is of very angry nature, get angered easily, very irritable. Fear of cancer. Remains sad. Talk very hastily. Most of Symptoms of headache are same, some new symptoms are added. Head pain when she works in kitchen and due to heat. Sensation of a ball rolling in head. Head pain from lying down (Change from earlier symptom). Pain in occiput and vertex. Thirstless. Uric Acid level are increased which are causing pain in thighs on walking and squatting. Insomnia and disturbed sleep. Desire for salt is very much. Amelioration after sleep and very much weakness by exertion. 

Rubrics Selected:

MIND - ANGER - easily
MIND - FEAR - cancer; of
MIND - IRRITABILITY - headache, during
MIND - SPEECH - hasty
HEAD - BALL; sensation of a - rolling in brain
HEAD - PAIN - anger; from
HEAD - PAIN - Forehead, in
HEAD - PAIN - heated, from becoming
HEAD - PAIN - lying
HEAD - PAIN - noise, from
HEAD - PAIN - Occiput
HEAD - PAIN - sun, from exposure to
HEAD - PAIN - Vertex
EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Thigh - walking
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - salt - desire
GENERALS - LIE DOWN - desire to
GENERALS - SLEEP - after sleep - amel.
GENERALS - URIC ACID - diathesis, lithemia


 Part 1

Part 2


Phosphorus 200  three doses with interval of half hour, prescribed with sac lac for fifteen days. Marked irritability during headache and very much desire for salt with lean thin constitution of patient was the reason to prescribe Phosphorus.

March 12, 2013

Pain is better, frequency and severity reduced. Sac Lac prescribed for ten days.

March 26, 2013

Pains are mild, less frequent, easily bearable but not stopped. Sac Lac is prescribed for fifteen days.

April 22, 2013

Head pain from April 21, started from morning, very very severe with vomiting.

Phosphorus 200  one dose prescribed with sac lac for ten days.

May 2, 2013

Pain is better but a mild pain always remains in head which is not easy to locate. Sac Lac is prescribed for fifteen days

May 10, 2013

Pain started again in forehead, vertex after exposure to sun. With pain in lower limbs, thighs which aggravates in walking. Feel very much weak. Irritability, sadness and hopelessness are there. Insomnia.

Phosphorus 200 one dose was prescribed.

May 20, 2013

Pains are improved, less frequent but patient does not feel normal at all. Mild pains are always there.

On evaluating, it is found that earlier prescription was partially similar which somewhat relieved the symptoms but not cured the patient. Desire for salt and irritability during headache are given unnecessary weight age in evaluation.

Preference is given to hasty speech, profound sadness, uric acid diathesis. And one more important point is that, head pain exposure from sun is found in Sepia and Not in Phosphorus. In my Radar Version it is a wrong entry.


Sepia 30  three doses prescribed with thirty minutes interval with sac lac for fifteen days.

Patient has not reported for a long time.

July 20, 2013

Patient came for his son’s sickness and told that in last two months, she has no headache, angry mood, irritability, sadness, ball sensation, insomnia, pain in lower limbs. She feels quite well. Head is light, no heaviness and even she does not feel any ‘mild’ thing there in head now. Even desire for SALT is gone which mislead earlier for wrong medicines.  

Amazingly, her thyroid profile come under normal range and her physician

reduced her Thyronorm 50 to Thyronorm 25 daily. Her uric acid level come under normal range.