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Jul 28, 2014

Mental Symptoms in connection with bodily conditions on one Side

From “ ANALYTICAL REPERTORY of the symptoms of the Mind” By C. Hering
(The book contains mental symptoms observed in connection with bodily conditions)
Edited by: Dr. Ravinder S. Mann


Anxiety, with symptoms on right side.

Anxious feeling in chest, with throbbing in lower right side:  Phosphorus

Anxious feeling in chest, with constriction first in right side, afterwards in whole chest : Aconite

Pressing sensation in right side of chest, with great anxiety : Aurum, Belladona

Pressing in right side of chest, near the ensiform cartilage and last true rib, with great anxiety and oppression of breathing: Hyoscyamus

Anxiety, with twitching of right hand: Pulsatilla

Anxious feeling of weakness in right leg when walking: Sulphur

Anxiety, with symptoms on left side.

Pressing in left hypochondriac region, with anxiety and nausea in chest: Rhus Tox

Drawing under the left breast, with anxiety; a kind of oppression at the heart, which interferes with breathing: Nux Vomica

Stitches under left breast, with anxiety: Phosphorus

Stitches as from knives into left chest and back, with great anxiety and restlessness: Causticum

Lying on the left side causes anxiety: Phosphorus; and palpitation with dyspnoea: Pulsatilla

Cannot lie on the left side on account of palpitation and anxiety: Baryta

Feeling of tension in left chest, with palpitation and anxiety: Cannabis

Fright, with symptoms on Right side.

Great fright after a slight surprise, trembles and feels as if paralyzed, right cheek grows hot and purple: Mercurius

Startling stitch in right leg after rising from a kneeling posture: Carbo Animalis

Easily frightened; crawling pain in right arm and hand: Natrum Carb

Fright, with symptoms on left side.

Sharp stitches in the front part of left chest, which startle her: Graphites

Sudden stitches and burning sensation deep in the left side of the chest frightening her: Baryta

After fright, lameness in left arm and foot: Stannum

Nervous excitement felt in the region of the heart from stinging and unbearable itching in the left eye: Hura

Fretfulness, with symptoms on Left side.

Fretfulness after a tearing and a stitch in the left big toe, which remains sensitive: Baryta

After vexation stitches in upper part of left chest: Natrum Mur

Attacks of anxiety as if coming from under the left breast, trembling and palpitation: Phosphorus

Lamenting, with symptoms on Right side.

With every inhalation a stitch runs from the lowest rib on the right side through to the point of the shoulder-blade, with lamenting: Aconite

Weeping, with symptoms on Left side.

Tearing, stinging and swelling of the left wrist, with weeping; is beside himself: Sabina

Screaming, with symptoms on Right side.

Rapid stitches in the right chest, with desire to scream in the evening: Baryta

A sharp stitch in right chest, has to scream: Lauroceraus

Itching boring stitch in the dorsum of the right foot while at rest, has to scream: Spigelia

Violent tearing in the right big toe, with desire to scream while sitting:  Paris

Screaming, with symptoms on Left side.

Continuous stitches in the left chest, with desire to scream; relieved for a short time by taking a deep breath: Sulphur

Dull stitches in the left chest and abdomen, has to scream: Clematis

A sharp stitch under the left ribs while at dinner, has to scream: Ratanhia

Pressing pain in left side and stitch as from a sharp instrument, has to scream: Hura

Tearing stitches in left thigh while at rest , has to scream: Sepia

Left knee feels as if beaten, has to cry out, with anxious heat: Conium

Burning stitch on the inner border of the left foot-sole, has to scream: Ratanhia

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