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Jul 16, 2014

A Case of Urinary Tract Infection Extended to Kidney

A Urinary Tract Infection extended upward to kidneys in a newly married woman.

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 A 19 yrs newly married girl presented on June 26, 2014 with severe pain at right renal angle (Kidney region). Pain was stitching in nature, originating in right kidney and extending downward to bladder, covering whole right side of abdomen. Pain was worse by walking and better by lying down. 

For last few days patient has burning pains in urethra after urinating and very severe at conclusion of urination. Pains are burning and scalding. Urination frequent and scanty. Urine contains pus cells on urine test report. 

These symptoms are persisting for last one month. Has taken a course of antibiotics but symptoms recurred again.


Prescription on June 26, 2014

Sarsaparilla  officinalis 200 CH , 3 doses prescribed on hourly interval with sac lac for 7 days.

July 2, 2014

Pain, scalding, burning and pains from kidney extending downward stopped in few hours after taking medicine on same day. Frequency of urination stopped in 3 days. Urine report shows pus cells in normal range.

No prescription is given and advised to consult again if symptoms recurs.

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