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Jul 30, 2014

Mental Symptoms connected with Dormant or Slumber state

From “ ANALYTICAL REPERTORY of the symptoms of the Mind” By C. Hering
(The book contains mental symptoms observed in connection with bodily conditions)
Edited  by: Dr. Ravinder S. Mann


Conscious in sleep, hears everything, but cannot rouse himself: Opium

As if in slumber; is vexed at having to open his eyes to see or his lips to speak: Ignatia

Rattling breathing in slumber, starts in fright and looks wildly about: Belladona

Remembers forgotten things in slumber: Caladium

Starts from half slumber, with anxiousness, sadness and oppression: Strontium

Half sleeping, half waking condition; she hears others talk of things which frighten her, although she knows she is dreaming; can rouse herself only with difficulty: Kali carb

Attack of anxiety in the night, as if she must die: Ammonium Carb

After vexation falls asleep, with twitching of arms and hands, and staring eyes: Conium

Tosses about anxiously; lies as if unconscious and groans: Bryonia

Restless sleep disturbed by vivid dreams, which he cannot remember; after midnight half wakeful condition: Spigelia

Half slumber, with strange ideas, as if the mind was active: Sabadilla ; Sleep is made up of flighty dreams: Silicea

Delirious talk, with anxiousness before midnight; with open eyes: Sulphur

Nightmare in half slumber, with great fear: Silicea

At night heat and great excitement; during the day a difficulty to attend to mental work: Argentum Nitricum

Confused talk at night: Digitalis; in the evening: Belladona


Dreaminess at night: Cahinc; flightiness: Theridion; nightly fancies: Lachesis

Disturbed sleep at night, tosses about, wakes up flighty, thinks he is in different places: Lycopodium

Flighty dreams: Graphites; with stupor as in fever: Baryta

Half waking, half dreaming; finds himself in different places, everything appears real yet he knows he is in bed: Psorinum

Happy ecstasies all night, elevated contemplation, memory stronger: Opium

Delirium especially at night, with ecstasy: Aconite

Stupefied slumber, with flightiness; is often on the water; when about to fall in starts and awakes: Nitrum

After sound sleep, dreams which exert the mind: Alumina

Eyes Shut:

Imagines awful things during the night: Calc. ostr.

When closing the eyes, sees fanciful visions and faces: Argentum Nitricum

When lying awake at night with closed eyes, she sees ghosts and animals in bright light approaching from afar and then slowly retreating: Thuya

Seeing spirits: Spigelia, Thuya; in dreams: Hippom., Sarsaprilla

Night Walking:

Gets up and walks, for a long time does not know where he is: Silicea; gets up in her dream, walks to the door as if intending to go out: Bryonia; walks about the room: Natrum mur

Flighty talk, with heat; children move around in bed with closed eyes, without speaking: Rheum

Gets out of bed from an anxious dream, thinking there is a fire, dresses, and talks out of the window; is frightened when told there is nothing going on: Sulphur

Gets up unconsciously: Bryonia, Natrum mur, Petroleum, Phosphorus, Silicea

Flightiness in sleep, gets out of bed: Silicea

Gets up and walks from room to room, with closed eyes: Alumina

Getting up in the night and walking up and down in deep thought: Belladona

Goes about furiously with closed eyes, breaks everything in the room, goes back to sleep and is unconscious of what happened after waking: Phosphorus

Unbearable anxiety, springs out of bed and seeks to take his life, but is afraid of the open window or the knife: Cinchona officinalis

Fearful anxiety, great inward woe as if the soul would separate from
the body, at night: Thuya

Strikes her hands together above her head, in the night: Belladona;
And sings: Veratrum album

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