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Dec 24, 2011

CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS -Some kinds of Paralysis, Chorea, and Epilepsy: By Dr. Th. Rueckert Case 3

This case was published in "THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOMEOPATHY VOL 23".

Some kinds of Paralysis, Chorea, and Epilepsy
By Dr. Th. Rueckert

Case III —Miss P— aet. 25, strong, full-blooded, short, healthy-looking, has, as she says, always enjoyed good health up to three years ago, when, after a distressing dream, as she alleges, she had an attack of rigor, followed by fits of alternate laughing and weeping. These attacks have since been periodical; only latterly the weeping has given place entirely to laughing. They are worst just before menstruation, which is regular every four weeks, but sometimes more, sometimes less copious. It is generally preceded by more or less severe cutting in the abdomen. In winter when she is occupied with weaving, the attacks come on more frequently; in summer when she is engaged in field work they are seldom. Her legs are heavy as lead, and when sitting, she often observes a jerking in them. Before the attack comes, they become cold up to the knee, as if she had them in cold water. Then comes a creeping through all the limbs, and the involuntary laughter commences. At the same time she has flushes of heat and headache, the character of which is shooting and throbbing, in a small spot on the top of the head. The digestion was in good order.

Prescription on the 3rd of March, 1863, Sulph. 30, three doses to be taken every other night.

10th March.—After the second dose she had a fit, but it was slighter than usual, but accompanied by redness of face, and the above-described headache. She complains of great weariness in the limbs. Prescribed Sacch. lact. 

27th April.—No further attack; she feels quite well, the limbs quite light.

18th February, 1864.—Her health not in the least deranged, in spite of having had to sit so long in the room during the winter.

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