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Dec 24, 2011

CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS -Some kinds of Paralysis, Chorea, and Epilepsy: By Dr. Th. Rueckert Case 4

This Article was published in "THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOMEOPATHY VOL 23".

Some kinds of Paralysis, Chorea, and Epilepsy
By Dr. Th. Rueckert

Case IV —F— basket-maker in R -, aet. 30, dark complexion, short, had formerly always good health, except that he often suffered from heartburn; in his youth he had practiced onanism for some years. In 1849 he was affected with condylomatous gonorrhoea, and treated with copaiva and mercury, after which his stomach remained weak, and he often complained of stomach-ache. 

Two years ago be became affected with epileptic fits, generally at 4 a.m., also several times during the day. He was treated by several homoeopathic practitioners without effect. He then had recourse to a non-medical friend acquainted with homoeopathy, who gave me the following account:—

" F. got from me Calc. 30, once a week, and after waiting eight weeks, a few doses of Sulph. 30. After Calc. the fits ceased for three months, and after Sulph. they again reappeared more frequently. After six weeks Calc. was again given, which was followed by other three months of exemption."

He has now had again several attacks, the last a fortnight ago, when he observed at first a whirling feeling in the head. On this account he wanted to go out into the open air, but he fell down in convulsions. During the fit there is foam at his mouth, and the thumbs are turned inwards. After the fit great weariness and sleep. If when the fit is on there is acid vomiting, the fit soon terminates. The last attack differed from the former ones in this, that when complete unconsciousness came on, the patient sang, whistled, and laughed, but suddenly was unable to speak; with great anxiety. The patient moreover asserts that after every meal he has stomachache and heartburn; is very weak after coitus, with cold hands and feet. In the morning he was often short of breath, he had to press his sides with his hands, and take deep inspirations. From a strong smell of tar, with which he has much to do, he feels uneasiness and nausea. 

Prescription. The 11th September, 1862, he got, in consideration of the sycosis for which he had already taken many remedies in vain, Thuja 30 in 3 tablespoonfuls of water, twice a day.

24th September.—He has had no more fits, but an eruption of pimples has several times appeared on the glans, and a secretion of purulent matter, or red moist places, behind the glans, and occasionally traces of condylomata, particularly after coitus, which, however, soon disappeared.

In January, 1863, he had for several days a peculiar symptom, as if fire came out of his right eye, and then as if something black was thrown past the eye, whereby he felt as if he should lose consciousness. Heartburn, stomach-ache, and great weariness of the limbs were permanent symptoms at that time. 

Now, August 1863, he has been a whole year without a fit, and feels quite well.

Postscript in July, 1864.—On the 30th November, 1863, his wife wrote to me that he went from home on the 28th, and deranged his stomach with very rich and highly seasoned food, and on his way back was exposed to much tobacco smoke, which, as he was no smoker, he could never bear; that he came home with the right eye somewhat inflamed; that on the 29th he had eaten fat pork for dinner, that then he had attended a meeting where there were many people, much smoking, and many gas-lights, which were highly disagreeable to him; that after this he returned home heated about 6 p.m., went to bed about 7, soon fell asleep, snored loudly, and about 9 had a convulsive attack, of which he knew nothing on awaking, and went about his usual work the following morning. I therefore sent Silic. 100 in solution, to be taken for 3 days. Since then he has remained quite well, and doubtless he would not have had the last attack had he not taken too many liberties. He is now under my care for a chancre, but is otherwise well.

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