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Dec 25, 2011

CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS -Some kinds of Paralysis, Chorea, and Epilepsy: By Dr. Th. Rueckert Case 5

This Article was published in "THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOMEOPATHY VOL 23".

Some kinds of Paralysis, Chorea, and Epilepsy

By Dr. Th. Rueckert
 Case V —Although the following case is not so instructive as a published case ought to be, still I cannot resist relating it, as it shows how a simple remedy is often at hand when least expected. 
On the 8th December, 1861, Mrs. Wiindrig, of R—, brought her boy, aet. 13, from the country to me. Since his sixth year, after a fright he had got, he had suffered from epileptic fits, which occurred regularly every afternoon at 5 o'clock; in winter, however, about Christmas time, they came as often as three or four times a day, but in summer they became rarer. The mother's powers of observation were so feeble that I could not elicit from her any peculiarities of the fits, except that they often lasted a long time before the boy regained consciousness. He was small for his age, backward, and his look showed a want of development in the intellect. All his corporeal functions were in order. 
In the absence of decided indications for a remedy, and in hopes of getting some after wards by following my instructions, I gave Sulph. 30, three doses, one to be given every third night. 
My trouble however was in vain, for I never again saw the mother, only the boy himself reported on the 23rd December that he had had a fit every day; on the 7th January, 1862, that he had no longer a fit every day; on the 29th January, the 16th February, the 2nd March, the 17th March, and the 26th May that he had no fits, and could attend school without interruption. 
At length in August, 1863, the mother sent other patients to me with a message that her boy had continued quite well, was grown strong, and had gone into service with a farmer. That was cito etjucunde!

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