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Oct 1, 2011


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.

Small and Less Used Medicine From Materia Medica Of Dr W. Boericke

( Barium Chloride)

The different salts of Baryta are called for in organic lesions of the aged and dwarfish, both mentally and physically. Arterio-sclerosis and cerebral affections due to this condition. Headaches, but without acute crisis, occurring in old people; heaviness rather than pain. Vertigo, due to cerebral anemia and noises in ears. Acts on lower alimentary canal, especially rectum; on muscles and joints, giving stiffness and weakness as from overwalking. The white blood corpuscles increased. Hypertension and vascular degeneration. Increased tension of pulse. Arterio-sclerosis [Aurum; Secale] where a high systolic pressure with a comparatively low diastolic tension is attended by cerebral and cardiac symptoms.
This remedy has indurated and narrowing of the cardiac orifice with pain, immediately after eating and epigastric tenderness, which has been repeatedly verified, also its use in aneurism and chronic hypertrophy of the tonsils. Nymphomania and satyriasis. Convulsions. In every form of mania when the sexual desire is increased. Icy coldness of body, with paralysis. Multiple sclerosis of brain and cord. Voluntary-muscular power gone but perfectly sensible. Paresis after influenza and diphtheria. General feeling of lassitude in the morning, especially weakness of the legs, with muscular stiffness. Children who go around with their mouth open and who talk through the nose. Stupid-appearing, hard of hearing.

Ears – Whizzing and buzzing. Noises on chewing and swallowing. Earache; better sipping cold water. Parotids swollen. Offensive otorrhoea. Inflates middle ear on blowing nose.

Throat – Difficult swallowing. Tonsils enlarged. Paresis of pharynx and Eustachian tubes, with sneezing and noises. Tubes feel too wide open.

Respiratory – Bronchial affections of old people with cardiac dilatation. Facilitates expectoration. Great accumulation and rattling of mucus with difficult expectoration. Arterio-sclerosis of the lung, thus in senile asthma, modifies the arterial tension.

Stomach – Gone feeling at epigastrium a good guiding symptom for it in chronic affections. Retching and vomiting. Sensation of heat ascending to head.

Abdomen – Throbbing [Sel.]; induration of pancreas; abdominal aneurism. Inguinal glands swollen. Spasmodic pain in rectum.

Urine – Great increase in uric acid, diminution of chlorides.

Relationship – Compare in sclerotic degenerations, especially of spinal cord, liver and heart. Plumbum met and Plumbum iod. Also Aur.mur. (which will often accomplish more in sclerotic and exudative degenerations than other remedies. Multiple sclerosis, fulgurating pains, tremors, Morvan’s disease, hypertrophy of fingers.)

Dose – Third trituration. Bears repetition of dosage well.

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