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Oct 15, 2011

Notes on Cystitis by F. E. McCurtain

This article originally published in "THE CRITIQUE" VOL. V. DENVER, COLO., JANUARY 15,1898. No. 1, on page no. 11 & 12. Still a very indicative and relevant article in diseases of acute and chronic bladder infections and Urinary Tract infections(UTI).

F. E. McCurtain, M. D., Denver

1. Sudden violent urging to urinate-  Petroselinum.
2. Urine dropping from meatus instead of being ejected with force- Hepar.
3. High fever, restlessness, constant desire to urinate- Aconite.
4. Burning and pressure in the bladder- Nux Vom.
5. Bladder largely distended- Arsen Alb.
6. After irritating drugs- Camphor.
7. Stitching, recurring, crampy pain; thick mucus and bright red mealy sediment- Berberis Aqua.
8. Urine alkaline and ropy- Kali Bich.
9. Natrum Mur.- Has pain greatest after micturation.
10. Phos. Acid. -Urine looks like milk and quickly decomposes.
11. After exposure to cold the urine deposits a slimy sediment which sticks to the vessel- Pulsatilla.
12. A sensation as if a ball were rolling in the bladder- Lachesis.
13. Sensitiveness of Hypogastrium, tenesmus of bladder.Burning in region of kidneys- Terebinth.
14. Retention of urine; great thirst; dry tongue and delirium- Hyoscyamus.
15. In old people and chronic cases where the acute inflammation has subsided- Carbo Veg.
16. When in consequence of long retention of urine the muscular coat of the bladder becomes almost paralyzed- Causticum.
17. Persistent and violent urging to urinate with great tenesmus; urine seems like molten lead passing through the urethra- Cantharis.
18. Turbid urine and great difficulty in commencing to urinate- Chimaphila.
19. Enuresis, marked vesical irritation. Bladder sore and tender; pressure on bladder-  Equisetum.
20. Irritable bladder; dribbling of urine; high colored; ammoniacal odor, like that of the horse- Benzoic Acid. 

All the above written and listed medicines are helpful in Urinary Tract Infections when indicated.

Some more medicines which are useful in Urinary Tract Infection are listed here.

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