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Feb 21, 2015



General ill feeling with chill, headache, diffused pains. General stiffness. Hyperthermia(Fever) at 39 degree to 40 degree Celsius. Asthenia and anorexia. Neurotic depressive person. Chronic mesenchymatosis. Predisposition to hydrolipopexia by disthroidia with the tendency to hypotension.

Head:- Meningitic syndrome. Encephalitic syndrome with vomiting. Headache of influenza.

Eyes:- Eyes are heavy and sensitive to movements, stiffness.

Throat:- Pharyngo-Laryngitis. Nasal voice. Stridulous conjunctivitis of influenza. Laryngitis of children. Chronic laryngitis.

Nose:- Oculo-nasal catarrh. Coryza of influenza. Polysinusitis.

Ears:- Otitis of influenza.

Stomach:- Gastro-intestinal pain.

Rectum:- Weakening diarrhea. Weakness of the anal sphincter.

Respiratory:- Dry painful cough. Bronchitis, broncho-alveolitis. Broncho-Pneumonia of influenza. Bronchial asthma. Subacute oedema of babies.

Extremities:- Rheumatoid pains during humid and cold weather.   


Note:- H1N1 Influenza or Swine flu may be prevented by this medicine. Recommended doses is take Influenzinum 200 CH potency 2 doses with an hourly interval and then repeat after 5 days.  By - Dr R. S. Mann