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Oct 4, 2011


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.

Small and Less Used Medicine From Materia Medica Of Dr W. Boericke

(Precipitated Sub-Nitrate of Bismuth)

Irritation and catarrhal inflammation of the alimentary canal, is the chief action of this drug.

Mind – Solitude is unbearable. Desire for company. Complains about his condition. Anguish. Discontented.

Head – Headache alternates with gastralgia. Neuralgic pain, as if torn by pincers; involves face and teeth; worse eating; better, cold; alternates with gastralgia. Cutting or  pressure above right orbit extending to occiput. Pressure in occiput; worse, motion; with heaviness.

 Mouth – Gums swollen. Toothache; better cold water in mouth. [Coff.] Tongue white. Swollen. Black, gangrenous looking wedges on dorsum and sides of tongue. Profuse salivation, teeth loose. Thirst for cold drinks.

Stomach – Vomits, with convulsive gagging and pain. Water is vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach. Eructation after drinking. Vomits all fluids. Burning; feeling of a load. Will eat for several days; then vomit. Slow digestion, with fetid eructations. Gastralgia; pain from stomach through spine. Gastritis. Better, cold drinks, but vomiting when stomach becomes full.
              Tongue coated white; sweetish, metallic taste. Inexpressible pain in stomach; must bend backwards. Pressure as from a load in one spot, alternating with burning, crampy pain and pyrosis.

Stool – Painless diarrhea, with great thirst, and frequent micturition and vomiting. Pinching in lower abdomen, with rumbling.

Respiratory – Pinching in middle of diaphragm, extending transversely through chest. Angina pectoris. Pain around heart, left arm to fingers.

Extremities – Cramps in hands and feet. Tearing in wrist. Paralytic weakness, especially right arm. Tearing in tips of fingers under nails.[Berb.] Itching erosion near tibia and back of feet near joints. Cold limbs.

Sleep – Restless on account of voluptuous dreams. Sleepy in morning, a few hours after eating.

Antidotes: Nux; Capsic.; Calc.
Compare: Antimon.;Ars.; Bellad.; Kresot.

Dose – First to sixth potency.


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