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Feb 19, 2011

Tears and Weeping: Some Important Medicines

Some important rubrics from our materia medica which may coexist with any of physical and mental disorders.

Torrents of tears if their personal sufferings are spoken off: Sepia

Unwilling streams of tears with nightly attacks of agony: Ammonium Carb

Tears stand in her eyes but cannot weep with sadness: Arsenic Met.

Involuntary weeping with sadness: Veratrum Album

Burning tears with lachrymose mood: Nux moschata

Weeps often: Cuprum Met

Much Disposed to weep: Lycopodium, Natum Mur, Ruta

Involuntarily weeping: Natrum Mur, Platina, Rhus Tox, Vertarum Album

Weeping with an old woman: Stramonium

Weeping attacks she can scarcely suppress: Sepia

Bursting into tears against her will: Alumina

Weeps even in the presence of strangers in the street: Carbo Veg

Irresistible propensity to weep: Aurum Met

Weep without a cause: Belladona, Graphites, Kreosotum, Lycopodium, Staphisagria, Sulphur, Viola odorata, Zincum Met

Weeps for nothing: Staphisagria

Does not know why weeps: Kali Carb, Rhus Tox

Abundant Tears: Crotalus

Must weep profusely: Hepar Sulf

Cannot cease weeping: Carbo Animalis

Weeps about trifles: Calcarea Ost, Causticum, Cocculus, Petroleum

Weeps about trifles and inconsolable: Stramonium

Children weep at the least cause: Nitric Acid

Slightest word makes her weep: Silicea

Weeps on even joyous, laughable things: Platina

Weeps if anyone looked at him: Natrum mur

Weeps when spoken to kindly, after gentle reproaches: Platina

Weeps when the least word said to him: Staphisagria

Weeps when anyone does the slightest thing contrary to him: Nux Vomica

Weeps when improper things are refused to him: Ignatia

Weeps at slight disagreeable things: Sulphur

Child cries when touched: Cina

Weeps when telling her symptoms: Pulsatilla

Violent weeping , thinking of death; very sad: Stramonium

Weeps from sad thoughts in the evening: Kali Carb

Anxiety ending with tears: Kali Carb, Lycopodium

Great anxiety ,impelled to weep: Natrum Mur

Weeping with anxiety and trembling: Carbo veg

Weeping with apprehension: Alumina

Weeps with despair: Lycopodium

Weeping aloud with vexation: Sabina

Weeps from anger: Belladona

Weeps when alone: Conium

Weeping and longing for death: Aurum Met

Weeps with dislike to work: Natrum Mur

Weeps after hallucinations: Dulcamara

Weeps with restlessness: Chamomilla


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does a remedy exist which has the sensation as if she has weeped for a long time (kind of strange feeling on the chest)???