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Feb 17, 2011

Symptoms: Better in company and Better when Alone with indicated Medicines.

In repertories, we mostly use rubrics Better in company as worse when alone and vice versa, But in real that is not always true. In following rubrics medicines are very different in each symptom.

Better in Company:-

The Sad and Depressed state better in Company: Bovista.

Sad, Solitary feeling better in company: Kali Carb.

Feel better from conversation : Eupatorium Perf.

The sad and depressed state is happy among people, likes company: Calc. Ac., Mezereum.

Desire to be in Company: Arsenic, Conium, Causticum, Elaps, Lycopodium, Mezereum, Sepia.

Dislike to Solitude:-

Did not want to be alone; great melancholy: Stramonium

Will not remain alone: Ranunculus Bulbosa

Dare not remain a moment alone: Sepia

Likes to have one beside him constantly: Drosera R.

Dreads being alone: Conium

Afraid to be left alone: Lycopodium

Frightened to be left alone: Kali Carbonica

Can not bear to be left alone: Arsenic, Bismuth, Calc. Carbonica.

Complaints when alone:-

Has no rest when alone: Mezereum

Anxiousness when alone: Drosera, Phosphorus, Zincum Met.

Fear of ghosts in the evening when alone: Ranunculus B., Pulsatilla

Fearful when alone: Arsenic, Conium, Drosera, Kali Carb, Lycopodium, Ranunuculus B

Feels forlorn in the morning when alone: Carbo Animalis

Apprehensions when alone: Bryonia

Apprehensions and Hypochondriac when alone: Arsenic

Irritable when alone: Phosphorous

Weeping , care and sorrow when alone: Conium, Natrum Mur.

Sadness when alone: Kali Carb

Room seems gloomy, desolate when alone: Valerina

Excited full of imaginations when alone: Arsenic

Dull mind when alone: Phosphoric Acid

Always the same idea in his mind when alone: Arsenic, Kali Carb, Zincum.

Cold face, hands and feet when alone: Calc Carb.

Love of Solitude:-

Prefers being alone, retired into a corner: Coca, Elaps, Hippom.

Ruminating his thoughts in solitude: Lachesis

Rather silent, than to speak: Menyanth.

Without speaking: Antium Crud.

Wishes to pore over his thoughts in solitude: Magn. Mur.

Wishes to be alone, quiet and at ease: Nux Vom.

Wishes to be alone, quiet and at ease, to lie with closed eyes: Sepia

Wishes to be alone, quiet and at ease,everything displeases her: Hepar Sulf.

Fond of solitude: Carb. An.

Fond of solitude; likes it best: Cinch. Off.

Fond of solitude and great discouragement: Gratiola

Fond of solitude and silence from sadness: Rhus Tox.

Desire for Solitlude : Aconite, Belladona, Digitalis, Rhus Rad.

Desire to sit alone: Jambos.

Desire for solitude; if interrupted,he gets angry: Graphites

Desire for retiring in a corner: Elaps

Wants Quiet: Belladona

Desire for Solitude with dislike to people: Lycopodium

Complaints with the love of solitude:-

Sadness: Bufo sat., Carb. an., Ignatia, Rhus Tox.

Sadness and Depression: Alumina, Aurum

Unhappiness: Alumina

Full of fears most every evening in bed: Kali Carb

Fearful and Trembling: Niccol.

Apprehension : Conium, Cyclamen, Kali carb., Natrm Carb

Shyness: Cocca

Ill humor: Gratiola

Morose: Cuprum, Ledum

Irritable: Nux Vomica

Thinks her death is near: Cuprum

Wishes Death: Ledum

Reflects about his future state: Cyclamen

Full of schemes: Natrum Carb

Reserved: Carbo Animalis

Burried in deep thought: Cyclamen

Plunged in deep meditation: Conium

Head as if drunk,with bursting pain in forehead: Antim Crud

Dislike to Society:-

Abhorring the foolishness of men: Cicuta

With bursts of sarcasm: Rhus rad

Unsocial humor: Magnesia Mur

Keeps aloof from others: Bufo Sat

Dislike to people: Lycopodium, Selenium, Stannum

Avoid Peoples: Natr. Carb.

Shuns the sight of people: Cuprum

Shuns the noise of many: Petroleum

Shuns to hear talking fatigues, hands and feet turn cold: Aurum

Presence of others is disagreeable, visitors loathsome: Belladona

Shuns all conversation: Carbo Animalis

Shuns all men: Cicuta

Would like to be in a deep cave, seeing no one: Elaps

Aversion to company: Cinnabaris, Clematis, Ledum, natrum Carb, Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox

Dreads society when pregnant: Lachesis

Worse when other persons are present: Stramonium

Fear of approaching people: Cuprum Met.

Fear of approaching people and anxiety when others come near him: Lycopodium

Fear of approaching people, afraid they might touch him: Arnica

When persons are coming in the room, fear of being hurt: Arnica

When persons are coming in the room, fear of being hurt, his cough gets worse: Phosphorus

Whooping cough get worse among strangers: Ambra, Baryta carb

Anxious , when in company: Belladona, Lycopodium, Petroleum, Platina

Unwilling to converse: Argentum

In a room with many people,headache; pressure over the whole head: Magnesia Carb

Will not be looked at, especially children, they want to be alone and get out of humor: Antim Crud, Arsenic, Chamomilla,Cina

If any one looks at him, he must weep: Natrum Mur

Dislike to be spoken to:-

Ill humor: Arsenic, Chamomilla, Gelsemium, Natrum Mur, Natrum Sulph, Nux Vomica, Rhus Tox

Weeping: Natrum Mur, Staphsigaria

Coughing: Arsenic

Ill humor, worse from friendly persuasion or soothing words: Belladona, Calc. Oster., Calc. Phos., Cinchona Off., Ignatia, Kali carb, Mercuris, Natrum Mur, Nitric Acid, Nux Vom, Platina, Sepia, Silicea

Admonitions cause weeping: Belladona, Calc., Ignatia, Kali Carb, Nitric Acid, Platina


1. Analytical Repertory of the symptoms of the Mind- C. Hering

2. Materia Medica: C Hering

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