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Feb 6, 2011

Homeopathic Medicines Indicated during and after surgical procedures

These days numerous surgical procedures are done on human body for different disorders. During and after these minor and major surgical disorders many un-desirable symptoms and complication develops and persists. Following Homeopathic medicines are indicated to improve these after effects.

Arnica 200, 1M : When given before surgery will protect against shock, collapse and undesirable hemorrhage.
Phosphorus 200,1M : Given before anesthesia (specially Chloroform) it helps to check shock, nausea, vomiting, hemorrhage in nervous patients.
Arsenic Album 200 / Carbo Veg 200 : Prevents shock, collapse and Threatened peritonitis.
Acetic Acid 30 : Debility caused by Anesthesia.
Hypericum 200 : Debility caused by surgical shock, lumbar puncture, nerve injuries, amputations, spinal or brain surgeries.
Echinacea 30 / Gun Powder 3X : Gangrene, Blood Poisoning, Septic.
Aconite 30, 200 : It is indicated in patients who have very much Shock, fear, fear of death, restlessness , Anxiety about surgeries.
Pyrogenum 200 : Very important medicine in Septic, Puerperal septicemia where pulse rate is very high or very low and not proportionate to temperature.
Arnica 1M : Unconsciousness due to concussion, loss of vision and hearing caused by Brain Injury or shock. Helps in cases of Appendectomy and after surgeries on right lower abdomen.
Pulsatilla 200 : Helps in proper presentation proper presentation of fetus during labor . Helps in normal parturition.
Allium Cepa 1M : Severe Neuralgic pains in amputated stumps, pain like fine thread and shooting.
Staphysigria 200, 1M : Pains like cutting by knife, if persists after surgery. Indicated also in clean cut injuries.
Opium 200 / Helleborus 1M : Persistent stupor.
Solidago 1X / Sabal Serrulatum Q : Helps in cases of retained urine. Works like natural catheter and eliminates the use of catheter.
Phosphorus 200 / Arnica 200 : Check pain and hemorrhage of tooth extraction.
Sepia 200 : Persistent inflammation and pain after tooth extraction.
Symphytum Q, 200, 1M : Fractures, Bone surgeries, promote union.
Hekla Lava 3X, Conium 200, Calc Flour 6X, Causticum 200 : In cases of Hard bone tumours, and bony growths.
Bovista 30 : Hard swelling persisting on a fractured and joined bone.
Sticta Paul 30, 200 / Kali Phos 200 / Coffea 200 : Sleeplessness after surgeries.
Bellies P 30 , 200 : Sore pains, Bed sores, Suppuration.
Baryta carb 200 / Cistus Can 200 : Enlarged cervical glands, after tonsillectomy, soft tumours.
Bellies P 30 / Conium 200 / Phytolacca 200 : Post operative inflammation of breasts ( Mastitis) in females.
Merc Sulph 200/ 1M : Useful in absorption of plural effusion after thoracic surgeries.
Aconite 30 / Belladona 30 / Merc. Sol 30 : Post operative rise in temperature.
Hepar sulph 3x / Myristica 3x : Easy draining of abscess.
Hepar Sulph 1M / Silicea 1M / Calc. Sulph 1M : Helps in drying up suppurating wounds and boils. 

A historical article on role of Homeopathic medicines in surgery was written in Homeopathic quarterly "The Torch of Homoeopathy" in 1960 under topic Hahnemann- Homoeopathy and Surgery.

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