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Dec 13, 2014


(Thyme Camphor)

A remedy having a wide field in genito-urinary diseases. It is indicated in pathological emissions, priapism and prostatorrhoea. The provings show an action limited to the sexual organs, producing a typical sexual neurasthenia. Specific for hookworm disease. [Chen-a.]

Mind:- Irritable, arbitrary, must have his own way. Craves company. Energy gone.

Male:- Profuse, nightly, seminal emissions with lascivious dreams of a perverted character. Priapism. Urinary burning and subsequent dribbling of urine. Polyuria. Urates increased. Phosphates decreased.

Back:- Tired, aching throughout lumbar region. Worse, mental and physical labor.

Sleep:- Awakes tired and unrefreshed. Lascivious and fantastic dreams.

Modalities:- Worse, Mental and physical labor.

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