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Oct 24, 2013


Homeopathic Recorder
Vol. XX Lancaster, Pa., March, 1905. No. 3

By Eli G. Jones, M. D.
Several years ago I was called to the southern part of this 
State to see a middle aged man suffering with catarrh of the 
bladder. The physician whom I met in consultation had used 
many remedies to try and relieve the distress of the patient. He 
finally had to use the catheter to draw off the water every few 
hours, and the pain at such times was so great that the neighbors 
could hear him scream with the pain. The discharge from the 
bladder was mixed with blood and mucus, with a burning pain 
extending down from the bladder to the end of the penis. I told 
him I thought I could help him, and in consultation with his phy- 
sician gave him my idea of the treatment of the case. To relieve 
the most pressing symptoms I prescribed Solidago virga-aurea ix, 
third dilution, five drops once in two hours; in twenty-four hours 
he could pass water without the catheter. For the constant dis- 
charge from the bladder I gave him Tr. Chimaphila umb. 9C ten 
drops once in three hours. In cases of this kind it is well to remem- 
ber that the greater the amount of catarrhal discharge the more cer- 
tain the indications for the Chimaphila As his nervous system was 
pretty well unstrung with the pain, I gave him Kali phos. 3X 15 
grains in a goblet of water, teaspoonful once an hour, till his nerves 
were calmer. This plan of treatment was strictly followed out 
until the patient was discharged cured. 
I have used the Solidago (golden rod) in cases where it is indi- 
cated and it is one of our best remedies. 
New Brunswick, N. J. 

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