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Oct 1, 2013

A Case of Constipation

 A Case of Constipation

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A 32yr, female has described her primary complaint of constipation for years, since childhood. No desire to stool even for days, once or twice a week, urging for stool. (India is a tropical country, in tropical areas urging are more frequent) Stool hard, difficult. Thirst less person, no desire to drink. Appetite normal. Desire for cold foods. Patient is very extroverted , communicative and talkative. Lean and thin.

She accepts, she is very irritable and get angry very easily. Menses is regular and normal in quantity. Sleep well but favorable position is right can not sleep on left side.

Very uncommon and strange feature in this case is that she has burning on upper eyelids whenever she is badly constipated. Another symptom is, she feels that her anus remains open even long after stool. 

11 Sep, 2013

Phos 200, 3 Dose prescribed with SL for a week.

18 Sep, 2013

A little better in constipation. Not much progress.

SL prescribed for a week.

25 Sep, 2013

Stool is not hard, but formed and easy, first time in her experience in her lifetime. Feel thirsty many times a day.

SL prescribed for a week.

1 Oct, 2013

Came a day early to report. She has wonderful experience of urging for stool everyday. Stool soft, formed and very very refreshing.

No burning on upper eyelids since last 15 days. No abnormal feeling of open or loose anus now.

SL prescribed for 20 days. And advised to report, if any abnormal symptoms or feelings she has. 

       I never seen any chronic case responding so early and so quickly. First time I found, in a single case, the strange, uncommon symptoms, guiding symptoms, characteristic symptoms and unique positional modalities of a single medicine with physical constitutional match. 


ranbir singh sidhu said...

I saw your post on burning on upper eyelids in constipation in complete repertory clinical cases.Of course it is not there in any repertory. Can we consider this clinically verified symptom as a rubric of phosforus in repertories?

Dr. Ravinder S. Mann said...

I think it depend on the reliability of case, physician in command and it need to be verified by others, and on other places too.