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Nov 14, 2011

Painful Menses: Leading Indications In Dysmenorrhea

Pain, cramps or spasmodic pains during menses is a very common condition faced by more then 25% women, mostly in their adolescents. Many symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and changes in mood and behaviour can associate pain during menses.
This condition medically termed as Dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea is classified as primary and secondary which depends on presence or absence of underlying pathology. Dysmenorrhea can feature different kinds of pain, including sharp, throbbing, dull, nauseating, burning, or shooting pain. Dysmenorrhea may precede menstruation by several days or may accompany it, and it usually subsides as menstruation tapers off. Dysmenorrhea may coexist with excessively heavy blood loss, known as menorrhagia.

Homeopathy is a wonderful choice to get rid off this painful menses. Painkillers ( mostly NSAID’s) are just a temporary help to reduce or subside this pain every month. Homeopathy in more then 80% of cases permanently cure this disorder.

Here is lot much homeopathic medicine to help the patient facing pains during menses. Following is an article describing a few with their important indication.

Following article published in The Critque, Formerly THE DENVER JOURNAL OF HOMEOPATHY, VOL. V. DENVER, COLO., JANUARY 15,1898. No. 1


By Pearl B. Wheeler, M. D., Denver.

Aconite:-  Congestive type with violent headache, flashed
face; labor like pressing in womb; necessity to bend double on
account of pain, but finds relief in no position; restless; sup-
pressed menses from fright.

Alumina:-  Menses too early, too short and too scanty (Nux-
vom); blood pale; pain in abdomen before and during menses.
After menses she is so exhausted in mind and body that the
slightest effort prostrates (Cocculus). Acrid, excoriating, trans-
parent mucous discharge before and after menses.

Ammonium Carb:-  Menses too soon; abundant; (may be
scanty); blood clotted, black and passed with colicky pains; hard
difficult stools; pale face, toothache, backache, chilliness and
pain in abdomen during menses. Itching, burning and swelling
of pudendum (Senecio Grac.)

Apis Mel:-  Inflammation, induration and swelling of right
ovary (Bell) with sharp, cutting and stinging pains during
menses. Pressing down pain in uterus. Scanty dark urine
(Lyc., Bell, Nit. Ac.) Wax colored skin.

Baryta:- Discharge of bloody mucus. Very weak; has
fainting spells (Moschus). Menses scanty. Troublesome
weight above pubes. Glandular enlargements.

Belladonna:-  Strong bearing down as if everything would
protrude through vulva (Sepia, Platinum). Pains come suddenly
and go as suddenly. Congestion to head and confusion of
sight. Redness and bloatedness of face, dilated pupils, throbbing
of carotids. Discharge of copious blood, clotted or bright
red and offensive. Violent pain in small of back and bearing
down. Rage, wants to bite and to escape. Congestion of uterus
and labia (Atropine).

Berberis Vulg:-  Catamenia too scanty, painful (in small of
back). Menses consisting of gray mucus or brown blood.

Bufo:-  Menses too early with headache.

Bromium:-  Some hours after menstrual flow has commenced,
violent contractive spasms followed by soreness of abdomen.
Loud emissions of flatulence from vagina (Lyc.) Hard swelling
of ovarian region.

Cactus Grand:-  Menses scanty and cease flowing when
lying down. Terrible pains which make her cry out and weep
(Puls. Cham. Cuprum. Nux.) Periodical pains in evening.
Constricted pain in region of heart as if grasped by iron hand.
Palpitation (Lillium) when lying on left side.

Calcarea Carb:-  Various complaints accompanying any
monthly flow. Swelling and tenderness of breasts, headache,
colic, shivering and leucorrhoea precede flow, cutting pain in
abdomen and bearing down in genitals during flow and toothache
following. Feet cold as if covered with damp stockings. Catamenia
too early and too profuse (Bell., Croc., Phos.) Scrofulous
diathesis. Least excitement causes menses to return.

Calcarea Phos:-  Dysmenorrhoea resulting from carelessness
at puberty (J. T. Kent.)

Acid Nit:-  Painful abdominal spasms during menses.
Discharge scanty and brown. Soreness of mammae at each
period (Calc. Carb.) Urine stops and starts to flow several
times during urination.

Gelsemium:-  Dysmenorrhoea preceded by sick headache,
Congestion to head, red face (Acon. Bell.) and bearing down in
abdomen. Pain in back and limbs (Cimicifuga). Loss of voice
during menses. Weakness.

Ignatia:-  Menses too early and too profuse, or scanty,
black, clotted and putrid (Puls) Uterine spasms with crampy
pressing during menses by pressure in recumbent position. All
gone sensation at stomach. Tearful.

Caulophyllum:-  Spasmodic bearing down pain with scanty
flow. Sympathetic cramps in rectum and bladder. Hysterical
spasms of chest and larynx. Membranous dysmenorrhoea (Ci-
micifuga, Collin.) Headache with heat and heaviness in head.

Chamomilla:-  Drawing pains from back to front. Blood
dark and coagulated with tearing in thighs (Cimi.) Pains,
labor-like (Acon.) Bloated face or one cheek pale and the
other red. Hot perspiration about head. Very impatient,
can't answer one civilly, can't bear the pains.

Cimicifuga:-  Severe pain in back, occiput and vertex.
Pains through hips and down thighs of a neuralgic character.
Labor-like pain with heavy pressing downward (Cham.) Hysterical
spasms. Tenderness of hypogastrium and cramps. Low
spirited and sensitive. Blood scanty or profuse and coagulated.

Cocculus:-  Dysmenorrhoea always followed by hemorrhoids.
Irregular labor-like pains, one severe one followed by several
light ones. Tired by the least conversation. Nausea and vomiting
with dizziness.

Coffea:-  Great nervous erythism.

Lachesis.:- Pains relieved by flow. Menstrual colic beginning
 in left ovary.

Magnesia Carb:-  Menses preceded by sore throat, which
continues until end of flow and is worse at night. Blood thick,
dark and pitch-like, difficult to remove from linen. During
pain there is no flow. Flow at night. During menses weakness,
(Gels.) chilliness, headache, pale face, and pain in small of back.

Lillium Tig:-  Pain extends across hypogastrium to groin
and down leg. Menses dark, thick, and smell like lochia
(Kreosot.) Severe neuralgic pain in uterus. Slightest jar aggravates.
 Great palpitation. Distressing urination and bearing
down of uterus (Helonin).

Pulsatilla:-  Delayed menses. Discharge thick and dark,
flowing by fits and starts (Kreosote). Pains violent, causing
anguished tossing about with weeping (Cimicif.) Chilliness
and paleness of face. All symptoms worse in warm room. Mild
and tearful disposition.

Sepia:-  Preceding menses, excoriating leucorrhoea. Menses
 scanty and premature, feeling as if every thing would protrude
 through vulva, must cross legs to prevent it (Bell.) All
gone sensation at pit of stomach (Ignatia.) Colicky pains and
bearing down. Sallow complexion, yellow saddle across the
bridge of the nose.

Sulphur:-  Blood thick, black and acrid, corroding the
thighs. Coustant heat on top of head (Cimicif.) Frequent
flashes of heat (Nitrate of Amyle.) Weak, fainting spells
(Baryta, Moschus.) Spotted red face. Pains by standing.
Chronic eruptions here and there. Suitable to thin people who
walk stooping.

Veratrum Alb:-  Before menses, headache, vertigo, nosebleed,
and night sweat. During menses, morning headache, nausea,
ringing in ears and pains in all limbs. After menses, grinding
of teeth and bluish face. Hands and feet ache with the cold.

Viburnum:-  Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea. Before flow she
is suddenly seized with terrible colicky pains in womb and lower
part of abdomen, which continues sometimes for hours. Cramps
in legs. This remedy is similar to cimicifuga and caulophyllum.

Kreosotum:-  Hardness of hearing before and during menses,
 Menses appear in third month of pregnancy. Menstruation
 too early and too profuse, discharge offensive.

Natrum Mur:-  Melancholy, and colic during menses.
Headache preceding, during and after menstruation. Pressing
and bearing down in genitals. Craves salty food.

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