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Nov 17, 2011

Homeopathic Medicines in Constipation

Constipation is a very common symptom. Here is one more page for Indicated Homeopathic Medicines in Constipation.

Following article was published in THE CRITIQUE, Formerly THE DENVER JOURNAL OF HOMEOPATHY, VOL. V. DENVER, COLO., MARCH 15,1898. No. 3.

By Pearl B. Wheeler, M. D., Physician to the Ladies Relief Home, Denver.

Since the intestinal canal is governed by the two great
systems of nerves, the sympathetic, presiding over the upper
portion and the cerebro-spinal, taking charge of the lower; it
would be but natural to think of a close association between
this canal and all other parts of the body. Consequently, when
a physician has a case of constipation to deal with, he finds
but an index to disorders in the nervous system and the result
and not a cause of trouble as is supposed by many.
The character of the stool becomes a guide to the cure of
distresses elsewhere, for seldom will there be found a case of
real constipation without other symptoms in connection with
it. The true homeopath, then, who accurately chooses his
remedy with reference to the totality of symptoms will seldom
need to resort to enemata(enema), injections, etc.
The following remedies with their accompanying symptoms
may perhaps prove worthy of consideration.

Aesculus:—Constant urging to stool or ineffectual efforts
(Ambra Gris., Nux, Colch., Iod., Anacard.) Stools large, hard,
dry and dark. (Bry. Nux) Dryness of rectum which feels as if
full of sticks.
Hemorrhoids with little bleeding. Constant
back-ache, feels as if it would break
(Kali. Con). After stool
prolapse of anus with back-ache, (Prolapse of rectum Podo
and Ruta).

Alumina:—No desire for stool. Difficult evacuation from
want of peristaltic motion and dryness even when soft stool is
(China) requiring great pressing (Merc. Prot.) Stools
hard, knotty and scanty, (Graph. Agar. and Kali Bi) or soft
and clinging to anus. Bad effects of lead (Platina, Opium),
scanty and insufficient (Carbo. Veg., Hepar, Kali Bi., Nat.Carb.,
 Nit. Ac., Ruta., Verbasc., Zinc). Vertigo, as if every
thing was turning in a circle.

Agaricus.—Stools hard and knotty at first, followed by
loose stool and finally diarrhoea. Itching, burning and red-
ness of feet and hands as if frozen. Itching at anus as from
worms (Nux). Violent cutting in abdomen and discharge of
flatus with sharp stitching in liver. Painful drawing in pit of
stomach. Hysterical subjects.

Ammon. Carb.:—Stools difficult, hard and knotty (Alumum.
 Graph. and Kali Bi). Hemorrhoidal tumors protruding
before, during and after stools. Discharge of stool during and
after evacuation. Can't sleep at nights on account of burning

Ammon. Mur.:—Large, hard stool, crumbling after passing
 anus, requiring great effort to expel, then followed by soft
stool (Anacard.) Feces covered by glairy mucus. (Causticum
Graph and Lyc.) Giddiness with fullness in head in A.
M. and especially after getting up. Crumbling stool is characteristic
of all the muriates.

Ambra Gris.:—Frequent ineffectual urging to stool (Nux
Aesculus, Colch., Iod., Anacard.) Stinging, smarting and itching
 of anus. Varices of rectum. Hemorrhoids (Aesculus,
Hydrast., Iris, Nux.) Heat in head on alternate days with
fear of losing his senses.

Anacard:—Frequent urging through the day, unable to expel
 anything. Sensation as if rectum was stopped up with plug,
(Nux) Sensation as if lump had lodged in rectum (Sepia).
The expulsion not taking place immediately, a painful twisting
twitching is felt across the abdomen. Stools loose at first, then
hard (Opposite Agar., Am. Mur.) Pale color, violent pressing
in region of right temple.

Antimon. Crud.:—Hard stool with difficult expulsion
without previous straining. Alternating constipation and di-
arrhoea of old persons (Bry. Lach., Rhus, Puls.) Feces too
large. Milky white coating on tongue. Stupefying headache
with nausea in the evening or after eating.

Apis:—Prolapsus Ani (Calc., Ferr., Mur. Ac., Acetum,
Pod. and Aescul.) Hemorrhoids with stinging pains. Tenderness
 of abdomen to pressure (Bry. and Nux) Feeling in
abdomen as if something would give away if he strained at
stool. Great debility as if he had worked hard. Must lie

Bell:—Constipation with tendency of blood to head. When
stooping, blood rushes to head followed by dizziness. Plethoric
 individuals. Shuddering during stool. Stools in lumps
like chalk.

Bry.:—Constipation. Chronic constipation (Verat. Alb.)
Stools large, hard, (Calc. Carb., Mag. Mur.) and as if burnt.
(Mag. Mur.) Lips dry and parched. Thirst. Rheumatic
tendency. Headache, as if skull would split by motion.

Calc. Carb.:—Stools large and hard (Nux, Mag. Mur.,
Bry.) sometimes only partially digested (Hepar). White
stools (Black- Opium, Phos., Verat. Alb.) increasing
from day to day. After stool, gloomy feeling in head and
feeling of faintness. Oozing of fluid from the rectum, smelling
 like herring brine. Too early and too profuse menstruation (Bell)
 Scrofulous individuals. Violent itching of anus
(Caust. Nit. Ac., Sil., Sulph.)

Carbo. Animal:—Constipation. Unsuccessful desire for
stool (Nux, Anacard., Ambra Gris.) Passes only very offen-
sive flatus (Lach.) During stool, pain in small of back (Aesculus)
with inflation of abdomen. Stools hard and knotty
(Alum., Graph., Am. Carb., Kali Bi.)

Carbo. Veg.:—Hard, tough, scanty stool (Caust.) Labor
like pain. Discharge of tough feces in fragments. Violent
urging with tingling in rectum and pressure in bladder (Sulph)
Burning in bowels and sensation as if diarrhoea would set in.
Great debility (Apis) and weakness as soon as he makes the
least exertion.

Caust.:—Frequent and unsuccessful desire to pass stool,
with red face and anxiety. Hard, tough stool (Carbo. Veg.)
covered by mucus (Hyd.) Shining as if greased. Stool too
small shaped (Phos.) comes off in pieces, (Carbo. Veg., Mag.
Mur.) Passes better while standing. Light colored (pale Anacard,
like chalk- Bell,) white stool (Calc. Carb.) Writhing
pain in abdomen, previous to stool. Excessive itching in anus
day and night (Caust., Sil., Sulph., Nit. Ac., Calc. C.) Soft
small stool, size of a goose quill (Phos.) Constipation of
children. Involuntary emissions of urine when coughing
sneezing or laughing, frequent and urgent desire to urinate
with scanty emission. Thirst.

Chelidon:—Stools in hard lumps (Hyper) like sheep dung
(Mag. Mur., Plumb., Ruta, Verbasc.) Suitable to persons with
hepatic diseases, shooting pains from liver to back. Constant
pain under lower inner angle of right scapula. Crawling and
itching in rectum and reddish urine.

China:—Difficult stool even when soft (Alum.,Plat., Phos.Ac.)
 Dizziness and heat in head with accumulation of feces
in rectum. Menses profuse, bright or black and clotted. Discouraged.

Cimex:—Stools hard and in small balls (Plumb., Thuja,
Opium, Mag. Mur.) Stools with hemorrhoidal sufferings.
Pain in small of back, extending over abdomen with distension
of abdomen. After white stool, discharged in small pieces,
rectum closes firmly.

Cocculus:—Hard stool expelled with difficulty (Nux), after
stool, violent tenseness of rectum even to fainting. Contractive
 pain in rectum, preventing sitting.

Colchicum:—Extremely painful stools. Scanty evacuation
even soft stool is expelled with hard straining in back (Alum.
China, Plat., Phos. Ac.) with pain in back (Aesculus, Kali Carb.)
 Ineffectual pressing to stool (Nux, Colch., Anacard.)
Feels feces in rectum but can't expel them. Lancinating or
lancinating-lacerating at anus.

Conium:—Frequent urging without stool (Anac, Lyc,
Nux). Hard stool with tenseness (headache discharge of
prostate fluids). Tremulous weakness after every stool (Verat.Alb.)
passing off in open air. Frequent stitches in anus between stools.
Involuntary flow of urine, suddenly stops and
continues after a short intermission. (Ledum., Gummi-Gutti)
Dizziness when turning in bed. Heat and burning in rectum
during stool, (Burning in Epigastrium, Apis).

Cuprum:—Suppressed stool with general heat. Obstruction
of intestinal canal or violent evacuation.

Eup. Per.:—Constipation with catarrh.

Euphorb.:—Stool like glue (like putty, Alum. Plat.) with
previous itching of rectum. Burning sore pain around the anus
(Mur. Ac, Aloes, Ars.) Itching of rectum during desire for
stool (Mur. Ac).

Graph.:—Stools hard and knotty, (Alum., Kali Bi) lumps
being united by threads of mucus. A quantity of white mucus
is expelled with stool (Lach.) or the feces are covered with
mucus (Am. Mur., Lyc) Stools size of lumbricoides.
Humid tetters and eruptions.

Hepar:—Sluggishnsss of rectum (Alum.) Stools hard or
soft and insufficient (Alum., Carb. Veg., Kali Bi, Nat. Carb.,
Nit. Ac, Ruta). After mercurial dosing.

Hydrastis:—Stools lumpy, covered with mucus. (Lyc.,
Graph., Am. Mur.) Constant headache with piles, severe
pains in anus and rectum for hours after stool. Fainting turns
and heat in bowels.

Ignatia:—Difficult stool causing prolapsus ani (Aesculus,
Mur. Ac., Ruta, Cale. C., Ferrum). After stool a violent, stabbing,
stitching from anus up into rectum (Mezer) Constipation
from taking cold or from riding in a carriage (from traveling, Plat.)
Grieving. All-gone feeling at stomach.

Iodium:—Ineffectual desire for stool, immediately prompted
by drink of milk. Scrofulous people with low cachectic
state of the system. Stools hard, knotty and dark (Graph.)
Part of feces retarded.

Kali Bi:—Habitual constipation. (Verat. Alb.) Painful
retraction of anus. Stools dry, knotty, with burning at anus,
(Nat. M., Verat.) Stools slate colored, bloody, coldness of extremities,
debility and headache.

Kali Carb:—Insufficient, soft stool (Alum.) Constipation
with distress and colicy, stitching pains an hour or two
before stool. Too large sized feces (Ant., Collinson., Cond.)
Stools resembling sheeps dung (Chel., Mag. M., Verbasc., Berber.)
Passing of white mucus before and during stool. Large
painful varices (Mur. Ac.), inactivity of the rectum (Alum.,
Ign., Opium).

Lach.:—Chronic constipation without any other ailments.
Constipation of years standing (Verat. Alb., Lach., Phytol.,
Sarsap.) Unsuccessful urging to stool, anus feels closed, feces
press against it at all times without passing, only flatus
is passed, sensation as of lump lodged in rectum (Sepia)
Sheep's dung stool (Chel., Ruta, Plumb., Mag. M., Verbasc.,
Berber.) with difficult, scanty discharge or tenesmus. Severe
pains in back with constipation (Aesculus, Kali Carb). Cadaverous
smelling stools.

Lycopod:—Ineffectual urging owing to contraction of
sphincter ani. Small stool with sensation as if much remained
behind (Part of feces ratarded, Iodium), (Nux). Acid and
heartburn with great drowsiness after dinner (Phos.). Red
sand in urine (Phos., Sil.) Fermentation in abdomen.

Mag. Mur:—Constipation, stool hard, difficult and insufficient.
Knotty, like sheep's dung, covered with blood and mucus.
Stools in little round balls (Opium, Plumb,) crumbling
as they pass the anus (Am. Mur., Nat. Mur.) Throbbing in
stomach with dullness of head.

Nux Vom.:—Constipation with rush of blood to the head.
Stool insufficient, black, hard, often streaked with blood as
from inactivity of intestines, with ineffectual effort to go to
stool (Bry., Anacard., Lyc, Iod.) Sensation as if anus were
closed or too narrow (see Anacard. and Lyc.) Large hard feces
(Calc. C, Mag. Mur., Bry., Verat. Alb.) Piles, blind or
bleeding. Frequent eructations of some bitter fluid. Sensation
as of stone or lump of lead in stomach. Frontal headache.
Sedentary habits. Pregnant women (Bry., Lyc, Sepia) Victims
of drugs.

Opium:—Torpor of bowels after chronic diarrhoea or from
abuse of cathartics (Nux) Stools small, hard, black balls,
(Plumb.) balls that crumble as they pass, like excrement of
dogs in small lumps, (Prun. Spin.) Constipation from fear
or fright. Costiveness for weeks with loss of appetite. Inertia
of rectum (Alum. Hepar). Vomiting of stecoraceous matter
in consequence of intussusception.

Phos.:—Stools long, narrow and hard like a dog's (Caust.
Opium, Prun. Spin.) Very difficult to expel. Exceedingly
painful cramps in rectum after stool. Alternate constipation
and diarrhoea (Bry., Ant. C, Lach, Rhus., Phos.) Very sleepy
after eating, especially after dinner.

Platina:—Difficult expulsion of scanty stool, adhering to
parts like soft clay. After lead poisoning (Alum, Opium).
Constipation caused by travelling. Cramp like pressing in
temples from within, outward. Low spirited and nervous.
After expulsion sense of great weakness in abdomen or chilliness
(Puls., Cocc, Gummi Gutti, Verat.)

Plumb:—Stools consist of hard balls made up of smaller
balls. Constipation with violent colic. Sensation of constriction
in sphincter ani (see Lyc. and Nux.) with ineffectual

Puls.:—Constipation, especially if feces are large and hard
after suppressed intermittent fever by quinine, with menstrual
disorders. Constipation consequent upon eating rich greasy
food. Alternate constipation and diarrhoea (Ant. C., Bry. Phos*
Lach., Rhus.)

Ruta Grav.:—Frequent urging to stool with protrusion of
rectum (Ign. Nux., Podo, Aesculus.) Constipation following
mechanical injuries.

Sabadilla:—Violent urging to stool with noise like croaking
of frog. Must sit a long time before stool (which is enormous)
is passed, preceded by immense amount of flatus, and
followed by burning in abdomen.

Sarsaparilla:—Obstinate constipation with urging to
urinate. Desire for stool with contraction of intestines and
excessive pressure from above downward as if bowels would be
pressed out. Frequent scanty emissions of urine, especially at

Selen.:—Stools so hard and impacted that they must be removed
by mechanical agency. Feces contain threads of fecal
matter like hair.

Sepia:—Hard, knotty stools, sometimes mixed with mucus
with cutting pain in rectum (Ignatia, Mag. Mur.) Unsuccessful
urging to stool. Only wind and mucus are passed with sensation
in rectum as if lump had lodged in it (Anac., Sepia.)
Not relieved by stool. Insufficient stool with teneemus. Pressing
stool does not relieve. Constipation during pregnancy
(Alum., Bry., Lyc., Nux.)

Silic.:—After much effort and straining stool recedes back
in rectum after partial expulsion. Stools composed of hard
lumps. Constipation of women before and during menses
(Constipation before and diarrhoea after menses Graph.) Infants
and scrofulous children.

Sulph.:—Stools hard, lumpy, (Silic) mixed with mucus,
followed by burning pain in anus and rectum (Sepia). Constant
heat on top of head (Coolness, Verat.) Frequent weak
spells. Constant urging pressing on rectum as if it would protrude,
with pressure on bladder. Palpitation of heart. Fainting
regularly towards 10 or 11 in forenoon.

Thuja:—Obstinate constipation as from inactivity or
intussusception (Opium). Stools in hard balls (Opium, Plumbum,
Verat. Alb.) streaked with blood (Sulph. ac.) Violent
pain in rectum during stool. Copious and frequent urination
with burning in urethra. Offensive perspiration in anus at
perineum. (Colch.)

Verat. Alb.:—Chronic constipation (long standing Lach,
Phytol., Sarsap.) particularly in infants. Much straining with
cold perspiration on head. Stool too large and hard (Bry.,
Calc. C., Mag. Mur.) Inactivity of rectum, it seems as if
paralyzed (Alum., Opium.)

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