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May 28, 2011

Signs In Homeopathy IV

Sighing is an important sign which is defined as to take in and let out a long, deep, audible breath; to express sorrow, relief, fatigue, longing etc. 
A good homeopath always keep vigil of signs ( objective symptoms) from patient to individualize  the case. Finally, medicines are prescribe on "Totality of Symptoms", but signs may be the important part in totality.

Sighing disorders with

Sighing, Causeless :- Belladona, Nux Vomica
Sighing, Epileptic attacks before :- Bufo, Cicuta V, Plumbum Met
Sighing, Hysteria in :- Hyrocyanicum Acidum, Ignatia, Platina
Sighing, Leukorrhea with :- Physostigma V
Sighing, Menopause during :- Xanthoxylum F
Sighing, Menses before :- Ignatia, Lycopodium, Natrum phos
Sighing, Menses during :- Arsenic, Cimicifuga, Cocculus Ind., Graphites, Ignatia, Natrum phos, Platina
Sighing, Menses after :- Natrum phos, Stramonium

Sighing Modalities and associated symptoms of Mind, with 

Sighing relieves oppression of chest :- Hydophobinum
Sighing relieves melancholy during pregnancy :- Lachesis
Sighing deep, has to take from time to time, which relieves :- Antim Crud
Sighing constant, with sadness and prostration :- Natrum Carb
Sighing deep and loud about imagined cares :- Sepia
Sighing, feels grieved, troubled with it :- Actaea Racemosa
Sighing, profoundly depressed, cannot speak loud :- Sulphur
Sighing, worse when consoled :- China
Sighing, involuntarily with moaning and groaning :- Helleborus
Sighing repeatedly :- Opium
Sighing without pains :- Alumina, Graphites
Sighing with apathy :- Ignatia, Ipecac, Stramonium

Sighing, Physical conditions with
Long Sighing breathing :- Opium
Gives often a deep Sigh :- Silicea
Sighing with anxiety in epigastrium :- Digitalis
Sighing in sleep :- belladona
Sighing on waking :- Pulsatilla
Sighing and murmuring :- Camphor
Sighing and moaning in restless sleep :- Opium
Sighing with moans :- Acid Mur
Sighing and sobbing :- Secale Cor

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