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May 25, 2011

Signs In Homeopathy II

Signs in Homeopathy are equally important as symptoms, but the condition is, signs must be confirmed, uncommon and peculiar to patient as in case of symptoms.
          Here are few important signs of tongue discoloration with another associated clinical conditions.

Tongue,black, accompanied by Constipation or Dysentery :- Lachesis
Tongue, Clean, accompanied by Constipation  :- Natrum Mur
Tongue, Blue, accompanied Cholera :- Iris V
Tongue, Blue, accompanied Dysentery :- Arsenicum Alb
Tongue, Clean, accompanied cholera:- Phosphorus
Tongue, cream like, with sides clean:- Mezereum
Tongue,Brown, accompanied Dysentery :- Arsencium Alb., Hamamelis
Tongue,Brown, accompanied Diarrhea :- Bryonia
Tongue,Brown, accompanied Influenza :- Chelidonium
Tongue,Brown, accompanied Typhoid :- Baptisia, Iris V, Phos, Zincum Met
Tongue,Brown, accompanied Chronic Vomiting :- Ipecac
Tongue, Dark, accompanied Cough :- Baptisia
Tongue,Yellowish Brown, accompanied Typhoid :- Lachnanthes Tinctoria
Tongue,White, accompanied Influenza :- Merc-i-r
Tongue,White, accompanied Dysentery :-Merc.Sol, Trombidium
Tongue, White, accompanied Cough :- China
Tongue,White, accompanied Diarrhea :- Apis
Tongue, White, accompanied by Constipation :- Kali Sulph
Tongue, White, accompanied by Swelling of glands :- Baryta Mur.

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