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Clinical Cases

1. A Case of Herpes Zoaster

2. A Case of Nodular Acne with scaring on Face

3. A Case Of Hiatus Hernia with Reflux Oesophagitis

4. A Case of Chronic Gastritis

5. A case of Duodenitis, Gastritits, Reflux Oesophagitis and Hiatus Hernia

6. Epilepsy of Long Standing

7. Cases Of Epilepsy

8. A Case of Left Sided Diplopia with Headache

9. A Case of Asthmatic Respiration

10. Photos Before and After Treatment in a Case of Dermatitis

11. Psoriasis: Few Pictures of cases Before and After Treatment

12. A Case of Pertusis or Whooping Cough

13. A Case Of Common Cold

14. A Case of Cough in an Old Lady

15. Cases of Cholera

16. A Case of Chronic Headache

17. A Case of Facial Warts with Photos before and after

18. A Case of Tumor in Mouth

19. Clinical Experience By Henry N. Guernsey

20. A Case of Allergic Bronchitis

21. A Case of Constipation

22. A Case of Colicky Pain in Abdomen

23. A Case of Catarrh of Bladder By Eli G. Jones

24. Asiatic Cholera: Cases by R.C.Mitter

25. A Case of Medicinal Aggravation and Antidoting

26. A Case of Warts By Dr. R. S. Mann

27. Clinical Cases by C.M.Boger

28. A Case of Hemorrhage after abortion

29. A Case of Malarial Fever by H.A.Roberts

30. A Case of Fibroadenosis of Breast

31. Some Acute Cases in Hindi

32. A Case of Anxiety

33. A Case Of Pruritus

34. A Case of Urinary Tract Infection Extended to Kidney

35. Some Interesting Cases By Baillie Brown

36. Corn and Callous: Few Cases

37. A Case of Multiple disorders Cured by a Single Medicine

38. A Case of Acute Allergic Dermatitis

39. A Case of Cystic Tumor on Forehead

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