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Oct 3, 2014

Corn and Callous: Few cases of Homeopathic Cure

© 2014 Dr Ravinder S Mann

Corns and Callouses are hard, thick growth of skin which are developed due to friction, rubbing and pressure on the skin.

Corns and Callouses form on the sole, toes and may make walking painful.

Corns and Callouses are mostly discussed together but they are very different from each other.

It is supposed that corns and callouses disappear gradually when the pressure and friction stopped, but this does not happen in every case. Corn pad, salicylic acid remedies, corn plasters, corn paints, removing the hard skin surgically and many other options which are used, fails many a times and patients suffer it as earlier.

Homeopathic Approach:

Homeopathy has 131 medicines to treat corns and 48 medicines to treat callosities.

Homeopathy treats patient with a different perspective. Corns and callouses are not just a local disorder but they are part of a pathological process running in patient. Therefore, we need to stop the whole process to get rid of these local manifestations of that pathological process. According to homeopathy there are no local diseases but only local manifestations of general pathological processes. And as a homeopath we condemn the modern medicine for its approach towards various disorders, as local diseases. The so called local diseases are actually the local outward manifestations of general pathological processes which are running in a sick person. This difference of approach decides the way of treating these disorders either as a local manifestation or as a local disease.

Treating a disorder as a local disease either in modern medicine or in some other systems of medicines, simply a method of suppression. Homeopathy treats these disorders as a part of whole sickness. Main approach of treating local diseases in modern medicine is same like treating corns and callouses.

As per homeopathic approach, local manifestations are actually the human system’s defense methodology. Human system tries to throw out the diseases and try to nullify the effects of disease process running in a human system.

The every attempt to treat the local outward manifestations by suppressing as treating by creams, lotions, surgically removing, using corn paints or other means in other local disorders, actually undermine the human defense system. Local measures to treat the local manifestations of diseases are, in real, simply helping the diseases to increase further. The only method to cure is to treat homeopathically.

Case 1:

A 17 yrs old very obese girl presented multiple, painful corns in right sole for more than a year. Has tried all the methods of treatment before consulting homeopathy. Has many other complaints too. She has fissures in anus, hemorrhage during stool, and swelling in anus. Menses very painful, pain in hypogastrium(lower abdomen), back and thighs during menses, vomiting during menses due to pain. Pain in abdomen starts at beginning of menses.  Likes to eat salty and sweet food very much.

March 29, 2013

Repertorization in Radar

First prescription

Calcarea Carb 200   3 Doses prescribed on interval of two hours with sac lac for two weeks.

May 2, 2013

Patient return back after gap of two more weeks. Much better in corns and all other complaints.


Calcarea Carb 200  3 doses advised to take on May 12, 2013, 45 days after taking first dose of Calcarea.

June 6, 2013

Patient is much much better in her complaints. Corns are very much reduced.

Sac lac is prescribed for two weeks.

July 29, 2013

Corns are cured. Soles are clean and soft. All other complaints are reduced much more.

Case 2:

A 39 yrs old female presented corns and callosities on her left sole and toes, which are very painful on walking and even on touch. Has facing this problem for last 7-8 months tried many means but failed.

Patient is very sad, depressed, not caring her own family, very indifferent, very sensitive and feel offended easily, feel good when busy in her work and occupied. Feel comfortable when alone. Very hungry and emptiness in stomach does not ameliorate by eating.

July 8, 2014

Repertorization in Radar

First Prescription

Sepia 200  3 doses advised to take after every two hours on first day. Sac lac advised for next 15 days.

September 18, 2014

Patient come to consult for her son. She is very happy and pleased. Her corns disappeared in 10 days after taking Sepia 200.

Case 3:

A 27 yrs old girl presented with callosities and corns on right sole which are tender and painful respectively. She has a long history of these disorders, which were earlier improved itself. But now she is suffering from corns and callosities for more than 7-8 months.

Another complaints; are hair falling, premature graying of hairs, burning in urethra after urination, mild swelling on face and extremities and obesity.

March 20, 2012

Repertorization in Radar

First Prescription:

Lycopodium 200    3 doses are prescribed to take after one another with interval of 2 hours in between.

Sac lac prescribed for 15 days.

April 3, 2012

Burning urination stopped on 3rd day after medication started. All the corns and callosities are reduced very much, tenderness and pain gone.

Sac Lac prescribed for 15 days again.

April 27, 2012

All the corns and callosities gone. Soles are soft and on examination no trace of callous or corns are found. Further treatment for another disorders continued.

Case 4:

A 24 yrs old girl presented with very horny corns on both soles. She has got these corns recently, very first time. Corns are very painful on walking. No other accompanied symptoms or signs are present.

July 21, 2014

Repertorization in Radar

First Prescription

Antim Crud 200   3 doses prescribed with interval of 2 hours. Sac lac prescribed for a week.

August 2, 2014

Patient is very much better. No pain in corns on walking. Corns are getting soft. Sac lac is prescribed. Advised to consult after 15 days.

August 23, 2014

All the corns are gone. Soles are soft and looks natural.  

Case 5:

A 2 yrs old boy has corn in sole for 2 months. It is painful but most striking feature is the corn and surrounding area is dark yellow in colour.

November 22, 2013

Repertorization in Radar

First Prescription

Ferrum Pic 30    3 doses advised to take with interval of two hours in between.

Sac Lac prescribed for 15 days.

December 10, 2013

Corn reduced in size and surrounding area becomes soft. Yellow discoloration reduced to a marked extent.

Ferrum Pic 30   3 more doses prescribed as earlier with Sac lac for 15 days.

December 27, 2013

Corn is cured. Medicine discontinued.


Corns and Callouses are curable by homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy offers safer and more effective method to treat these disorders. In homeopathic prescription associated disorders are equally important in selecting the correct medicine for a local disorders (corns and callouses in this post).

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