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Apr 4, 2015

A Case of Acute Dermatitis

A Case of Acute Allergic Dermatitis
© 2015 Dr Ravinder S Mann

A 39 years old male presented with acute dermatitis in fold of elbow joint which started in evening of 25th March 2015. Patient presented in morning of 26th March with red, mottled, inflamed and sore rash in fold of right elbow.

26th March 2015



Natrum Mur 30   1 dose prescribed and advised to visit everyday.

27th March 2015

Small pustules are erupting at root of hairs.



Natrum Mur 30  1 dose prescribed.

28th March 2015

No medicine prescribed because inflammation start to decrease and color start to darken.

29th March 2015

No medicine prescribed. Crusting started.

30th March 2015

No medicine prescribed. Patient advised to discontinue.

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