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May 28, 2014

Sinapis Nigra: Short Notes On Hay Fever

An important notes about use of Sinapis Nigra in cases of Hay Fever was published in "The Homoeopathic Recorder, Vol. XXV, No. 3, February, 1910".

Sinapis Nigra for the All Bunged Up Condition.
Dr. H. M. Bunting, of Norris town, read a model little paper
on  “Some Clinical Experience with Sinapis Nigra”

Here is the gist of it :

“Given a condition of acute coryza, with sneezing, lachrymation,
itching, smarting, soreness and pressure of eyeballs, dryness
of nostrils with stoppage, especially of left, and a scanty thin
acrid discharge, with hot, dry feeling in the pharynx, hacking
cough, and rawness in the throat with desire to clear it, hoarseness,
a tired feeling all over, lassitude, and general
done up feeling. I know of no more efficient remedy than Sinapis Nigra.”

“For two years it has met a condition of beginning cold in
cases where Aconite, Capsicum, Cepa, Gelsemium, Nux Vomica
and other remedies closely allied in their symptomatology failed to
relieve, and in failing the catarrhal condition would extend to the
mucosa of the larynx and bronchi, with the condition designated
by my patients as the ‘Cold has gone down and settled on my
chest.’ ”

“In the period before mentioned. I have repeatedly checked
what would, in my experience, have otherwise resulted in a cold
and cough which, in many instances, would have taken many
weeks to cure.”

“I have relieved and cured more cases with this remedy, where
the symptoms above indicated were complained of together with
heat and fullness of the head, general tired feeling all over, and
the complete and very common picture of a beginning coryza,
than with any three other remedies.”

“I believe it to have a sphere of action closely allied to Aconite,
Capsicum, Gelsemium and Nux vomica, but it will be found to
benefit cases where we have fallen into the too common habit of
administering these or other better known remedies.”

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