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Apr 4, 2014

A Case of Fibroadenosis of breast

A Case of Fibroadenosis of breast of many years
© Dr. R. S. Mann 2014

A 15 year old girl presented on Feb 24,2014 with multiple nodular lumps in her both breasts. Breasts are very painful and pain 
aggravates much more by touching. Complaint of lumps started few years back but pain started later on. Patient has menarche at age of 11 years.

Patient has many eruptions on face. Patient feels hungry all the time and eats frequently. She desires for sour food.

Rubric Selection:

STOMACH - APPETITE - increased
CHEST - PAIN - Mammae
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - sour food, acids – desire

CHEST - PAIN - Mammae - touch - agg.


Conium 16/7, Phosphorus 13/6, Belladona 12/6, Acid phos 11/6,
Carbo ani 9/6, Sulphur 13/5, Silicea 12/5, Calc Carb 11/5

Prescription on 24/2/2014:

Conium Mac 30,   3 doses with hourly interval. Sac Lac for 10 days daily.

Patient reported on  27/3/2014:

All the pain is gone and no lump remains in breasts. First time feels so
Light in many years. Eruptions on face cleared. Appetite reduced.

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