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Mar 1, 2014


Vol. XXXVII. Philadelphia, July 15, 1922. No. 7.

C. M. Boger, M. D., Parkersburg, West Va.
Case 1. 
Intermittent fever for two years. Patient aged 71 : 
confined to bed. Every day between 3 and 4 p. m. first 
a crawling here and there over body, then drowsiness ending 
in stupor during which a violent shaking chill comes 
on. In spite of its violence the shaking doesn't awake her 
from the stupor. 
She received a dose of Opium 12 late in the evening and 
early in the morning for five days, then Sac Lac, whereupon 
the chills ceased for over a week but came on again in an  
irregular and milder form. She again received Opium 12 as  
before. This cured the case. 
Case 2. 
1. Chronic dysmenorrhoea. Menses early, scanty and 
painful. The pains come and go quickly < left side. 
2. Chilly and nauseated ; she lies on abdomen ; > belching. 
3. Aggravation Lying on Left side. From anger. 
4. The heart misses beats. 
5. Dyspnoea < excitement (Amb. Ars. Coc-c. Ferr. Pul. 
Sep.) ; or from anger (Arn. Ars. Rhus-t. Stap.). 
6. Frontal and occipital headache. 
7. Bad taste in a. m. 
8. No inclination to sweat or cold sweats. 
9. Jerks and starts in sleep. 
10. Sore over kidneys. 
Arsenicum mm. a single dose cured. 
Case 3. 
1. Lumps drop from posterior nares < after breakfast. 
2. Profuse, thin, brown leucorrhea. 
3. Dull ache over left ovary. 
4. Frequent scanty urine. 
5. Flatulence during the menses. (Kali-c. Kre. Mag-c. Nat-c. 
Phos. Vespa.) 
One dose of Vespa 1m. cured. 
Case 4. Arthritis deformans
A physician ordered antiseptic injections for foul lochia, 
some months afterward arthritis deformans slowly developed 
with the following symptoms: 
1. Sore epigastrium, < coughing. 
2. Stiff on lying down; > continued motion. 
3. First one joint then another gets stiff and puffy. 
4. Emaciation. Weakness; < epigastrium, then ravenous 
5. Menses too early. 
6. Internal trembling, < before and during menses. Sense 
of swelling all over. 
7. Dreams causing fear; of falling; of accidents. 
8. Chloasma on face. 
9. A little food fills her up; craves acids. 
Puls 12 a single dose. 
Improved slowly for seven months and now at the end of 
thirteen months remains well and strong. 
Case 5. 
1. Aching and coldness along spine. 
2. Cramp in bowels then dark, thin, diarrheic stools. 
3. Spells of general aching,.
 Polyporus off.  three doses cured. 

Since then patient has undergone a great change and is in 
better health than for years. 
Case 6. 
1. Secretions, urine and leucorrhea all cause itching. 
2. Offensive, sticky, raw axillae; fingertips sting, burn and 
3. Before menses the face swells, pains, gets rough and the 
eyes sting, burn, itch and the tarsi turn red. 
4. Piles which burn and crack. 
5. The feet sweat and smell. 
6. Violent eczema of palms with many cracks. 
One dose of Sulfur acting for four months removed 
every symptom except the leucorrhea which grew steadily 
worse. She now received a single dose of Medorrhinum 
and within a very few weeks reported herself pregnant for the 
first time, after many years of married life and the leucorrhea 
Case 7. 
Patient had been under local treatment for seven 
weeks for suppuration of the left ear with sharp shooting 
and violent throbbing, radiating pains with anorexia and 
sleeplessness. Aggravation at 4 p. m. and all night. A 
single dose of Asafoetida cleared everything within a week, 
since which she remains well. 
Case 8. 
1. Sore at left angle of mouth. 
2. Hard breathing as if he were breathing through a metallic 
tube, seeming to start from abdomen. Fears his breath 
will stop. Throat feels scraped and burns. 
3. Burning over kidneys. 
4. Follicular pharyngitis. 
5. Restless feet; rocks hard; is nervous. 
6. Ravenous hunger with sour belching; but very weak and 
7. Weeping attacks; sits with head in hands. 
8. Amelioration; cool air. 
9. Neuropathic inheritance. 
10. Urine and heart normal. Merc-cor C. M. later followed 
by the MM has slowly made him a ruddy, healthy looking boy 
full of vim and vigor. 

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