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Jan 22, 2014

A case of Medicinal Aggravation and Antidoting

 © Dr. R.S.Mann 2014

A 38 year old woman presented with a burn by spilling hot tea on her right hand on Jan 8, 2014. And she was prescribed Cantharis 30, BD for 4 days. On Jan 13, 2014 she presented the following case:-

Patient started itching on Jan 12 in afternoon. Earlier it was mild, and in evening it increased, itching becomes voluptuous at night, redness all over the body, very restlessness, burning with and after scratching, warmth aggravated, no thirst from last evening and appetite wanting. Patient was red all over the skin and was scratching wildly all over.

No food or environmental changes in last 4 days. No new eatables were used in last days. No history of any skin lesions earlier. No history of allergic disorders. It was Cantharis overdosing which was prescribed for burn. Repertorization chart prepared for the case and cantharis was there. 

Antidoting was necessary. Pulsatilla was chosen, on the totality of the case, which is a listed antidote of Cantharis. Pulsatilla 30, 2 doses prescribed on 13th Jan in evening. Next morning patient reported that she slept well last night, itching reduced a lot much before going to bed and this morning no trace of itching, burning and redness was there.


  1. Either in an acute case or a case of injury, frequent repetition may be harmful and aggravating for the patient.
  2. Accidental provings are more common in clinical setup in daily practice.
  3. If we are in habit of repeating frequently, every new symptom arising in a case should be cross checked in materia medica under prescribed medicine.
  4. Antidoting must be based on totality of presenting signs and symptoms, choose a antidote from list of antidote remedies under earlier prescribed medicine which also cover the totality of symptoms.

1 comment:

ranbir singh sidhu said...

Thanks for this instructive case. The patient must be one of "Highly sensitives". Normally it bears repetition well.In my experience in simple burns slightly diluted tincture applied locally banishes pain and burning instantly.