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Aug 6, 2013

A Case of Tumor in Mouth

© Dr. R. S. Mann 2013

   A 9yrs old girl consulted on December 29, 2012 for two round and fleshy tumors, growing side by side, inside of lower lip, big one is of a size of pea, another is small, for more than 5 months. No other symptomatic complaints or pain or discomfort or anything else elaborated. Good in health, not any significant history of illness.

Case is repertories in complete repertory by using following rubrics:-

1. MOUTH, TUMORS:  AGN, ambr, anath, antipyrin, arist-cl, ars, BELL, bel-p, benz-ac, bor, CALC, calc-f, Canth, CARB-AN, CARB-V, cast, CHAM, chel, CHIN, clem, cupre-l, cur, gali, Graph, hep, hydr, kali-m, lac-c, LACH, lava-h, led, LYC, mag-p, mang, MERC, merc-i-f, merc-i-r, NAT-M, nat-s, NIT-AC, NUX-V, PHOS, plb, plb-acet, PULS, semp, SEP, SIL, STAPH, SULPH, tax-br, THUJA, ZINC

Mouth, Lips, Margins, Inner Side: Only those medicines are mentioned which covers first rubric Mouth, Tumors

2. MOUTH, LIPS, margins, inner side: bor, calc,  CARB-AN, chin, GRAPH, HEP, HYDR, MERC, nat-m, NIT-AC, NUX-V, phos, sep, sil, sulph, THUJA

GENERALITIES, TUMORS, fleshy: Only those medicines are mentioned which are common in second rubric 

3. GENERALITIES, TUMORS, fleshy: CALC, HYDR, merc, nat-m, nit-ac, PHOS, SEP, SIL, SULPH, THUJA

Scoring -  Thuja – 9 , Calc – 8, Merc – 8, Phos – 8, Sil – 8,  Hydr – 7, Nit-ac – 7, Sep – 7,  Nat-m – 6, Sulph – 7


Dec 29, 2012

Thuja 200  one dose prescribed with sac lac for fifteen days.

Jan 21, 2013

 Small tumor is vanished but big one is still same. Smaller one was developed later, so it disappear first, treatment is in right direction.

Thuja 200  one dose prescribed again with sac lac for ten days.

Feb 1, 2013

No change in remaining tumor.

Thuja 1M  one dose with sac lac. Advised to consult after a month.

August 5, 2013

Girls’s grandfather came for his own complaint and told that her granddaughter had disappeared that tumor in 5 – 6 weeks leaving behind completely smooth and shining lower lip. That’s why they do not feel necessary to consult back.

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