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May 31, 2013

METRORRHAGIA : Indicated Homeopathic Medicines

This Article originally published in “The Torch of Homoeopathy”, Vol. 4, No. 4, October 1962.

( Haemorrhage from the Uterus)

Dr. (Mrs.) S. Kamthan, B.M.S., 9 Kaiserbagh, Lucknow

Sabina 3X – 30 : When the flow is of paroxysmal nature (Bell., Cham., China., Erig., Nux.V., Puls., Ust., Psor.), the blood being bright red mixed with little clots, associated with pain from sacrum to pubes (Viscum). The cause is abortion or parturition, < by least motion.

Ipecacuanha 1X – 3X : When the flow is associated with nausea, oppressed breathing and faintness, the blood being bright-red mixed with clots.

Nitric Acid 6 – 30 : Prolonged flow after abortion or parturition when mucus lining of uterus is injured, causing sticking pain, blood being bright-red.

Viscum Album Q – 1X : Flow of climacteric period with pain from sacrum to pelvis downward, the blood being red and clotted and sometimes dark and clotted.

Belladona 6 – 30 : When the flow is hot and associated with frontal headache, the blood being bright-red.

Millefolium Officinale Q – 1X (5 Drop Doses) : When the flow is non-coagulable, caused by fall (Arn. Abortion or parturition, the blood being red.)

Note :- Red bleeding caused by fall or injury is easily controlled by
Arnica Montana 3 – 30. (Also Cinamonum Q)

Erigeron Canadense Q – 3X : When the flow comes in a sudden gush and stops and restarts often associated with painful micturition (Mitchel., Thlaspi, Tereb., Acon., Canth.), the blood being bright-red; caused by parturition or abortion.
Note :- If Erigeron fails, Mitchel proves effective.

Trillium Pendulum Q – 3X : The flow is gushing and accompanied by exhaustion, faintness and a feeling as if hips and back were falling to pieces, caused by abortion or appearing at climacteric period (Arg. Nit., Aloes, Erig., Lach., Sec.C., Sang., Sul., Ust., Vinc.M., Viscum) and < by least movement; the blood being bright-red, sometimes dark and clotted.

Ustilago Maydis 6 : The flow follows abortion or parturition, the blood is bright-red – partly fluid and partly clotted. Oozing of dark clotted blood often follows and < by least exertion.

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Q – 3X : The flow appears often after abortion or parturition, the blood being bright-red and < by least exertion, mis-step, over lifting.

Bovista 30 – The flow takes place between the menstrual period (Ambra., Sab., Sec.C.) often at night, the blood being bright-red, < from exertion.

Hamamelis Virginiana Q – 1X : Hemorrhage from any cause, the blood being fluid (non-Coagulable), dark and painless.

China Officinalis 3 – 30 : The flow is associated with prostration and faintness, the bleeding is painless, dark and clotted.

Note :- If the thick, dark, clotted flow is accompanied by feeling of great burning in the affected part, Anthrax is the remedy.

Secale Cornutum 30 – 200 : The flow is associated with feeing of heat – desires uncovering, caused by abortion or parturition, the blood being fluid, painless, dark and offensive,

Thlaspi Bursa-Pastoris Q – 1X or 6 : The flow is associated with uterine colic (labour-like – Cham., Vib. Op., Cimic., Xanth), aching in back and bruised (sore) feeling in general, the blood being dark, clotted, caused by abortion or parturition, sometimes uric acid is present in urine.

Chamomilla 6 – 30 : The flow is attended by severe labour-like pain,  the blood being dark, clotted sometimes offensive, caused by abortion or parturition. Pains going upwards.

Crocus Sativus 3X : When the flow is stringy, the colour being dark and clotted, caused by abortion or parturition, < by slightest movement.

Caulophyllum Thalictroides 6 – 30 : Long lasting flow owing to the relaxed condition of blood vessels and atonic condition of the uterus, the blood being fluid and dark and of oozing nature (Sec.C., Carbo V., Am.C., Sul. Ac., Elaps., Crot.H., Kali C., Hamm., Ars.A., Ust., Nit.Ac., Vinc. M.)

Platinum Metallicum Q – 1X : The flow is attended by spasms, feeling of chilliness, sensitiveness of parts and feeling of constriction and numbness, the blood being dark and clotted.

Elaps Corallinus 6 : The flow is attended by cold feeling in stomach causing nausea – vomiting and paralytic condition of limbs (Right side) and feeling of weight in the uterus, the blood being dark fluid or dark clotted.

Nux Vomica 3 – 6 : Dark and profuse bleeding with feeling of chilliness and frequent desire for stool.

Aloes Socotrina 6 – 30 : When the flow is attended by feeling of heaviness and fullness in pelvic region and rectum, the blood being red.

Kalium Carbonicum 30 – 200 : The flow is of oozing nature and is attended by lumbago (ameliorated by sitting and pressure) and stitching pain in uterine region, the blood being red or black, often < after mid-night, caused by abortion or parturition.

Pyrogenium 200 : Dark and offensive haemorrhage in septic conditions of the uterus.

Geranium Maculatum Q (30 drop doses) : When the flow is due to the ulcerated condition of the uterus ( Kreos., Pyrog., Nit.Ac., Carb.V., Arn., Phos., Ars.A.), caused by parturition, the blood being red.

Vinca Minor 3X : When the flow is continuous and attended by weakness, the blood being red, appearing at climacteric period.

Calendula Officinalis 200 : I have used the 200th in some cases of bleeding both vaginal and rectal – Dr. Stevens.

Repertory for Ready Reference

Bleeding due to cancerous or fibroid – Calc. C.,Hydr., Nit.Ac.,Phos., Sab., Sec.C., Sil., Sul.Ac., Led.,Kali I., Lach., Tereb., Thlasp., Trill., Vinc., Ust., Med., Kreos.

From Injury – Arn.,Ambr., Cinnam., Ham., Mill., Ac.Sul.

Parturition or Abortion – Arn.M., Bell., Caul., Cham., China., Cinnam.,Croc., Geran., Erig., Ham., Ipeac., Mill., Nit.Ac., Sab., Sec.C., Thlasp., Trill., Ust., Kali.C.

At Climacteric – Aloes, Calc.C., Carbo Veg., Croc., Kali.C., Erig., Lach., Med., Nux.V., Psor., Puls., Sab., Sang., Sec.C.,Sep.,Sul., Trill., Ust., Arg.M., Vinc.,Viscum., Arg. N.

From Retained Placenta – Bell., Canth., Carbo Veg., Puls., Sab., Sec. C., Sep.,Stram., Also Arnica, Pyro.

In Septic Fever – Pyrog., Sec.C., Anthr.

With Convulsions – Bell., Caul., Hyos., Sec.C., Cimic., Mag. M.

From Atonic Condition of Uterus – China., Alet., Helon., Caul., Sec.C., Kali.C.

With Painful Micturition – Mitchel.,Thlasp., Erig., Tereb., Acon., Canth.

With Labour-Like Pains – Caul., Chamm., Sab., Thlaspi, Vib Op., Viscum., Bell., Puls., Sep., Xanth.

From Hard Stool – Ambr., Lyc.

Flow Continuous – Apoc., Arn., Carb.V., Caul., Erig., Cham., Ipec., Kali.C., Kreos., Mill., Phos., Sec.C., Sul., Ust., Ham., Psor., Vinc. M.,Nit.Ac.

Flow Paroxysmal – Bell.,Cham., China., Erig., Nux.V., Puls., Sab., Ust., Psor., Trill., Cinnam., Bov., Mill., Thlasp., Croc.  



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