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Jun 8, 2012

Clinical Hints on Rheumatism

This Article Published in “The Torch Of Homoeopathy”, Vol. IV, No. 3, July 1962.

Clinical Hints

From Mr. S. W. Long’s note book

Rheumatism :-

    Pains going from one joint to another  -  Ferrum Phos. (Pulsatilla, Lac. Can.)

   Rheumatism when the needle held in the fingers gets so heavy that she cannot sew. Copious diarrhea with rheumatic pains in ankle joints, but not in the wrists; thirst for large quantities of cold water, similar to Bryonia – Podophyllum.

   Gouty and rheumatic conditions worse by warmth and better by cold applications – Ledum Pal, Lac-can, Pulsatilla, Secale cor.

   Rheumatism worse rest – Euphorbium Off, Pulsatilla, Rhododendron, Rhus tox.

   Rheumatism worse warmth – Chamomilla, Kali-mur, Ledum Pal, Mercurius, Pulsatilla.

   Rheumatic affections accompanied by perspiration and soreness of the bones – Eupatorium perf.

   Rheumatic pains in the extremities worse from becoming heated and from exertion of the body – Zincum met.

   Rheumatic pains worse from the heat of the bed, better after rising and entirely disappearing on walking about – Vertarum Alb.

   Rheumatic pains in the limbs ( rarely in the joints) worse during rest after previous exertions, better from movements – Valerina.

   Rheumatic pains especially in the joints better in the evening and at night in bed – Strontium carb.

   Dull rheumatic pains worse when exercising, better whilst at rest – Scilla.

   Rheumatic pains in the limbs; pains in those places where the bones are least covered with flesh, but not in the joints; or touching the painful part the pain immediately vanished and appeared in some other part – Sanguinaria.

   Arthritic complaints; tearing, stinging in the joints after they become swollen, arthritic nodositis – Sabina.

   Sensation of soreness, as from a contusion, bruise or fall, from a blow, especially in the limbs and joints – Ruta G.

   Rheumatic pains extend upwards – Eup-p, Ledum pal, Nux V.

   Rheumatic pains extend downwards – Kalmia, Phytolacca.

   Rheumatic troubles which were very obstinate under our usual remedies, cured with – Medorrhinum. ( E.B.Nash, “Homeopathic Recorder”,1932)

   Rheumatic tension, drawing and tearing in the limbs mostly with sensation of numbness, especially when at rest – Rhus Tox.

   Rheumatic and arthritic pains (drawing and tearing) in the limbs, mostly on the periosteum, caused by stormy weather, and worse when at rest; mostly in the forearms and lower legs – Rhododendron.

   Rheumatic and arthritic soreness with stitches over the whole body –   Ranunculus Bulbosa.

   Rheumatic swelling with stinging pains – Pulsatilla, Apis.

   Pain in the legs, especially on the tibia and in the soles of the feet, as from over-exertion in walking, with great restlessness in the legs, better on rising – Psorinum.

   Restlessness in the legs, has to change the position continually – Prunus spinosa.

   Paralytic sensation, numbness and stiffness in the limbs, generally accompanied by coldness – Platinum Met.

   Cracking and arthritic stiffness in joints – Petroleum.

   Stinging pains in all parts of the body, especially the limbs – Paris quadrifolia. (Homeopathic world, August, 1961)

   The lower legs and feet feel too full, with restlessness in the legs till he lies down – Osmium.

   Pain in the lower limbs with weakness and numbness – Oxalic acid.

   Numbness and insensibility of the body and limbs – Opium.

   Rheumatic pains mostly in the upper arms and lower parts of the legs; worse when going to sleep, Rheumatism often attacks the heart and generally goes from the upper to the lower parts – Kalmia lat.

   Rheumatic pains in the hip joints and knees on moving and more especially during the day. Pains which wander quickly from one part of the body to another – Kali Bichromicum.

   Chronic rheumatism of the joints with violent pains at night, without swelling – Iodine.

   Rheumatic pains in the shoulders, arms, fingers, particularly in the elbow and wrist joint – Gratiola.

   Rheumatic pains (wandering) in the bones and joints at night – Gelsemium.

   Paralytic tearing pain from the shoulder joint into the upper arm (Left) he cannot raise the arm, slow movement improves it gradually – Ferrum Met.

   Paralytic weakness in the joints, especially felt when beginning to move – Euphrasia.

   Rheumatic pains in the arms, extending into the fingers, especially the joints of the fingers; great weakness with sensation of lameness through all the limbs – Colchicum.

   Paralytic immobility of the limbs, with drawing pains in the bones, pains, as if bruised, in the shoulder and bones of the arms, when lifting them up and when touching them – Cocculus Indicus.

   Rheumatic pains in the metatarsal bones and the phalanges of the toes, worse from contact, not from motion – China off.

   Paralytic, trembling weakness of the limbs, tension and shortening of the muscles contracting the joints and bending the limbs – Causticum.

   Rheumatic and gouty pains in the limbs with tension; worse from motion and contact – Bryonia.

   Rheumatic pains in the joints flying from one to another; Coxalgia with stinging pain or burning in the hip-joint; worst at night, aggravated by the least contact – Belladona.

   Rheumatic pains from the elbow up to the shoulder, worse at night; tearing pains in the arms and legs which do not permit one to lie on the painful side, but which are relieved by moving the affected part – Arsenicum Alb.

   Drawing (Gouty) pains in the fingers and their joints; when symptoms reappear, they change their locality, or go from one side of the body to other – Antimonium Crud.

   Pains in the left hip, as if the tendons were too short, causing limping or pain as from dislocation – Ammonium Mur.

   Tearing in the muscles of the joints, often on one side (from the small of the back through the right leg) – Ambra Grisea.

   Drawing and tearing in the limbs, especially at night and during rest, or on alternate afternoons; involuntary alternate extension and contraction of the muscles in different parts of the body – Lycopodium.

   Rheumatic and arthritic pains, tearing and stinging, especially in the limbs and joints, worse at night, with profuse perspiration which gives no relief – Merc V.

   Pain in the periosteum of the long bones, especially in the tibia, worse at night in bed, and then the least touch in intolerable – Mezereum.

   Tension in the bends of the limbs and sensation as if the tendons were shortened; painful contraction of the hamstrings – Natrum Mur.

   Wandering pains, only attacking a small spot and lasting but a short time, returning frequently – Nux Moschata.

   Sensation of great weakness of debility in the legs; the joints feel as if lame – Senega.

   Stiffness of the joints (hands, knees and feet), paralytic drawing and tearing in the arm and armpit to the fingers – Sepia.

   Tearing in the limbs, in outer parts, in the muscles and joints, from above downward; stinging pain in outer and inner parts in the muscles; in the joints; from within outwards – Sulphur.

   Menses appear for about an hour only with great pains – Euphrasia.

   Pain in and around the eyes – Eupatorium Perf.



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