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Apr 6, 2012

Homeopathic Therapeutics of Spinal Sclerosis By CLARENCE C. HOWARD

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Journal of Homeopathics

Homeopathic Therapeutics of Spinal Sclerosis


Under the head of Spinal Sclerosis I have included Locomotor
Ataxia, Spastic Paraplegia or Lateral Sclerosis, Ataxic Paraplegia
and Friedruck's Ataxia, diseases characterized by a process of
connective tissue proliferation supplanting the normal or injured
parenchyma, and although differing in their symptoms vary considerably
according to the locality of the injury to the cord from
a therapeutic standpoint they can be grouped under one head. I
believe there is no remedy in our materia medica which might
not be the similar of some of these diseases during their course,
but I have selected only drugs the symptoms of which I have verified,
having found in them a cure, a relief to the distressing symptoms.
When these cases are diagnosed early, my experience has
been that the progress of the disease can be arrested and practically
cured as the healthy or less-affected portion of the cord will perform
the normal functions of the whole.


The pains of Alumina are sudden, sharp, stabbing, gnawing and
throbbing, coming on at intervals, accompanied by a sensation at
times as if the limbs were being squeezed in a vise; these pains are
felt through the body. Again, there is pain mostly confined to the
lower vertebrae, as if a hot iron were being thrust through the tissues;
stiffness, numbness and insensibility of lower limbs, tearing
in all parts of the lower limbs.
Drawing pains in the knees on ascending stairs : cramp in calves
on crossing legs and on resting toes on ground ; on stepping the
soles of the feet are painful, as if swollen or too soft; there is great
lassitude of both arms and legs; heaviness, the arms and legs feel
heavy like lead: itching, tingling, prickling of the legs.
Pains as if burnt by hot iron are felt in the elbow and fingers.
The toes and fingers become red and swollen, with a tendency
to ulcerate.
   Sensation of constriction along the esophagus when eating; liver
sensitive, with stitching pains; flatulent colic; sharp stitching pains
with dyspnoea; pains ascend to cardiac region; sensation as if abdomen
hung down heavy as lead.
    The symptoms are generally < while sitting and better from
walking; < after dinner and from potatoes, are characteristic.
When acting well, the change of feeling, "better after dinner,''
will be noticed.
    The constipation of Alumina is due to an inactive or paralyzed
state of the rectum; even a soft stool requires much straining.
The stool may be large, hard and dry. Great tenesmus. These
patients will complain of distended abdomens which is loud rumblings
of flatus with emissions of large quantities.
      Dizziness, objects turn in a circle; ptosis, diplopia or strabismus;
unable to walk with the eyes closed, or in the dark; sensation as
if walking on cushions. Formication as if ants were crawling
back of legs. Nates go to sleep when sitting; heels become numb
when walking; sensation on the face as of a cobweb or the white
of an egg had dried upon it; the urine is slow in passing.
The sexual desire is increased at first, later suppressed; at first
frequent nocturnal erections with pollutions.


The character of the pains of Argentum Nitricum are tearing,
squeezing, drawing, sticking as if sprained. The digging pains
in the back are < at night and on rising from sitting and > by
walking; there is a sensation at times as if the body were expanding.
There is a general feeling of lassitude in lower limbs, legs
insensible to touch, diminished warmth of legs, sudden contraction
of the knees at night, jerking of toes.
  Formication of arms and legs.
  Convulsive motions of arms and legs, working outward and up-
  Rigidity of the muscles, especially the calves of the leg.
  Feeling as if a band of iron were around chest or waist.
  Sensation as if splinters were sticking in arms and legs. Vertigo
when attempting to walk with the eyes closed, with a tendency
to fall sidewise, staggering "when walking in the dark. Debility
 of the limbs, they tremble; calves are weary as after a long
   Legs feel as if made of wood; staggering gait. The hands
tremble. Eyesight worse by candle-light; right pupil dilated;
right pupil contracted, loss of light reflex.
Loss of sexual functions, organs shriveled. Only partial erections
failing on attempting coition. Incontinence of urine. Retention
of urine, urine dribbles.


Inco-ordination; weak and tottering gait with trembling in all
the limbs; when walking, the legs are raised high and slowly, and
put down forcibly. The pains are sudden, lightning like, throbbing,
burning, stabbing lasting a longer or shorter period and coming
and going quickly, leaving no pain in the interval except
a soreness. Heaviness of the thighs and legs with stiffness of the
knees. Pains sometimes in the leg as if jammed; a sensation of
crawling in the feet, stiffness and heaviness of hands, rigid fingers,
sharp stitches, pains through hands.
   Pupils contracted or dilated immovable; the eyes and hands are
in a constant spasmodic motion.
   Obstinate constipation, spasmodic contraction of the anus preventing
    Inability to retain the urine; the urine is frequent and copious
and of a pale straw color. Sensation of a worm twisting and turning
in the bladder. Sexual instinct seems extinguished in his fancy, complete
loss of power.
    The Belladonna patient is chilly and very sensitive to changes
from warm to cold, from draught of air in damp weather, better
from wrapping up warmly and in a room symptoms are < in the
afternoon and after midnight > in the morning.


Has an unsteady gait, staggering on attempting to walk. Difficulty
of walking due to lack of control of the muscles, incoordination
with the loss of voluntary muscular movement; the
limbs are heavy. There are paroxysms of shooting, drawing,
contracting and cramping pains in the legs. Coldness of the legs ;
the feet feel as if they were in cold water; the calves feel bruised;
the thighs are sore to touch. The legs tremble; there are neuralgic
pains with deep-seated aching and numbness. Great lassitude,
listless and languid; tires easily.
    Ptosis, the eyes are almost closed with loss of vision; can't read
or write; unable to recognize any one across the room.
    Constipated from paralysis of the rectum.
    The urine is involuntary with a very frequent desire < from
    Sexual power completely exhausted; slightest excitement causes
emission without an erection. Coldness of the genitals.


Inability to rise from a chair, walk without assistance or without
the eyes fixed upon the ground; when walking in the open air
with heat and trembling of the whole body; a staggering gait,
weariness and languor; extreme coldness of the lower extremities
both to touch and sensation.
   The extensors of the limbs jerk and twitch so as to advance the
leg and foot; the pains are sharp and mostly in the joints; gangrenous
spots are apt to appear on the buttock and thighs.
   The toes are spasmodically contracted while walking or going
   The hands are painfully numb with tingling and prickling;
swelling of both hands and feet.
   The pupils are contracted with dimness of the sight as from a
gauze before eyes.
   The urine is retained; urgent desire to urinate the discharge of
a feeble dribbling stream, followed by copious micturition with
rumbling in the abdomen involuntary day and night.


The lower limbs are painful and languid, with great uneasiness;
the back feels weak and painful as if broken or bruised from a
blow < on riding in a carriage.
  The muscles of the neck are so weak the head drops forward
on the chest.
   The knees feel weak with pains in them, especially on going
  On the dorsum of the foot there is a pain as if a hard body had
fallen upon it.
   Pains in both legs as if the bones were being smashed to pieces;
feeling in calves as from a blow; cramps in calves before going to
   The pains come all over the body, occupying but a small space,
continue but a few moments, but soon return, passing from place
to place; they are digging and pressing, < from cold damp air.
   The feet pain as if bruised from jumping; soles are always wet
from perspiration.
   The odor of the perspiration in the axillae is offensive.
   There are pains of a steady drawing character from fingers to
shoulder with a sensation as of a string tied about the arm.
In the toes and fingers there is a buzzing sensation as if frost
   The chest feels as if in a vise.
   The characteristics are drowsiness, chilliness and listlessness,
with dry mouth.
   The bowels are distended with flatus: even soft stools are evacuated
with difficulty, the constipation being from inactivity. All
symptoms are < by emotional excitement.
   The genital organs are relaxed with inclination.
   The eyelids droop and feel heavy and stiff: pupils dilated or
   There is an < from cold, damp air and in repose an > from


When walking, the legs tremble: unsteady gait, staggering;
drags feet; stiffness and rigidity of muscles and numbness; can
only walk with the aid of a cane or holding on to the wall for
   Exaggeration of all the reflexes (or complete loss of patella) —
tapping the patella reflex the leg is violently extended followed by
alternate contraction; must be firmly held to control the spasm.
   Great reflexed excitability, chilliness of backs of limbs in morning
with pain as if from freezing cold.
   Drawing, tearing pains, mostly from below upward < from
light touch > from heat and firm pressure, beaten and bruised
sensation < during motion and at night.
   Great weariness after being in open air. Inclined to boils .and
sores on nates; sharp pain as from an electric shock; shooting,
jerking, tearing and drawing pains on posterior part of thighs.
Crawling feeling over affected parts with sensation of heat; the
arms and hands go to sleep, having a numb and stiff feeling <
in dry, generally > in wet weather, < from cold air and being
in open air, < of all symptoms from external impressions.
    Incontinence of urine, nocturnal enuresis, constant dribbling
with an overloaded bladder; great tenesmus with great burning
and tearing pain. Constant desire for stool and urine, great
    Ineffectual urging to stool, or passing but small quantities of
feces at an attempt; stools in large hard masses, frequently blood
streaked; after stool exhaustion with trembling, especially of the
hands < of symptoms during and after stool.
    Sexual desire on slightest provocation at first, soon followed by
complete loss of sexual functions.
    < in moving, after waking, after mental exertion.


The lower limbs are heavy with great weakness, especially on
ascending steps; complete insensibility of lower extremities and
body as far up as the chest. The gait is unsteady and stumbling;
lowering temperature of the parts; formication from back to legs.
Drawing, tearing pains from exposure to cold.
    Excessively troubled with mghtly attacks of fidgets in the legs
and hips preventing sleep; must get up and move about; knees feel
weak and stiff, very much swollen (a charcot joint) legs heavy
and weary. Feet icy cold. Pains in soles as if bruised after a
long walk as if feet were asleep. Inclined to have blisters and
sores on the feet, especially heels. Drawing pains in back of leg.
     Heaviness of both hands and feet; the hands feel numb and
clumsy and burn; the arms are weak; can hardly move them, they
tremble and become numb.
     Drawing, tearing pains in joints of elbow, hands and fingers at
night; hands fall asleep; fingers are all thumbs; numbness and
insensibility, crawling, burning of hands, icy cold palms, clammy.
Hot burning spots on spine, burning along spine; intense heat
running up back, feeling as if a band were all around body. Speech
     Pupils contracted.
    At first excessive sexual desire accompanied with lascivious
thoughts followed by complete loss of functions.
    The hunger of Phosphorus is very marked, right after or soon
after a meal, must eat again; almost faints without food.
    Constipated stools, long narrow, voided with difficulty.


Profound prostration, both physical and mental; any attempt
to study or work brings on exhaustion and burning along the
spine, with great weakness of the legs, and increases the pains in
the limbs. The lower extremities are weak and heavy and
tremble; can only be lifted with difficulty; numbness and crawling
with trembling and prickling with a sensation as if encircled
in elastic stockings, or a band around the chest as of ants crawling
over surface.
    Weakness of the fingers, inability to grasp objects unless eyes
are fixed upon them; rigidity and spasticity of fingers.
    Over excitement of the sexual organs; great sexual desire with
violent long lasting erections, later impotence, penis relaxed and
shrunken, coldness of-the genitals, wet weather <, the pains >
from cold air and water; chilliness predominates.


The pains are of a lame, stiff, sore and bruised aching character
as if the parts had been strained < by rest, sitting or lying for any
length of time brings on the aching and pain; when first attempting
to move there is an < but continued motion > which soon
produces exhaustion necessitating resting again only to have a
repetition of the suffering.
    Worse always in damp weather, especially when cold and damp
in the morning on first arising and from prolonged bodily effort:
great restlessness is a very marked feature of the remedy due to
the pains on resting.
    Weariness and exhaustion from any physical effort. There are
drawing, darting, cutting, tearing pains as well as the lameness.
    There is ptosis as well as paralysis of the muscles of eyeballs
with a tendency to edematous swelling of the upper lids.
    Urine involuntary at night during damp cold weather.


The pains of Sulphur are generally made worse by heat and at
night and extend from above downward; they are of an aching,
drawing, tearing, burning character which forces the patient out
of bed to find a cool place; the soles of the feet burn so that
they keep the sufferer awake hunting about for a cool place. The
limbs are heavy and weak when walking. Cramps take place in
the calves at night, drawing up the limbs ; tingling in limbs; sen-
sation in the middle of the thigh as if broken. Torpor and numb-
ness of the legs, pains commence in thighs, extend down the leg,
causing contraction. Sensation of icy coldness of the feet which
are not cold. The soles are cold and damp. The gait is unsteady,
the limbs tremble; there is great weariness and prostration. The
legs go to sleep, especially when lying down.
    The perspiration in the axillae smells like garlic. The hands
tremble, the fingers feel dead in the morning; the palms burn.
Jerking in the arm and fingers, sharp pains, cramps in the arms at
night: the hands feel weak as if paralyzed. Involuntary con-
traction of the hands when about to grasp anything; dead feel of
the fingers. (Excessively sensitive to open air and washing.)
     Eyes: Impaired vision, unable to recognize any one on the
street; letters run together when attempting to read as if looking
through a thick veil or fog and has a dead look; complains of
heaviness of eyelids ; eyes burn ; pupils contracted.
Constipated stool, hard, knotty and dry as if burnt.
     Urine involuntary, especially at night, exe0rating parts.
     Irritability of the bladder; must hurry to urinate day and night.
     Sexual functions entirely lost; organs cold; testicles relaxed;
soreness and moisture with offensive sweat on genitals.

A Cure Made by Picric Acid

The patient is a woman passing through the climacteric period.
Burning heat in the back, coming in paroxysms like flushes,
brought on or made worse by mental exertion or excitement.
Cold extremities.
Face cold and pale.
Heat in the head.
Violent occipital headache.
Heaviness of the limbs, especially the lower limbs.
Picric acid 10M (F. C.) produced a marvelous constitutional
improvement in the case.

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