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Mar 11, 2012

High Potencies in Cases of Cholera - By P C Majumdar

This clinical case is published in THE MEDICAL ADVANCE, A HOMOEOPATHIC MAGZINE, Vol XXXIII, Chicago, July 1, 1895
No 1.



In a recent outbreak of cholera in the city of Calcutta, we had the greatest satisfaction in observing the efficacy of high potencies. In earlier years of our practice we generally used to prescribe very low dilutions. In the last epidemic about the beginning of February, 1895, which lasted till the end of
April, we often had recourse to high potencies successfully and sometimes after failing with the lower ones. Among others, I cite two cases here to show what I contend to be true.

CASE I. M. N. Degs, age about five years, had an
attack of cholera on the 18th of March, 1895. An old school physician was called who prescribed some astringent and stimulant medicines for a whole day without any effect. The case went on worse and I was sent for the next morning. Violent purging and vomiting of rice water stuff, cramps in the extremities, cold perspiration, especially on the head, considerable thirst and restlessness, pulse thready. Prescribed Veratrum album 12X after each stool. Three hours after I visited the patient again. Purging stopped but a good deal of retching, thirst increased but small quantity at a time, pulse scarcely perceptible, burning and restlessness. Arsenic 30 every hour.
Reported the same in the evening, symptoms unabated.
I was thinking of changing the medicine but the indications were clear for arsenic, so I determined trying a high potency. Arsenic CM, one dose every two hours. In my next visit I found the patient better in every respect, after taking only two doses of the remedy. I stopped medicine and the patient was convalescent.

CASE II. A male child of two years old came under my treatment on the 29th of March, 1895, for purging and vomiting. The child had been suffering from fever and congestion  of liver for which purgatives was ordered by a county physician. This brought on the attack. I found watery stools with flakes, restlessness, intense pain in abdomen, cramps and thirst. Veratrum album 12X  was given. After a few hours, stools, became greenish, less in quantity and more consistent. Other
symptoms were less severe. Father of the patient reported to me all week.

On my visit next morning I observed pulse thready and frequent, head hot but the extremities cold and great restlessness. Aconite3X one dose every two hours. No improvement after four hours. Head very hot, hands and feet cold, eyes red and shining, thirst and restlessness increased, there was a tendency to sleepiness. I gave Belladonna 5X, one dose every
two hours. Called in great haste at noon, child in state of convulsions, could not swallow medicines. Belladonna 3X and afterwards 30 by inhalation. The patient was in imminent danger, eyes upturned, respiration impeded, eyes and face bright red, tonic spasms of the whole muscular system of the body. Opium, Hydrocyanic acid, Cicuta, Zincum, were
administered both internally and by inhalation without any effect. I was about to come out in despair when it struck me to try a high potency so Belladonna CM a few globules with difficulty placed on the tongue. In about half an hour the spasms abated, every other symptoms so much relieved that the child fell fast asleep. No other medicines given for this, but he
required some other remedy for diarrhoea and other symptoms that remained.
Complete cure was effected in a week.

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