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Feb 20, 2012

Homeopathic medicines for Headache and Migraine

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Dr Ravinder S. Mann
Dr. Vandana Patni

Homeopathic medicines for Headache and Migraine

Tweleve remedies in Headache By W. A. Dewey

For prescribing Homeopathic medicines to any patient we need to chose a strict similimum criteria, it means a patient need only that medicine which exhibit the very similar symptoms and signs during the proving of medicine.

Every homeopathic medicine is proved on humans. The signs and symptoms; which every medicine exhibit during proving are recorded in Text Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica. Every Homeopathic medicine exhibit the sign and symptoms of more then one system, it means every medicine has capability to cure diseases of more then one system.

So matching the sign and symptoms, of a patient with medicine, for purpose of prescribing needs lot much expertise. 

Following homeopathic medicines with short indications in headache are just few from long list of medicines.

Aconite – Headache due to Sunstroke, sleeping in direct sun-rays. Burning headache as if brain were agitated by boiling water. Aggravation by noise, light, motion. Amelioration by lying in a dark room, by nosebleed  and by copious urination.

Aethusa Cynapium – Violent pain, as if the brain were dashed to pieces; headache ceases with discharge of flatus downward; distressing pain in the occiput, nape and down the spine, better from bending stiffly backward; sensation as if she were constantly pulled by hair; hemicrania ( One side headache) driving the patient into open air, which relieves; desire to have a band fastened tightly around the head.

Agaricus – Headache from overwork at the desk. Pain as if sharp ice touched the head or cold needles pierced it. Pain remains confined to very small spot. Pain as if fine splinters were driven into the brain.

Agnus Castus – Headaches from sexual debility after sexual excesses or subject to seminal emissions, persons suffering from nervous debility, melancholia and has hypochondriac mood, keeps repeating that he will die. Pains just above the right eye  and temple better by looking at one point.

Allium Cepa – Headache as if whole head is wrapped in hot clothes. Headache ceases during menses and returns back just after cessation of menses. Headache with coryza, lachrymation (watering from eyes), sneezing. 

Aloes – Headaches alternating with low back pains ( Lumbago). Headache increases with every footstep, headache from insufficient stool (defecation), can’t bear mental labor, perfect relief after complete stool. Patients who have headache in winters and diarrhea in summers.

Argentum Nitricum – Headaches of dyspeptic persons. Migraine; headache with sensation as if the head is enormously large; Pain increases by taking coffee and better by eating dinner and taking wine. Patient feel as if his skull bones are separating apart and pains better by pressure and tight bandaging. Pains gradually increasing and then ceases suddenly.

Arsenicum Alb – Hemicranias (one side head pains), Headaches better by cold applications. Anxiety, thirst, fears are another clinical feature.

Belladona - Pains starts suddenly, gradually increase to great severity and then ceases suddenly. Headaches are throbbing, especially on right side, with intolerance of light and noise, hot head and cold feet, headache aggravates when lying down with head low and in open air, pains better by bending head backward and by covering the head.

Bryonia – Headache with vertigo and confusion of mind on slightest motion; sticking, jerking, throbbing pain from forehead backward to occiput. Pains aggravated by any kind of motion, on opening eyes, from stooping, on coughing, on stepping hard, slightest motion. Pains ameliorated by closing eyes, external pressure, by tying up the head. But pain in head always shifts to the side lain on.

Calcarea Carb – Icy coldness in and on head; Headache better by closing eyes and from tight bandaging.

Camphor – Pains ceases when thinking of it.

Carbo Veg – Headache with congestion of head from overheated rooms. Associated symptoms with headache are important here as burning pain in epigastrium, disgust for fat food and milk, belchings and borborygmi offensive, insatiable thirst for cold water.

China Headaches better by moving the head especially up and down. Headaches caused by loss of fluids eg. Hemorrhage.

Colocynthis – Intermittent and paroxysmal headaches, Pains better by lying on painful side and hard pressure.

Crocus Sativus – Headache and all other symptoms are worse at time of menses.

Gelsemium – Vision lost just before headache, dislike to speak or be spoken to during headaches. Pains better by copious urination and after sleeping.

Gloninum – Violent headache with menses, headache from exposure to sun; sunstroke; Pains worse by motion and better by bandaging head.

Iris V – Great medicine for migraine, sick headaches of gastric and hepatic (liver) origin. Head pains always beginning with blur before eyes and followed by sour vomiting.

Kali Bichrom – Blindness before headache which disappears as headache increases. One sides pains in small spots, sharp stitches in bones of head.

Kalmia – Sun headache, shooting from nape up into head; especially right side better by profuse urination.

Lachesis – Head pains relieves as soon as menses starts; burning on vertex in climacteric; aggravations during and after sleep.

Lycopodium – Headache of intellectuals, headache from brain overwork. Pains worse by from rising up, from stooping, followed by weakness, from warmth of bed, mental exertion, mainly of right side, extending down to neck, pains better by lying down, from open cold air and from uncovering the head.

Magnesia Carb – Headache relieved by wrapping up the head, pains worse when among many persons, pain on top of head as if hair were pulled, aggravations standing and ameliorates sitting.

Melilotus – Congestive headaches with violent palpitations, especially in winters. Sensation as if brain would burst through forehead. Pains are severe better by nosebleed, frequent urination.

Natrum Carb – Sun Headaches, chronic effects of sunstroke. Head pain starts every time patient exposes to heat of sun, pains increases during a thunderstorm and from electric changes in atmosphere, headache from working under gaslight, pains from turning head rapidly and mental labor increase the pain.

Natrum Mur – Periodically appearing frontal headaches of great severity as if bursting and beating from little hammers. Pain aggravated from moving head and eyes, increases in forenoon, by warmth and motion, pains better by sitting, lying and perspiring; headache from sunrise to sunset; head pains before, during and after menses.

Nux Vomica – Congestive and abdominal headaches, with nausea and vomiting, worse by coughing and stooping; pain as from a nail driven into the brain. Head pains worse towards morning on waking, after eating, in the open air, pains on stopping and on motion, pain after drinking coffee.

Many more medicines can be described here, but prescribing true similimum to any case of headache need very expertise. Some more medicines are named here:-

Nitric Acid, Opium, Palladium, Phosphorus, Phosphoric acid, Phytolacca, Picric acid, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox, Sabadilla, Sanguinaria, Selenium, Sepia, Silicea, Spigelia, Sulphur, Thuja and more.

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