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Jan 18, 2012

A Case Of Hiatus Hernia with Reflux Oesophagitis

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Dr. R. S. Mann

 A patient, Mr S.Kumar, 33 yrs male, has following complaints since last 7 years, increasing year after year.

Eructations, violent, continuous, loud, starts from morning, increase in afternoon after lunch and constantly increasing, pain in hypochondriac region, epigastrium, back, chest, sometimes left arm, sometimes pain knee with these eructations. Vomiting which relieves for few minutes. Burning and pain in epigastrium region which relieves by eating (it seems a mild relief) and sitting bent. Sleep disturbs by these eructations, have wake up and stand up so that he can eruct and get relief when flatulence passes that is collected in stomach. Can sleep very late and not more then 4 – 5 hours. When he has flatulence, no position gives him relief, sometime lie down, sometime stand up and then sit up but no relief anyway.

He thinks how good it would be if there is no need and provision to eat. He is very much worried about his disease, works very far from his native place, he thinks to resign the job and shift back to that place, thinks what will happen about his wife and kids after him. Thinks if he will die so far, how his dead body will go to his native place.

Angry, very easily on kids when they want to play with him, even he slap them, get angry on wife, noise hurts him.

Thirst very less, not want to eat.

Due to vomiting, he feels rawness in throat and eruptions, which bother him.

Stool hard sometimes. Go once for stool in a day.

Pulse slow. He says his pulse drop as less as to 62 sometimes, and then he feels become much more worried about his health.

Endoscopy report says he has Hiatus hernia and gastritis.

D/H – Taking different kind of antacids, antibiotics off and on since his disease.

P/H – Three years back he quit tobacco chewing.


Radar :

STOMACH - BENDING - forward - amel.

ABDOMEN - PAIN - Hypochondria





GENERALS - NIGHT - midnight - before
GENERALS - CHANGE - position - amel. - not amel.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - food - aversion

MIND - DESPAIR - recovery, of
MIND - ANXIETY - health; about - own health; one's
MIND - ANGER - easily
MIND - DEATH - thoughts of
MIND - FEAR - happen, something will - himself; to

Phos 22/48, Puls 19/43, Acon 19/32, Ars 18/42, Lyco 18/42, 
Nux V 18/38, Sulphur 18/35, Ferrum Met 18/32, Kali Carb 18/31,
Lach 18/31

Another Repertorization on

Complete Dynamics

Generic Symptoms:
Throat; pain; sore, bruised
Heart & circulation; pulse; slow, brachycardia
Back; pain
Sleep; disturbed
Generalities; food and drinks; food in general; aversion to
Generalities; noise; agg.
Generalities; vomiting; amel.

Stomach; bending; amel.; forward
Stomach; eructations; constant
Stomach; eructations; empty; profuse
Stomach; eructations; violent
Stomach; pain
Stomach; thirstlessness
Stomach; vomiting
Abdomen; flatulence
Abdomen; pain; flatulence; from
Abdomen; pain; hypochondria
Stool; hard
Extremities; knees
Extremities; pain; upper limbs
Mind; anger; easily
Mind; anxiety; health, about
Mind; death; thoughts of
Mind; despair; recovery, of
Mind; fear; happen; something will; family, to, or to him

Phosphorus is the most similar medicine for the case which comes out in both repertorization.

Oct. 14, 2011

Phos 200 CH 3 doses prescribed 6 hourly. With Sac lac for 10 days.

Oct. 21, 2011

Very much relieved, no vomiting, eructations reduced lot much. Sound sleep. After many years he has some days when he has no burning, eructations or abdominal discomfort.
Sac Lac for 15 days.

Nov. 5, 2011

Remain normal on every alternate day. Mild eructations on alternate day for few hours.
Pain throat as if raw and stinging.
Phos 1M CH 3 doses prescribed 6 hourly. With Sac lac for 10 days.

Nov. 8, 2011

Vomiting this morning, just after drinking water, water becomes hot as if boiling in stomach, and vomited out.
Restless, anxious.
Note*:- Phos 1M must not be given; it was early to shift to upper potency, early repetition.
Sac lac prescribed with assurance.

Nov. 16, 2011

Eructations, burning, pain, vomiting reduced.
If he has some discomfort after eating, it remains just for half to one hour.
Sleeping very well.
Stool normal.
Appetite good can eat everything now without any burning and worry about abdomen.

Sac Lac prescribed for 10 days.

Nov. 26, 2011

Very much improved.
Eructations only 2 times in 1 day.
Sleep very good.
No vomiting.
Sac Lac prescribed for 10 days.

Dec. 6, 2011

Pain head, from 3 days, continuous whole the day, with vertigo.
Throat feels raw and heavy.
Eructations better.
Vomiting once, just 2 days before.
Worried again for his disorder, although better.

Phos 200  1 dose.
Sac lac for 10 days.

Dec. 17, 2011

Head pain and vertigo improved on next day of last prescription.
Sac Lac for 10 days.

Dec. 27, 2011

Patient has started some discomforts again. Eructations which improves after eating.
Burning pain in throat which also ameliorates after eating. Patient is feeling feverish constantly.
Throat inflamed. 

Another Repertorization on

THROAT - PAIN - burning - eating, after - amel.
THROAT - PAIN - burning
THROAT - PAIN - rawness
FEVER - FEVER, heat in general
GENERALS - EATING - after - amel.

Mez 7/15, Phos 6/17, Merc Sol 6/15,Natrum Mur 6/15,Puls 6/15, Sepia 6/15,Aconite 6/14, Hep 6/14, Lachesis6/14,Nux V 6/14,Sulphur 6/14.

Phos prescribed on Dec. 6 although help in headache and vertigo but it produced new symptoms in patient. On repertorization Mez seems best similar now which also antidotes the Phosphorus.

Prescription:- Mez 30 Ch 3 doses prescribed with sac lac for 10 days.

Jan 7, 2012

All the symptoms relieved very next day of prescribing Mez 30. Not any symptom and discomfort present.
Sac lac for 10 days.

Jan 18, 2012

Not any discomfort or symptom is felt by patient. Medicine is discontinued.

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