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Sep 30, 2011

Never Been Well Since - By Joy Lucas

If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.

Never Been Well Since

Joy Lucas

A Great teacher Of Homeopathy
Go to her website From Here

Abortion: Nat mur; Carc; Tub; Pyrogen; Ign; Staph; Syph

Accidents: (with joint trouble) Syph; (with depression) Op; Carbo veg; Gels; (spine) Bellis per; (childbirth) Calc phos; (dorsal) Hyper; (cervical) Ham; (old) Sil; Thuja; (head) Arn; Nat sulph; (with bursting H/A’s) Glon; (skull) Hell;

Acute Illness: Psor; Carbo veg; Sulph; Sil; Tub; Calc phos; other nosodes;...

Allopathic drugs: Gaertner;

Ambition loss: Nux vom

Anger: Cham; Anac; Staph; Colocynth;

Anaesthetics: Phos;

Antibiotics: Nit-ac; Sulph; Gaertner; Penicillin;

 Bathing, cold: Ant-c; Bellis; Rhus tox;

Birth: Pyrogen; Secale; Bellis

Blood transfusion: Carc;

Blows to soft tissue: Conium; Bellis:

Boils: Bovista; Pyrogen; Anthrac; Staphyloccocin;

Breast milk suppressed: Calc carb; Bry;

Broncho-pneumonia: Morgan;

Business  failure: Ambra gris; Arg-nit; Sil;

Catarrhal illness: Tub;

Chest illness: Sulph; Kali carb;

Childhood: Calc carb; Carc;

Chloroform: Phos; Chloro;

Climacteric: Lach; Kreos;

Confinement: Bell

Coal gas: Bovista;

Cortisone: Cortis;

D & C: Nit-ac

Deaths: Ambra gris; Nat mur; Carc; Kali brom;

Diarrhoea: China; Op; Zinc; China ars; Sep; Nux mosch

Diptheria: Lac can; Gels; Caust; Arg-nit;

Disappointed love: Tarent; Hyos; Ign; Nat mur; Phos-ac;

Discharges: Bry; Sil; Cup met; China

Ear discharges: Merc; Stram;

ECT: Elect;

Exertion: Bellis; Bry;

Falls and Shocks: Arn; Gels;

Fatigue: Calc phos;

Fear: Acon; Op; Stram;

Foot sweat: Sil;

Frustration: Staph; Con; Phos;

Glandular fever: Carc; Tub;

Gonorrhea: Thuj; Med: Lac can; Puls;

Grief: Ign; Caust; Phos-ac; Aur-mur; Cocc; Lach; Nat mur; Staph; Carc; Amm mur;

Hay fever: Histamine;

Headaches: Mag phos; China Sal; Stannum;

Head injuries: Hyper; Glon; Nat sulph;

Haemorrhage: China; Collinsonia;

Hepatitis: Carc;

Histamine injections: Histamine;

Hysterectomy: Ooph; Arist-clem; Follic; Ign; Staph; Lach; Bell;

Inflammatory illness: Carc;

Insults: Staph;

Iron injections: Puls; Phos;

Joy: Coff;

Labour: Pyrogen; Sep; Thuja;

LSD: Phos; Mang;

Lover left: Lyc;

Loss: Nat mur; Aur mur;

Measles: Sulph; Puls; Carbo veg; Sil; Dros; Kali carb; Ip; Ars;

Mental trauma: Psor;

Marriage: Lach; Staph; Med;

Migraines: China sal;

Mumps: Parotid; Puls;

Nervous breakdown: Asaf; Med; Mag phos; Ign; Acon; Asar;
Night watching: Cocc;

Operations: Staph; Stront carb; Gaertner; Pyrogen; Calc phos; Collinsonia; Nux vom; Bellis;

Over heated: Bry; Glon;
Overstraining: Rhus tox;

The Pill: Ooph; Nat mur; Sep; Avena sat; Fraxin amer; Lil-tig;

Piles: Collinsonia; Sulph; Nux vom;

Pneumonia: Carc; Kali carb; Morgan; Phos; Lyc; Sulph; Carbo veg;

Puberty: Sulph; Puls; luna; Syph; Sepia;

Poisons: Hepar sulph; Calc ox; Ip; Mez; Alum; Plat; Colocynth; Caust; Sulph-ac; Aurum; Sars; Nit-ac; Sil; Puls; Coff; Nat mur; Calc sulph; China; Ars;

Rage: Cham;

Rape: Ign; Sep; Acon; Caust; Staph;

Rheumatic fever: Streptoccocin; Iod; Kalmia; Aur; Syph; Med;

Rubella: Gaertner;

Scarletina: Calc carb; Cham; Apis;

Shock: Arn; Ambra gris; Carbo veg; Iod; Phos-ac;

Sleep, loss of: Cocc; Nux vom;

Sterilisation: Follic; Staph; Arist-clem; Lach;

Sunstroke: Nat carb; Gels

Sweat: Colch; Sil; Bar carb; Zinc; Dulc; Cup met;

Tampons: Lach; Cup met;

Tonsilitis: Phyt; Streptoccocin;

Trauma: Arn; Bellis; Hyper; Nat sulph; Ruta

U V Rays: Nit-ac;

Vaccinations: Pyrogen; Thuja; Apis; Staph; Ledum; Nat sulph; Puls; Sil;

Venereal disease: Syco co; Proteus; Med; Syph;

Warts: Staph; Merc; Nit-ac; Thuja;

Whooping cough: Carc; Carbo veg; Dros;

X-Rays: X-ray; Cobaltum; Rad brom;

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