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Aug 13, 2011

Signs In Homeopathy V

Hiccough in Bed   - Lachnanthes Tinctoria
Hiccough, violent, long-continued, causing pain – Strontia Carb
Hiccough, when being carried – Kreosotum
Hiccough, during pregnancy – Cyclamen, Opium
Hiccough, saliva, profuse flow – Lobelia Inflata
Teeth, grinding, awakens at night – Crotalus H
Teeth, grinding, with restless sleep – Podophyllum
Hands, motion, constantly busy – Kali Brom
Hands, motion, must constantly carry something – Rhus Tox
Hands, motion, clapping with speechlessness – Stramonium
Hands, motion, Involuntary – Merc Viv, Natrum Mur
Hands, motion, continually moved to painful place – Nux Moschata
Hands, motion, picking – Arum t
Hands, motion, picking at clothes – Hyoscyamus, Stramonium
Hands, motion, swinging and trembling (Headache) – Curara
Hands, motion, infants throws up hands when attempt is made to put it down – Borax
Hands, motion, wringing – Stramonium
Hands, motion, wringing in agony (Glossitis) – Merc sol
Hands, motion, wringing day and night – Sulphur
Hands, motion, wringing in melancholia religiosa – Kali phos, Platina
Legs, motion, involuntary, of left, from fright – Cup met
Legs, motion, involuntary, of right, ceases during sleep – Cocculus
Legs, motion, during sleep – Causticum
Legs, motion, spasmodic – Opium
Legs, restlessness, must move them constantly – Lac can, Moschus, Natrum mur, Prunus

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