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Jul 23, 2011

Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics, Intestinal Flora and Homeopathy

 In present times, as we commonly see in India, Antibiotics are sold over the counter by pharmacists (Although it is illegal), prescribed by quacks and even prescribed by Registered medical practitioners more than their actual need, more frequently, for a longer period than its usual course and antibiotics are even prescribed in disorders even where they are not indicated. One is the most common disorder in which Antibiotics are prescribed without indication are Viral infections either they are viral fever or some other viral infections.

Use of antibiotics kill the intestinal flora either they are good or bad. Acidophilus bacteria make their colonies in our intestines and produce useful vitamins for our normal functioning but unluckily use of antibiotics destroys them. Effects of antibiotics on intestinal bacterial flora last for weeks and longer period. In mean time a person start to suffer some intestinal disorders like diarrhea , constipation, indigestion, flatulence, bad smell and taste in mouth, mouth ulcers and stomatitis etc. These deficiencies may lead to Fatigue, Allergies, Chronic recurrent infections, Indigestion etc.

On other hand, the increased use of “ready to eat” food also leads to loss of intestinal flora. Process used in commercial food manufacturing can destroy these useful bacteria in food necessary for intestinal flora and good health. Chemical ingredients used in “ready to eat” food like preservatives, additives kill intestinal bacterial flora. Beside these factors, increased use of alcohol, rich-fat diets, hormonal pills, birth control pills, use of steroids can harm to useful intestinal bacterial flora.

Homeopathy has multifactor role in this situation. All the common Viral infections like Viral fever on change of weather, coryza, common cold, cough, Viral hepatitis, Viral Rhinitis, Viral infections in ear, nose, throat and chest infections by virus are easily treated by homeopathic medicines safely and successfully. On other hand, after a course of antibiotics, the intestinal bacterial flora can be regenerated by using homeopathic medicines to counter act the side effects of antibiotics. Homoeopathic medicines, like Nux Vomica, Carbo Veg, Lachesis, Sulphur etc., if used judicially can maintain the useful intestinal bacterial flora again.

Using homeopathic medicines with balance diet can restore useful intestinal bacteria, if someone is not want to visit a Homeopath, in that case Acidophilus Lactobacillus are available in capsule and sachet form at medical stores, although Physicians seldom prescribe them. Regenerating intestinal flora not only control digestive disorders like constipation and diarrhea but also it improves bad breath, improves the lactose intolerance, reduces the intestinal flatulence, reduce the chances of intestinal infections  and lastly it manage cholesterol by improving absorption of dietary fats.    

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